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Octomom's New Boyfriend

The Secret

Dating Show Past

7/2/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's new boyfriend has proved he's willing to date ANYONE for a shot at fame ... because he whored himself out on a dating show right before he hooked up with Nadya Suleman -- and TMZ has the footage.

Frankie G -- who has been dating Octo for a couple of months now -- was a contestant earlier this year on a show called "Who Wants to Date a Comedian?" 

During the show, Frankie shamelessly competes against two other guys for camera time to win the affections of a comediane named Marla Schultz. Frankie said he works as an EMT and does some "exotic dancing" on the side. 

Marla ended up picking Frankie, but it clearly wasn't for his brains -- check out the video to watch him butcher the phrase "more cushion for the pushin'."

Spoiler alert -- the relationship didn't pan out.


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Fat Mike    

Are you telling us he isn't in it for love? What man in his right mind wouldn't want to go out with a woman who has 14 children?

841 days ago



841 days ago


Oh no, I can't believe it's not real love. You're telling us he's a fame whore??? Never would have guessed it. Yeah, right.

841 days ago


Some things just write themselves...

841 days ago


There's always Tom Cruise. I hear he's available.

841 days ago


and not a single **** was given

841 days ago


we all saw this coming, wonder if octomom did too?

841 days ago


This is different though since they met at church.

841 days ago


How Jealous is Mike Walters now he could of had OctoSlut and she went for a future porn star.

841 days ago


Tmz should really stop posting anything to do with octomom.
She is clearly mentally unstable, she has been for years, and its really sad to take advantage/laugh at the mentally unwell.
I can't believe they let her roam the streets unattended. She should be in a strait jacket in an asylum, seriously. Just watch some of her interviews.
I cringe to the power of a million when I hear her god-awful voice.
I feel so sorry for the children, I almost want to cry when I see a photo of them out together, all frowning or crying, and dirty.
They look like orphans, they practically ARE orphans.
Octomom would rather spend money on herself getting hair extensions and plastic surgery and make the poor children go without running toilets and clothes, etc. And she let's the government pay for their food when she is getting porn money and stripping money! Hoe disgusting is that?
She is a vile creature. She is truly, in every sense of the word, a psychopath. And the people around her are not helping. They are enablers.
Octomom lies at every chance she can get, for no apparent reason. She is a compulsive liar.
She has scars all over her body from multiple cosmetic surgeries, while she ripped on Kate Gosslein for having surgery. Kate looks much better than octomom, and octomom has had triple the surgery.

On her porno-

Octomom is seriously grotesque. And she is so delusional she thinks people would be "pleasantly surprised" by her pornography, when in fact, we were all mortified and wondered what the hell happened to her vagina. Like Tmz said, "it looks like a bullet wound" .. It's this red, sore looking, area of flat skin with a big hole in the middle, nothing else. No labia or anything, then she has a big scar on the lower side of one of her flaps, a big scar going right across her lower belly which disfigured her vaginal tattoos. She also has a scar running down from her vagina to her anus, and also, loose skin around her anus which appears to be hemmoroids or past hemmoroids. AND SHE THINKS SHE LOOKS GOOD! that's the craziest part Of all!

841 days ago

BB not bb    

Octomom seems to be grasping at straws for any postive attention she can get from the outside world. If Frankie is nice to her, that is good enough for her. I hope she doesn't get hurt by this guy. I hope once his career takes off and he tires of her, she won't be broken hearted, if that is the case.

840 days ago


Oh stop trying to find dirt on the guy and leave the happy couple Nadya and Frankie alone..

Everybody needs employment, Frankie's no exception and neither are you, TMZ and commentors out there.

840 days ago


Of course he's a fame whore. No one in their "right mind" would date her.

840 days ago


He is one lucky man getting to spend time with the sweet and beautiful, Nadya. I am immensely jealous!

840 days ago


wait till he finds out her sex life is on an operation table. "Doc, she always want me to make love to her in the ear!! - The ear, how's that? - Every time I try to stick it in her mouth, she turns her head"

840 days ago
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