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Katie Holmes

Laughs Off Divorce

7/4/2012 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704_suri_cruise_katie_holmes_splash_launchKatie Holmes is officially happy -- at least that's the way it appeared in NYC yesterday, when the actress dropped by an ice cream parlor with her daughter Suri ... and finally had a good laugh.

It's the first time Katie's smiled that big since she filed for divorce last week. In fact, it's the first time we've seen her smile that big in a while.

Of course, Katie and Suri weren't alone -- they stopped by the East Village ice cream shop with some friends. Oh yeah, and 4 hulking bodyguards.

Talk about flavor of the month.


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Funny how Scientology is supposed to make one so wonderful and then he makes her sign a firewall prenup?

I'd say his patent paranoia has him set up for failure.

His chance at a normal life is now toast.

Someday soon he will just a footnote in a Southpark gag.

839 days ago


Of course she is laughing - thinking of how she and her gold digging family were cleaning out Tom's money and property while he was paying for her lifestyle. Why can't she be a decent mother and put that kid in school instead of dragging her night and day all over the town just to get her picture taken. With out Tom's daughter she just looks like any one off the street. She is a lousy actress and a vile person. Knowing how sad Tom is, she goes out on the town having a great time. Knock it off with the Scientology, his other two children are wonderful, loving, caring intelligent kids who adore their dad. She will have a hard time claiming that Toms' the bad parent since Suri is a little monster by all accounts, talks like a 2 year old and is as dumb as they come.. Thats her doing, after all she is the one pulling her 24/7 in front of cameras instead of educating her. Should be in 1st grade and is still being carried everywhere by that so called mother of hers. On the one hand she is now bitching Tom is never home - and on the other that he is controlling. He is not the one telling her to take her daughter all over town at 2 am. Blindsided they say Tom was - what a bitch did not even have the decency to talk to him. Did it right before his birthday. Had her pimp of a father get all the legal matters taken care of, moved the apartment and probably drained ll of Tom's accounts he could - just watch you will find that there is someone (more than likely that body guard) she has been sleeping with all along. Give you concern to the guy who has done nothing but love her and his daughter. Controlling - please he has been working non-stop on movies for the last 5 years while she had been partying her ass off.

839 days ago

sylvia armstrong    

If only Tom Cruse would have mentioned Jesus Christ giving His life for him,he may have gotten my attention,but I couldn't make sense of what he was saying,I don't really think he knew what he was saying,I can understand Katie wanting to get her daughter out of that situation.

839 days ago

BB not bb    

They probably have her under a spell and she is fighting to get away. She looks like she is smiling like Tom now. Maybe they put some kind of love spell on her, but I think she cares more about her kid than some old cultist who wants to control her and destroy her kid's life.

She is out and about and showing that she is not going to be intimidated by the Scientology stalkers who try to make her feel threatened. She is showing the public where she and her daughter are so that they will know if she goes missing.

It is very hard to break away from a bad relationship emotionally. You can run for your life but they always have a tie to your heart.

839 days ago


There's a hint of fear in her smile. I hope she's okay. Doesn't Tom do his own stunts in some movies?

839 days ago


I wish Tom Cruise would leave Scientology for his family. I dont' think people should choose their church over their family. Maybe some day he will open his eyes. I dont' understand how someone could be raised believing in God and fall for someone elses beliefs thats their is no God. I know Scietology probably helped him be successful, but come on this is your family. Wake up! Tom Cruise!

839 days ago


Anything is better than being stuck with that miniature man...what the hell was she thinking? She's exwife number 3...and of course he'll say it's eveybody 'elses' fault.

839 days ago


This whole media portrayal would be hilarious if it wasn't so damaging to to real people and real lives. For God's sake somebody get a grip - you'd have us all believe that Tom Cruise is part of some cult from science fiction movies. Next we hear the media will be claiming they're all really alien invaders with forked tongues. Do people lead such sad lives that they are willing to accept such nonsense. As for Katie Holmes as some Penelope Pittstop poor little victim in all of this - please - give us a break. These are the facts: she didn't feel think it appropriate to discuss breaking up her family with her husband despite walking hand in hand with him only a week ago. Something that will clearly have a devastating effect on her child. She seems intent on causing maximum public humilation to the father of her child through the media. How is this helpful to her daughter and his other children - how would anyone feel watching this happen to their father. She then parades around New York grinning from ear to ear - yep that's normal - NOT - any decent person would be distraught following a marriage breakdown even if it was wanted you still grieve the loss for everyone involved surely. She parades her daughter like some accessory taking her out at night to buy ice cream with cameras flashing in her poor little face. It wasn't long ago that the poor mite was pictured dolled up in make up and high heals - model parent Katie you're certainly not. She clearly is not capable of thinking about anyone but herself and her actions strike of a cruel egotistical spoilt little brat. For God's sake woman get some dignity and stop acting like a decietful, heartless, cruel, selfish woman.

839 days ago


You did it again TMZ - using a totally false headline to get the story read!! You don't need to stoop to that level - you're TMZ for crying out loud!!!

839 days ago


You did it again TMZ - using a totally false headline to get the story read!! You don't need to stoop to that level - you're TMZ for crying out loud!!!

839 days ago


look, she's got TEEFS - hooray for Katie smiling, haven't seen that in years...

839 days ago


Finally a smile and she can stop looking so sick all the time. When people believe in a religion started by a man you might as well drink the koolaid not and get it over with. Example, I will create a religion where you give me all your money, house, cars and we worship the Bentley Coupe. If one person believes this as true, you need to be ripped off of mind, body, soul and money.

839 days ago


All of these smiling pictures of Katie have got to be making Tom LIVID. maybe you should cut back a tad, Harvey? (I mean, really, we all know she's got to be doing the happy dance when no one's looking)

839 days ago


enough already move on this is not our problem here we have so many problems to deal with kate & suri are not one of them and they are not the only couple to devorce people move on their wedding was all for money she was in her late 20s he was 40 pls i am sick and tire of hearing abt their devorce get over it

839 days ago


So glad she finally woke up. He just seems like a pill to deal with. And I bet that ego is shameless.

839 days ago
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