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Church of Scientology

Suri Is NOT a Candidate for Sea Org.

7/2/2012 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization.

The Church's lawyer has released a statement ... saying in addition to the minimum age requirement (16 years old), minors must have "consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians" in order to join.

The lawyer adds, "There are no exceptions to that policy."

As TMZ first reported, Katie Holmes is concerned Tom Cruise will put 6-year-old Suri in the Sea Org. in the very near future ... and she clearly does NOT want that to happen.

Nonetheless ... the Church is adamant ... no one under 16 can become part of Sea Org.


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well when your dad is one of the big guys in the sure it could be arranged for suri to be on that ship

841 days ago


Posts are getting deleted!! All i said is from today's top stories we should boycott Crazy Mel and Cruise movies, the Clippers if they take Odom with media who re baggage and anything by E! Hit them in their pocket books where it counts!

841 days ago


Why do they call themselves a church? and why should we believe anything that comes from the "church" ??

841 days ago


...."The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization. "....
Bahahaha! :D
What a bunch of *fools* you anti-Tom readers made of yourselves ;D
All your rants about Suri going to Sea Org...were for nothing! Haaahaha!
Like I said, none of you Tom-haters care about facts, can't reason, are uneducated, and behave like gossipy neighborhood meddlers ;)

841 days ago


That's pretty funny considering I just watched that tv investigation on Co$ where they interviewed one of the heads of the cult who was asked about 12 year old children at Sea Org and he responded by saying that they "don't discriminate against minors who want to join"! There are a ton of vids and sites out there about very young children who were forced into slave labor at Sea Org (not to mention the forced abortions, members held against their will, beatings etc etc.)

841 days ago


The Scandal of Scientology, by Paulette Cooper

read it.

especially chapter 7 about sea org.

841 days ago


Sea Org
"In 1968 Ethics was introduced in Sea Org. Crew were put into a chain-locker as punishment. A chain-locker is "a dark hole where the anchor chains are stored; cold, wet and rats," to quote one ex-Sea Org officer. A crew member that was put on ethics could spend up to two weeks in the tiny hole. Former Scientologists who served as crew together with Hubbard in the early years remember a five years old deaf and mute child being locked up in the chain-locker. Hubbard said she was not to leave the chain locker until she completed the formula by writing her name. Another witness claims that a three-year-old was once put in the locker. "

841 days ago


What the...I registered so I could comment, came back, and this story has been completely edited, with the bulk of it deleted. What happened to the mention of the Co$ website contradicting their claim, the part about Paul Haggis and others admitting that there are children at Sea Org, etc? Did Co$ just buy out TMZ?

841 days ago


TMZ, do research on the Cadet Org, the children's equivalent of the Sea Org . A former Ex-Scientologist had a lawsuit filing that shared he went at the age of 5.

Google "Human Trafficking Lawsuits Filed Against Church of Scientology" and Cadet Org, children's equivalent to Sea Org.

841 days ago



841 days ago


Source to the below:

"What was the Cadet Org?

In reading critical testimonies of ex-Sea Org members, you may hear mention of the Cadet Org. The Cadet Org was originally intended as a sort of pre-Sea Org for the children of Sea Org members. However, a few years ago, a ruling was passed that no Sea Org members are allowed to have children. Children were distracting their parents from work, and it was too much financial strain on the organization. So the Cadet Org was disbanded, and is no longer in existence. Now, Sea Org members who get pregnant are kicked out or pressured to have an abortion. If someone who already has children wants to join, the children have to sign the contract, too."

Who joins the Sea Org?

"The huge majority of Sea Org members are the children of Scientologists, or else they are long-time Scientologists who have been in the church for years and years."

"This is because not everyone is qualified for the Sea Org. If you have ever taken LSD, or undergone psychiatric treatment of any kind, you are automatically disqualified from joining. However, the children of Scientologists are perfect bait for Sea Org recruiters. Scientology kids almost never do drugs, they have never seen a psychiatrist, they already understand the Scientology lifestyle, they're eager to get out on their own in the world, they have no property, no career, and few possessions to worry about, and they are young enough to be susceptible to guilt-trips, group pressure, and grandiose promises."

841 days ago


i am sure katie knows what she is talking about - one of the higher ups in was put in as her personal assit when she married tom - also as her minder and to rope her in to the church - so she knows a lot more about COS and their threats now

841 days ago

Big Boy Pants    

Pack of creepy azz liars. Why bother when it is so easy to know the truth? Young young children are involved with sea org and no matter how much they lie, it doesn't change the facts.

841 days ago


They are lying! That is what they do, lie and deny to cover up their cult.


" was created by three young women who used to be members of the church, including Jenna Miscavige Hill, who is a niece of Scientology's leader David Miscavige. Hill's parents joined when she was 2 years old. Both her parents were high-ranking members of Sea Org. "

"From ages 6 to 12, Hill lived at a Scientology-owned property in California that was known as "the ranch," where she said children as young as 6 had long days." *Life on 'the Ranch' and at Scientology's 'Mecca'"

841 days ago


Scientology is bad, mkay...

841 days ago
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