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R. Kelly

'The Notebook' Inspired Me

... to Divorce My Wife

7/3/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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11:43 PM PT --
Kellys' ex-wife Andrea tells TMZ ... she doesn't believe "The Notebook" truly caused their split ... telling TMZ, "[The movie] came out in 2004 and we saw it together.  Our divorce wasn’t finalized until 2009 so it’s impossible that the movie could have been the reason for our relationship ending. "

She adds, "We had been separated for 6 years at that point! The movie definitely did not end our relationship!”

R. Kelly
is blaming Ryan Gosling for ruining his marriage ... sorta ... and it's all because of R.G.'s performance in "The Notebook."

Kelly just revealed some incredibly personal secrets in his new memoir, "Soulacoaster" ... including an explanation about why he decided to divorce his former back up dancer Andrea Kelly back in 2009.

Long story short ... Kelly claims after watching the movie, he realized his own 12-year marriage couldn't stand up to the romance featured in the flick.

Here's the explanation in Kelly's own words:

"As the film credits started to roll, I couldn't move. I burst into tears. People walking past me patted me on the back, trying to console me. 'The Notebook' was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together.

But I was also crying because I remembered a Valentine's Day -- when a helicopter dropped a rainfall of roses -- that had come and gone ... My marriage had died. And there was nothing I could do to bring it back."

Damn you, Gosling.


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carol hoousendove    

If the movie made r kelly realize what a unhappy marriage he has so what. Life is too short his wife is better off without him and he is also. Give the guy a break. We all have dirty laundry in our closets if not your life must have been dull as hell.Go out do something you are ashame of or shut up.

850 days ago


I see some men still lie when they get caught in some Bull!!!!! He is how old???? I am so glad for Kelly's wife since she has moved on and left the trash on the side of the curve. Girl you keep on keeping on cause he is going to get his. I mean really......a movie caused your marriage, you are one sorry excuse for a man period. Just admit your wrongs and stop sexing under aged young ladies or is it little boys too. I hope you don't burn in Hell.

850 days ago


Kelly sure has alot of nerves blaming a movie for his unfaithfulness. He is so played out and his ex-wife is looking great. Kelly you need to stop the whole underage thing it is so low.

850 days ago


Kelly need to grow the hick up. Leave these lil girls along! Man could you come up with another lie. You need to get yourself together and get saved for real.

850 days ago


Is this coz he realized his wife was of legal age?

850 days ago


His inspiration came from being a PERVERT and a PEDOPHILE and nothing else. Child molester just could not hang with being married to an adult women.

850 days ago


His inspiration came from being a PERVERT and a PEDOPHILE and nothing else. Child molester just could not hang with being married to an adult women.

850 days ago


Really? The marriage ended because Andrea is no longer 15 to 18 years old! R. Kelly needs to call Dr. Phil! lol

850 days ago


Damn you Gosling, you ruined another marraige. After I say 'NOtebook,' I told my woman to **** off. I told the bitch, 'our love ain't **** next to them folks. we done.' And we are done. Good thing we didn't get married and I got her to have that abortion.

850 days ago


Mr. Kelly is full of himself. You need to be by yourself for life until you find out what is a crush and what is legal. After twelve years of marriage you just decided you were screwing up? Oh I forgot who I was talking to because, your mind was on childish stuff and not commitment. Its not to late to turn things around leave girls alone, let them mature.

850 days ago


All of you are **** talkers!! you guys talk sooo much **** without knowing the man. Thankfully, I have met him and spoke to him and let me tell he is nothing like the media puts his out there. He is really a great guy!

849 days ago


Yes I feel the same you never knew he had a wife and 3 kids for 12 years. He never once said I like to that my wife and children for this award. She was never with him at award shows. You married her and was with her for 12 years such an idiot. I told my husband I wish you would get up and except this award and don't thank me I will slap you silly.

843 days ago


He eats young girls, no wonder he got raid of mama.

Excuse-moi, it was not him on the picture, nô-ho ! Just a brother who looks kind of like him with the
same tastes.

Laws for the rich and famous do exist, or what the point of being rich if you are not treated any different.

I would spit in his face, I'm talking about that guy in the video, the one we obviously can't see.
Black is hard to define.

838 days ago


Just think of what he did to sweet Aliyah, he did a tape too, but that would the end for him if it came out. He bragged about it with some perverts in ShowB.
Aliyah's brother would put a bullet in his head.

838 days ago


R. Kelly's former personal assistant and tour manager, Demetrius Smith wrote a book telling everything he did working for R. Kelly for the first 13 years of his career. Read about what it was like in the subways, building the groups Kelly was in, the night club shows, The Aaliyah marraige, and much more. The book, "The Man Behind The Man/Looking From The Inside Out" Abailable @ amazon, barnes&noble or visit your local bookstore.

806 days ago
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