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Chely Wright to Frank Ocean

Coming Out is Liberating

But Career-Damaging

7/4/2012 8:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country star Chely Wright -- the first gay country singer to come out of the closet -- tells TMZ, she was moved to tears when she read Frank Ocean's declaration that he's gay (or bi), but she says freedom comes at high cost.
Chely says, "I can't think of a better way for Frank to celebrate Independence Day.  It's spectular."
But Chely also says she realizes many country and hip hop artists and fans have an intolerance toward gays, and it certainly has had an impact on her career.
She says her record sales have dropped to 1/3 of what they were before she revealed in 2010 that she's a lesbian. She also said that a number of venues have made her persona non grata, because they fear fans will boycott her performances.
Chely also notes that no other country star has come out of the closet since she did, but says both she and Frank are forging a path that will eventually allow people to live their lives openly and without shame.

So we gotta ask ...


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i don't care what all these people do.but why is this so important? if Frank wants 2 sleep around with guys,so be it. who cares? and why do these peoples think hey are special or different? maybe i will come out also.people i am hetero!!! i AM a girl and i love guys!!!!!! please TMZ post that...

805 days ago

West Vasquez    

This website must be run by republicans because they are the only people that care about gays and who is gay and anything else that is gay; because most republicans are gay. Self hating gays trying to keep other gays down by ridicule or other means like this website that has nothing better to d o than comment on who is gay.

805 days ago


this is a load of crap. I love chely but you have to have a recent record for your career to be hurt when coming out. she hasn't had an album in years!

805 days ago


It's 2012 get the eff over yourself ,how narcissistic to believe you are some kind of trail blazer because you declare you are gay.

805 days ago


Americans need to stop being self-involved and intolerant. The world is full of different people and different cultures, and that is what makes it exciting. If everyone was the same, it would be a dull life. Grow up and live a real life instead of copying your cranky old elders. If you don't wanna get intimate with someone of the same gender, then don't...but stop chitting on everyone else's choices. If you are going to enjoy your choices and freedoms, then you have to give the same rights to everyone. Live and let live. Be happy. Be tolerant. Behave. It's very rewarding.

805 days ago


U didn't have a career to hurt.......stupid. U had one song that did okay. No blockbuster........ Wow!!!

805 days ago


"She says her record sales have dropped to 1/3 of what they were before she revealed in 2010 that she's a lesbian"

Maybe this could also be a result to the simple fact that she hasn't had a popular or quality single since 1999?!? Just maybe, I dunno?!?

805 days ago


I can't believe she is still trying to milk the same story!

She did not become less popular because she came out, her career had already faded and she made her big announcement to try to get back into the spotlight.

805 days ago


If she says this is had a huge impact on her career then why is this even an argument.

What is this, "Let's challenge the premise?!"

805 days ago


This is hilarious - I had never heard of this woman in my life until she came out. But her career is suffering? I don't think proclaiming you are gay was the problem. LOL

805 days ago


It's scary for these people to come-out.

-Imagine if Frank Sinatra announced, and early on?

-He liked dudes.

-Who kills him first...

-The mob?

- or the record company.

805 days ago


maybe her music just sucks and her coming out is an escape goat for crappy record sales.

805 days ago


Self-inflicted insecurity make celebrities declare this nonsense, and thus ruin their own careers. Really, very Self-damaging.

805 days ago


Celebrities "coming out" is pathetic and self-damaging, for no good reason at all, except to savve their own insecurities. Very stupid.

805 days ago


She's gotten more press for "coming out" than she ever did singing. She had maybe one hit.. that doesn't make you a superstar.

805 days ago
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