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Mel Gibson's Step-Mom

Wants Restraining Order


7/2/2012 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson THREATENED his own 78-year-old step-mom ... SPIT IN HER FACE ... and sabotaged her marriage ... this according to legal docs filed by the woman and obtained by TMZ.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson -- who married Mel's father Hutton Gibson in 2001 -- has filed for a restraining order against Mel ... claiming he exploded on her several times and now she fears for her safety.

In the docs, Joye claims Mel and his sister Maura hate her guts ... because she doesn't approve of the controversial medical treatments they've been pressuring Hutton to undergo to treat his various ailments.

In the docs, filed by attorney Brian J. Kramer, Joye describes several outbursts in detail:

October 2011 -- Mel screams at Joye because Joye does not approve of "experimental Ozone treatments" Hutton was undergoing for an undisclosed illness.

"Mel began yelling and saying, 'f*ck this and f*ck that' while leveling other extremely offensive language at me."

Joye claims Mel warned her "not to f*ck with [Hutton's] treatments in any way."

January 2012 -- While visiting Hutton in the hospital, Joye claims she said something that set Mel off ... and "Mel got up, looking wild and began yelling at me in a very loud and terrifying voice."

"Mel was so upset and screaming so fiercely that I could see his face turn red."

March 2012 -- Joye, along with Mel and his sister Maura, accompanied Hutton to Panama for stem cell treatment for his hip.

Mel was cooking food and offered some to Joye ... but she declined due to a stomach ache.

Joye claims, "Mel looked at me in disgust and said that I was insulting him by not eating. He then threatened that if I did not eat he would have me put outside."

May 2012 -- During a family meeting to discuss Hutton's health care, "Mel became incensed and began acting like a wild man."

Joye claims Mel began screaming right in her face ... noting, "He was so close that I could feel his spit hitting my face."

She claims Mel's eyes "looked as if they were bulging out of his head."

Joye claims she was paralyzed with fear and later vomited because of the incident.

In the docs, Joye claims Mel and his sister MUST have manipulated their ailing father into filing for divorce ... because Hutton is a devout Catholic and doesn't believe in divorce.  Plus, she claims Hutton recently penned her a love note claiming, "Our mutual love is permanent."

Joye claims Mel is even trying to force her out of her home ... because it's owned by a charity that Mel controls. Joye says she has no place else to go.

Joye wants a judge to block Mel from booting her from the home ... and prevent him from interfering with her attempts to communicate with her husband.

She also wants Mel to stay 100 yards away from her at all times.

Moments ago, a California judge decided, rather than issuing a temporary restraining order, to set the matter for a full hearing ... which has been scheduled for next month. 

No immediate comment from Mel's rep.

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Giblitz is lucky TJ didn't call the police on him after each bullying incident. If she was after $POTC$ as flock claims, you would think she would have jumped at the opportunity. But that would have resulted in Gibby violating his probation, so I'm sure TJ tried to keep a lid on things for her husband's sake.

Now that Pappy pulled his latest stunt (for reasons yet to be determined) at least she doesn't have to deal with his day to day drama.

It's in Gibby's court now to come up with proof that he didn't do the things I said before, that she can charge him with - libel, illegal eviction and marital interference. Oh, and repeated terroristic threatening. I wonder if she's aware that Gibby leaked this mess to TMZ, and claimed she was trying to kill Pappy. Gee who else would know this stuff?

809 days ago


0 2

Too frustrated to reply to my last response to you Katleen? It answered your Q as to 'where is her family?'. Le snicker.

Typical response when logic interferes with your biased and brainwashed flock psyche. Try proving a point before you start slinging crap. So far I haven't seen one. Do you support Realist's claim, monkey poo slinger? A yes or no will suffice.
45 minutes ago

Actually, laughing too hard. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes to type a response. There's no logic involved in your posts, only malevolence.

1. You were wrong about the house in Phoenix. It was California. I was right. My apology is rescinded. Neener.

2. You've claimed Mel Gibson upped his father's meds and yanked his phone. Dear god, you're funny. So, Mel Gibson is writing scrip now, huh? And before you post any lame argument about M Gibson controlling the physicians; two thoughts. Conrad Murray's jail time and M Gibson was willing to pay and fight for what he perceived to be the best of medical care for his father. Be it the Mayo clinic or more unorthodox treatments. All to keep his father alive. Only a complete idiot, or maybe 2idiots, would insist M Gibson would 'snow' his father to spite his stepmother.

3. Another of your claims is that TJ Gibson doesn't really want or need M Gibson's charity, but is only claiming on legal do***ents and possibly in a court of law that she has no place else to go, simply to expose M Gibson's 'dirty dealings.' Isn't that called perjury? And you have the nerve to denigrate others for poor logic and critical analysis,

4. You've claimed there are better places in Dallas for treatment of renal failure than the MAYO clinic in Phoenix? Are you kidding me? The Mayo clinic is world class. Although there are undoubtedly wonderful medical facilities in Dallas, they would most certainly bow to the expertise of the physicians at Mayo Clinic.

5. Every time you mock Curious by commandeering Le Snicker, you prove what a complete and utter A$$ you are.


809 days ago


I said you don't know who paid for them when they were in Phoenix. You still don't know what she contributed financially to the household. Mel paid for them out of his own pocket and yet Pappy wants spousal support? FAIL!

If you think that Mel's attempts to shut out TJ at his stage of the game is supporting Pappy you're crazy. His lack of cooperativeness and insight into Pappy's condition only hurt him and Pappy. Nobody other than Giblitz knows what he's doing for Pappy now. Considering the bully tactics he used prior to the trip, and the fact that he has facilitated no contact between the 2 of them and kicked her out of their marital home, he has shown a pattern of abuse towards her that has no basis. Like I said before, he better have proof that she tried to harm Pappy in court or he's F'ed.

3. How many times have I told you already she had no place to go THERE - where she was living with Pappy when told to leave. If she has to get her own place, she has just as much right - IF NOT MORE to take Pappy with her. Gibby needs to prove that SHE was the one not making sound decisions. It won't happen.
As far as exposing the charity mess, she has every right to. Either it's coming out of his pocket or it isn't. If he claims it is - again he will have to prove it. Tee hee. Funny how you don't care where it's coming from, just the fact that she's benefitting from it. Interesting logic.

Here's a comp for the Mayo Clinic and an average hospital in Houston. Theyre rated #29 and 30 in the country, only the one in Houston is rated better among surveyed doctors. Blows your theory about the best money can buy.

Tee hee, le snicker, le snort! More things you need to get used to.

809 days ago


US News rankings for neuphrology hospitals in The US.

809 days ago


Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN is #1. No surprises there. Think the folks in Phoenix might take advantage of that expertise?


809 days ago


Give it a rest Ms. Kathleen. Pour yourself another and try harder tomorrow. You and Where's the Beef have had ... What's a more pleasant term for 'had their asses handed to them? oh well. I guess there isn't one.
Peace out.

809 days ago


Smoke rings. Smoke rings. Fecal scented smoke rings.

How many times do I have to tell you; she planned on house shopping while in Texas. And was visiting relatives. Her son, to be precise. Who's more cold hearted? A step child who doesn't want to support his soon to be EX step mom, or a kid that puts his mother in a position where she has to petition the court because 'she has no other place to go.' We both know the truth. Only delusional fool would claim it was the step child.

And once the divorce papers where signed by her husband; the husband whom she felt was sound enough to leave for a two week vacation/house hunting expedition; her rights to move him were negated. Despite the prettiest fecal scented smoke rings you might pop out; the truth remains the same. Logic is logic. She's got no rights as a spouse if her husband wants to divorce her. Anything you or I might say about H Gibson's mental competency when signing the divorce petition is pure speculation. Our opinions don't matter in a court of law. Which is lucky for the both of them.


809 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Mel might buy her a house fitting for her:

808 days ago


Cankook I noticed the address of the church funded residence was whited out from the docs. Where did you get it?
I put on Google search question about
court restraining order for Mel
so here it is where I found it..
you could read that TJ is asking court to move Mel out from this address
I think TJ would loose big on July 25
depend on Hutton words right?
well TJ application was already rejected by court
as you could verify on Radar web page
saying not reasonable proof....

just a personal questions
1-why do you hate Mel so much?
2-did you ever met Mel personally?
3- why do you worship Oksana so much?
4-do you know Oksana personally?
b/c you are so much like her= hate, twisting words,
using words for brainwashing others,
but always having your hand in Mel's packet
for you Mel's money is #1
well you were even jealous of Robin's share
I really do feel sorry for you
looks like a personal vendeta on you part

808 days ago


Flock you may want to try a different tact because the gender thing isn't working. I don't give a rat's F'ing ass what s*x you try to convince others I am - like that matters. It says more about you than me.

808 days ago


Realist I get the impression you're the type who hates cats, and animals in general. I'm sure they hate you back. Even animals can detect lower beings.

808 days ago


Hi Scotty - have to disagree about Baldwin. Yes, we all berate people and our children and do not want it made public -- and Gibson deserves the same privacy. However, Baldwin is having violent fantasies in published VF interviews about Harvey, physically assaulting numerous paps and wearing a sheet over his head in public. (If the sheet head fits, wear it). This woman wouldn't vote for Baldwin as Mayor. Talk about unstable...

808 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Realist: I think it's imploding! Is esp. senseless tonight.

It should break out one of it's other monikers to come and support itself. Make it feel better.

808 days ago


just a some legal questions..
Hutton put day of their marriage January 6, 2002
asking court for a divorce

TJ put day of their marriage December 15, 2001
could that be sign of some senility from her
that she does not even remember
actual day of their marriage?
should not her lawyer verify facts before filing papers to court?
why there are so many wrong facts?
1- date of marriage
2-marital house belong to some else
3-Joe Esztehas son age 13? not 16
if TJ is wrong about this facts
how sure is TJ about DV?

808 days ago


Cankook: Even though I think you're a paranoid, blatant anti Semite, a gutter mouth, and blind follower of a racist, misogynist, religious hypocrite, I will respond to your query - which was hijacked by flock fodder.

I don't like Mel for reasons too numerous to mention. He's an over-rated actor who by some stroke of luck was able to parlay his over-acting into a sh*tload of $ - which contrary to your belief, I am not the least bit jealous of. I rarely envy people, and if I do, it's because they have some sort of talent. I fail to see the 'talent' that flock speaks of in re to Gibby.

Gibby made a ****load of $ from selling/telling a story which wasn't his own. He made no recompense for it to the church, but instead built his own church that is a model of discrimination, recrimination and self aggrandizement. It serves no purpose other than to shelter $POTC$.

In promoting POTC he caused an uproar in the Jewish community by not portraying them fairly in the movie. Instead of being gracious and humbled by the success of the movie, and tactful in his response to the Jewish leaders, he basically told them they could F OFF - ALL THE WHILE acting like he was this traditional family man and devout catholic.

Unfortunately for him, word was already out about his bigoted comments about gays, his chauvenism, and his heavy drinking and womanizing. Only the misled and uniformed 'flock' types couldn't see through his act and continued to support his career, which immediately took a downward turn.

He blew a *****load of $POTC$ on himself and mismanaged what was left. If he was ever on the wagon he fell off and got behind the wheel in a condition that could have resulted in a fatality. He verbally abused the arresting officer, tried to flee and threatened Mee's career. Interestingly enough, what he threatened to have happen came to pass. It has since come out that he has shuttled $POTC$ to the Sheriff's department and did a public service announcement for them before the arrest.

Once his rep was in the toilet, his wife divorced him and took half of his money. This hamstrung his ability to make his own movies, and the Hollywood establishment had no interest in working with him. Unlike the many actors who fell from grace and made it back, Gibby didn't go to rehab, and as a result, many thought his apology wasn't authentic.

By the time he got involved with Ox he was bitter, and in bad shape physically and mentally due to decades of drinking. She was no doubt star struck and hopeful that the relationship would be successful. They BOTH made the mistake of rushing into parenthood and Gibby couldn't deal with the strain, and further damage to his rep as a traditional catholic and family man. His flock was in such denial about his fraud, that they assumed that Ox surely must be a sexual sorceress!

For reasons flock has yet to determine or have any awareness of, Gibby went on a tirade on several occasions with Ox, before and after the pregnancy. He blamed her for the failed record deal that was his idea and deal, which neither of them profited from. He popped her in the mouth in front of her 2 children and was not arrested for it as he should have been, due to Ox forgiving the matter. When his violence continued in the form of threats, she decided to do***ent these incidences as she feared he might follow through on his threats - which were later affirmed by 2 adults and 1 child. For reasons flock has no awareness of, he placed multiple threatening and abusive calls to her in the middle of the night. (As far as I can determine, the reason for his rage is she didn't give him a BJ fast enough.). When the tapes were leaked by an unknown source - which flock never found proof of - he finally got his sh*t thrown back in his face after years of his own sh*t going ignored. Nobody has sympathy for a batterer and vicious rageaholic other than flock - for reasons yet to be determined. Le snicker.

I don't know Ox, and have no reason to worship her. She's guilty of being a poor judge of character and for rushing into a relationship with a mad man. Many of her weaknesses could be attributed to the fact that she's from a different country/culture. She doesn't have a firm grasp of English, nevermind the cunning and sophistication flock gives her credit for. In her attempt to protect her child and rid herself of MM, she made a lot of mistakes, trusted a lot of sleazeballls -even though she made every attempt to avoid contact with any slimy lawyer on the Gibby 'take.' But in the end she was screwed by her own turncoat slimeball attorney.

As much as flock tries to blame her for Gibby's subsequent 'messes' the truth is he is and always has been his own worst enemy, who has no one to blame but himself for his rage and subsequent messes. Except for Pappy maybe, who is now paying the piper.

How's that for a true crime story Ms. Kathleen!

808 days ago
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