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Jessica Simpson

I Have Not Reached

My Goal Weight Yet

7/3/2012 1:45 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0703_jessica_simpson_pcnNine weeks after giving birth to daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson once again showed off her voluptuous post-partum curves and nearly spilled out of her slimming black spandex fitness wear as she made her way to a gym in L.A. on Monday.

31-year-old Simpson -- who inked a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers -- has vowed to slim all the way down to 130 pounds.

Jess does not want to be an unfit mom.


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SERIOUSLY?? she just had a baby 9 weeks ago TMZ..

805 days ago


She gained waaaaaaay too much weight while preggers, but pretty smart financially seeing as how she worked a $4M deal with WWatchers. Jess will totally be able to lose all of that weight too... she's been fit before and probably doesn't have much else to do all day than to work out.

805 days ago


As far as I'm concerned, I don't think she should bother losing a pound. I think she needs to gain another 10 lbs or so. Who's with me fellas?!?!

805 days ago


The reason these celebrities gain so much weight during pregnancy is because it's the only time that they are not scrutinized to DEATH for every pound they put on. Of course, they ARE scrutizined after giving birth if they don't lose the weight at an inhumanly (and unhealthily) fast rate.

805 days ago


oh dear. I am no fan of Jessica Simpson's, i find her annoying and self-indulgent, but i feel sorry for her - who would want photogs following them around like this?! Did she gain too much pregnancy weight, sure, but should the punishment be that unflattering photos in gym clothes are plastered everywhere? I would be so depressed if i were her, and it would make it that much harder to lose weight. ugh.

805 days ago

Regie Francisco    

She's so fat! Who gains that much on a first baby? I mean Jennifer Garner put out 3 kids already but still is smaller than Jess.

805 days ago


That's insane tyo gain that much weight. I had two children and I wore my regular clothes home from the hospital.. Some must get obsessed with food. The only way she will lose weight is to have her jaw wored shut.

805 days ago


omg evrybdy's body is NOt the same. how u blame sum1 for gainin wait during pregnancy. u dnt kno wut her body type or metabolism is like. and ppl wonder y society is tryin 2 fit into na 00 now. smh. at least u kno she was REALLY preggers unlike Beyonce so she not goin 2 jus snap her fingers and be a size 2 again.

805 days ago

kit kat     

ok all you people who judge /give her a break she a new mother i now how long it takes to get the body back in shape.every one who judges /must also have skeltons in there closet

805 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

The scale only has 3 decimals

805 days ago


I think she is huge. I think she can lose it but it will take time , patiance and hard work. I think she will go up and down for a while and then she will lose it.

805 days ago


whoa...nick lachey dogged a big bullet on this one....

805 days ago


Oh my...

805 days ago

Kady Heron    

Yeah I've been that stage too. Just give her time guys
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805 days ago

J Simp    

Leave Jessica alone!!!!

805 days ago
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