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Katie Holmes


From Prenup

7/3/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
will be getting virtually nothing from Tom Cruise by way of $$$$ because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune ... and sources connected with Katie tell us it's just fine with her.

We've learned the prenup Katie signed is long, tight and stacked in Tom's favor.  We're told reports that she'll walk away with $15-20 million are absurd.  Our sources say Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage ... and hardly anything else.

Our Katie sources tell us, "She's not about the money.  She's not that girl.  She loves to work."

We're told there's one thing Katie is insistent on -- she wants child support from Tom, and that could turn into a big ticket item.

As for whether Katie will challenge the prenup ... it's pretty common when a divorcing couple is in conflict, and our Katie sources are not ruling that out.  But they insist, "Money is not that important to her.  She makes plenty on her own."

One final point ... a well-placed source connected with the couple tells us, the prenup that basically gives Katie bupkis is proof the marriage is not a sham -- she didn't tie the knot for the loot.



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Chooprom...When they first came to Clearwater, they began buying up property at a fast rate. They applied for and fought for religion status, they got it after a long fight. That status means the extensive properties they own they do not pay any taxes! This was a huge financial loss to the city, there were claims for bribes and graft, but they are a group of people that no one wants to cross. There have been many stories in the news regarding members, you can search for that info yourself.

844 days ago


ok, for all of you out there who think YOU are having a really bad day:
I use a bathroom cleaner that comes in a purple can.
I use a hairspray that....comes in a purple can.
Guess what I sprayed all over my head on my way out the door to work this morning?
That's right folks, I have to walk around all day smelling like toilet bowel cleaner.
Your'e welcome.

844 days ago


This is my shot, guys. Me, a stranger, showing up at her door with a key to my house. I think I have a chance considering her weird reflex has to be dead by now. After all that time with Tom, I'd just seem like a normal dude doing something normal dudes do.

844 days ago


I imagine most of Tom's money comes from Co$, cults are experts at sucking money out of their minions. Being that he's so high up with them it's probably the bulk of his salary...let's face it, nobody's jumped up and down over one of his movies in years.

844 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Stick to your guns Katie, you have to do what is best for you and Suri.

844 days ago


YESTERDAY, IT WAS REPORTED Tom's salary is 75 million a year of which she is asking, nothing. His responsibility is to support his child. Katie has a long hard road ahead of her fighting a man who is deeply involved in his own religion, particularly, when it comes down to her daughter's welfare and safety. Hopefully, with the help from family, friends, and the Roman Catholic Church, she will find peace and comfort during this unfortunate dilemma.

844 days ago


Whether or not tmz has "learned" the whole truth and nothing but the truth about any prenup, all that matters is she's getting out and now looking happier than we've seen her look since she's been with him.

844 days ago


Totally agree that Katie should take her daughter and leave if Scientology makes her uncomfortable. It's a cult, not a religion. However, I don't believe Tom's the monster people are making him out to be. He seems to really love Katie and Suri. In my opinion he should give up Scientology and keep them but he's brainwashed by the cult.
Tom was raised in the catholic religion and even considered becoming a priest. He was bullied and abused by a violent father. He attended fifteen schools in twelve years and was bullied at all of them. Deep inside he was a victim and that made him vulnerable to Scientology. These people prey on people who're weak in some way and wealthy. Tom seems like a likeable guy and I do like his movies.
Lets hope this works out in the best interest of Suri. Katie does look much happier now so I have to believe she's making the right decision. I know Tom blindsided Nicole but I feel sorry for him as well.. What a lousy way to celebrate your 50th birthday.

844 days ago


Well, now that she is out from under his thumb, she can go back to making her own $$ again... She had no issues before him, I doubt she will have any after this!!!!

844 days ago


Damn. He destroyed her career with his possessiveness, and now leaves her with pretty much nothing?

844 days ago


She must have been miserable. He is 50 and she is 33 and she looks closer to 50 than he does. I guess being in a creepy marriage with a creepy little midget will age a woman.

844 days ago


It's fine. She'll just get $250k/month "child support". Of course, only a small fraction of that will be required to go towards Suri. The rest will fund her shopping sprees.

844 days ago


It would seem kind of strange that Katie would not at least get a reasonable amount in the divorce settlement since her father is a lawyer. I don't think she should be able to bleed him dry ... but since they had a child together and were married for enough time she has gotten used to a certain amount of convenience and lifestyle ... plus in her profession, her best years are almost gone and being able to earn any substantial amount of money at this point is unlikely. Also, she should get at lease a few millions just for putting up with his Scientology.

844 days ago


Katie cares about the money along with getting full custody she is hoping that a NY judge will throw out the Prenup and give her half plus spouse support and child support she is divorcing in NY for the money.

844 days ago


Wow she is looking much older then she is. Sad that the stress has done this to her.

844 days ago
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