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Katie Holmes

The Wedding Ring

Finally Comes Off

7/2/2012 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0702_katie_olmes_no_rings_wm_splashIt's gone -- Katie Holmes has finally removed her wedding ring.

Holmes was photographed moments ago in NYC, as she left a "Project Runway" taping ... sans finger jewelry.

Katie had worn the ring as recently as last week -- just days before she filed for divorce from Tom on Thursday.

TMZ broke the story ... Katie believes her marriage to Tom became "irretrievably broken" at least 6 months ago -- so the fact that she was still wearing her wedding ring last week is another sign she intentionally blindsided Tom with divorce papers.

Further proof -- Tom was wearing his ring last week too.


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Wearing her ring right up until she filed doesn't mean he was in any way "blindsided." It could easily mean that she wanted to keep it from becoming public, you know, like not using their names on the papers. Just because she didn't want to announce it to the PUBLIC doesn't mean he didn't know.

809 days ago

Throwback kid    

Cruise is a high school dropout, it is said he can barely read, he said he has dyslexia, who knows? but he never comes across as a very smart man. He is just what the church of Scientology is looking for. Tom is the puppet and Scientology is the puppet master. Thank god Katie got away from him and his cult religion.

809 days ago


.......and the Oscar goes to...............Katie Holms!

809 days ago


“another sign that she intentionally blindsided Tom with divorce papers.”

Or maybe it’s a sign that she’s a celebrity who’s hounded by you *******s 24/7 so maybe it was YOU she wanted to blindside. And if you’re trying to drum up sympathy for Tom (what, is Harvey a scienidiot too?) it’s really not working. No one wants to see that little girl dragged deeper into that cult and that church is lying their asses off if they are really claiming they wouldn’t take Suri at any age if Tom asked them to.

809 days ago


And like that, the Sea Org story is gone. Davis is shooting footbullets again?

809 days ago

Fat Mike    

Why did you just pull the story about the cult lawyer denying Suri was not eligible for Sea Org? Are they getting to you?

809 days ago


where did the other cos article go?

it poofed!

809 days ago


A whole TMZ story just disappeared......just like one of the leader's wives.
Did they beam up our Harvey? Give him back now!!

809 days ago


Enough with your "proof" of this and "proof" of that! None of that "proves" anything. Harvey - your're a lawyer, right?

809 days ago


When a woman is afraid, and knows there's no hope for fixing a bad situation, she plays it cool and smart, for self-protection and to protect her children. Many of us have done that. You don't warn the guy if you know he will take harmful action towards you and yours. I sure don't fault her for filing for divorce without telling him about it first. Her body might have never been found.

809 days ago


Too bad she married this creepy little scientologist!! Hope things go her way ! There is more to life than Tom!!

809 days ago


I think the marriage had broken down years ago, as for Tom harping on about how he was blind sided, well, yes I think he was but tbh, he is so arrogant that after all the years of suppressing her he though she wouldn't dare stand up to him. The more I read about this cult the more I worry about that poor child's safety and wonder about his sanity.

809 days ago


...."The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization. "....
Bahahaha! :D
What a bunch of *fools* you anti-Tom readers made of yourselves ;D
All your rants about Suri going to Sea Org...were for nothing! Haaahahahaha!
Like I said, none of you Tom-haters care about facts, can't reason, are uneducated, and behave like gossipy neighborhood meddlers ;)

809 days ago


I have sympathy for both of them, but more of it lies with Katie. Both are victims of gullibility. Tom's narcissism transformed him from a sap of Scientology to becoming a bully for it. It's an old story, a common story. These days my divorce practice frequently finds wives have been bullied by the liberalism of their husbands (in their cases, God help the wife who doesn't hate Bush or Christianity or the tea party or Romney or pro-life or pro-voucher or pro-union and on and on.)

809 days ago


"...further proof"

Of what TMZ? Celebrities, especially actors who don't want the public to know the truth about thier private life will continue to do things like wear their wedding rings and pose what? Even some non famous people continue to wear their ring AFTER they have legally separated for what ever reason. Many celebs have continued to be seen together and acting as if all is fine were actually already living separately in private. Tell the COS and Tom's team who are obviously now using TMZ to gain support to come up with better arguments because this is flimsy and desperate. My full support to KATIE.

809 days ago
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