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Church of Scientology

We're NOT Tailing Katie

7/1/2012 6:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology has responded to TMZ’s story ... that Katie Holmes believes she is being followed by the Church -- they say it ain't so.

Gary Soter, lawyer for the Church, tells TMZ ... the Church of Scientology is not following Katie or conducting surveillance on her in the wake of her divorce with Tom Cruise.

As we previously reported, several vehicles have been on Katie’s tail in recent weeks, but again the lawyer says the Church is not behind it.


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Of course they are following her. Just google Scientology's bad acts. They better back the hell off. There are a lot of people who are sick of these cultists. I lost all respect for Mr. Cruise when I realized what he was involved in. They are crazy. All of them. They are malicious and dangerous to anyone who tries to leave the cult. Mr. Cruise has no brains at all to realize his bad luck is because of Scientology. Also, he may very well be participating in trying to control her and she probably had enough. I heard the scientology handlers were living in her house and controlling who she would talk to while she was waiting to give birth to Suri before she married him. I do blame her too. She knew what he was into. Screw you scientologists!

808 days ago

mike hunt    

How could she not see this fall out coming before she even started dating Tom Mind Control freak Cruise... Let alone to go off and Marry and have a kid with the guy. Run Katie Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. She's got Scientology mafia following her along with all the PAPs.. Good luck Girl!! God Speed

808 days ago


Why does the "church" find it necessary to have a lawyer respond to TMZ's (tm) inquiry? Also does anyone know when the new season of Weeds starts? I can't find any information about it on the interwebs.

808 days ago


Elvis is in the House!

808 days ago


It is time to boycott movies of Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Only money speaks to these people. It is the only way to get them out of this evil, dangerous cult. They are putting Katie and Suri in danger.

808 days ago

Quinn Stone    

Uh-huh sure, just like they were not responsible for the death of Lisa McPherson on Dec 5, 1995. SURE!!!!

808 days ago


Oh, sure what else are the suppose to say. Yeah, we are.

808 days ago


Over the past 10 years or so, I had heard a lot of weird, spooky things about Scientology. I thought it was some sort of self help group and not really a cult. Boy was I wrong. It definitely IS a cult. After watching some videos today about the secrets of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology I have no doubt that this whole "religion" is total horse dwaddle dreamed up by a drug crazed madman science fiction writer with a twisted imagination. L. Ron Hubbard was probably a certified crazy person most of his life. He was doing hard drugs since he was like 16 years old right up until his death. He took every kind of drug you can imagine because he wanted to explore consciousness and all that. This madman was into the occult and black magic bigtime. L. Ron Hubbard's son said that he hung out with that infamous Aleister Crowley black magic dude. Spooky, scary stuff. L. Ron Hubbard was into the same occult stuff that Hitler and Heinrich Himmler and his Nazi SS were. It is just mind boggling that John Travolta, Tom Cruise and these other Hollywood stars go anywhere near Scientology and think L. Ron Hubbard is some sort of "great man". It's just insane. It's like an episode of that TV show "Fringe" or "The X Files" except it really happened and it is still going on now. No wonder Katie is divorcing Tom. Jeez. Heck ANY woman would run for their lives with their kid if they learned some of the deep, dark secrets of Scientology. Check out these YouTube videos if you can handle being disturbed about these kinds of things.

808 days ago


I used to go to Tom's movie's until it was very clear he has become owned and operated by this cult. Now, it doesn't matter what movie he makes, I won't pay to see it and give the COS my money. I'm sure I speak for thousands of other movie gowers about Tom Cruise.

808 days ago


Let's be honest it has been shown that the "Church" follows and keeps tabs on ex members like the cult it more resembles! I am sure they are tailing her if they tail other people years after they left so they can maintain their tax breaks and loopholes!

808 days ago


"several vehicles have been on Katie’s tail in recent weeks" All of them looking for that TMZ money. Stop blaming anyone else.

808 days ago


Never,ever believe what Scientology tells you!!

808 days ago


We're not tailing her. We're tapping her phones, digging through her trash & have a GPS tracker on her car...

808 days ago


Yep this proves it, if you randomly accuse someone of something without proof, and they deny it...they're definitely lying :D

808 days ago


They followed a former Scientology member in Aransas Pass, Texas for several weeks. They hired a 2 man crew to harrass him over and over last year.

808 days ago
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