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Katie Holmes

Laughs Off Divorce

7/4/2012 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704_suri_cruise_katie_holmes_splash_launchKatie Holmes is officially happy -- at least that's the way it appeared in NYC yesterday, when the actress dropped by an ice cream parlor with her daughter Suri ... and finally had a good laugh.

It's the first time Katie's smiled that big since she filed for divorce last week. In fact, it's the first time we've seen her smile that big in a while.

Of course, Katie and Suri weren't alone -- they stopped by the East Village ice cream shop with some friends. Oh yeah, and 4 hulking bodyguards.

Talk about flavor of the month.


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scientology owns the american courts and IRS.

840 days ago


The thing is I do think Tom is a good actor. I thought his performances in "Magnolia" and "Jerry McGuire" were Oscar worthy. Maybe losing custody of his daughter will be the thing that wakes him up.

One can only hope.

840 days ago



"Katie filed an ‘emergent application’ in New York City on July 3. It’s a motion seeking temporary emergency relief, which can include child support and custody. It also means that Tom is going to have to hire a New York lawyer — he can’t use his Calif. lawyer anymore. The motion also means that both Tom and Katie have to be present in court on July 17. A judge is now assigned to their case, which means it’s no longer going to be an out-of-court settlement. They are scheduled to appear before Judge Matthew Cooper on July 17 at 9:30 AM.

Katie doesn’t anticipate Tom cooperating, and there have been rumors that he’s going to file in Calif. and argue that litigation should be there rather than New York. Bottom line: if you file an emergency motion, you don’t believe there’s going to be cooperation from the other party or you need an order that only the court can give. It might have something to do with trying to control the media.They filed under anonymous verses anonymous to avoid the media. Most celebs do that. It’s unlikely for a celebrity to file an emergency hearing, because most celebrities settle out of court because they don’t want the media involved in their case. Katie and Tom are now going to have an open court room, which means that anyone can walk in and see what’s happening. Plus, they are putting their case in the hands of a judge who is going to determine what happens next. Most public figures don’t want that — it’s a last resort. It’s super-aggressive for Katie to have taken these steps. It suggests that there’s going to be a contentious divorce battle to come.”


We're behind you Katie - give him hell!

840 days ago


Excerpt from an article about Crazy Eyes Cruise's lawyer, Bert Fields:

"Oh but while we’re here, you do know about Bert Fields, do you? Bert Fields has connections to Anthony Pellicano. Anthony Pellicano is currently in prison. He was the go-to private eye to the stars. Remember the wire-tapping scandal? If it’s a slow day, google it. It’s very well do***ented online. You’ll be reading for hours. Bert Fields allegedly engaged Pellicano’s services all the time. And Tom Cruise’s name was implicated in some of those investigations. Fields has always maintained that he knew nothing of Pellicano’s illegal activities. I’m not sure anyone actually believes him. And now he’s working with Tom on a very high profile, very contentious divorce. So all those reports about Katie being followed and having to cut off all her phones etc...

Chills, chills, chills."

840 days ago


Very nice to see her smiling again!

840 days ago


Shell get back with him

840 days ago


That little girl is always eating in pictures. She's going to be a little fat ass if her parents keep shoving food into her pie hole to keep her quiet.

840 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

It's going to take a while to detox all the mental BS she has endured. Best wishes Katie

840 days ago

your own luck    

I know exactly how she feels.

840 days ago


I have not seen her laugh or even smile like this for soooo long ... GOOD FOR YOU KATIE ... TEAM KATIE AND SURI

840 days ago

Fat Mike    

and it's on! Type in Katie Holmes Emergency Motion into google. This is the beginning of the end of Scientology. Brilliant!

840 days ago

M. Jones    

Very dangerous to leave such a powerful, arrogant man. Good Luck Katie.

840 days ago


She knew how fanatical Tom Cruise was before she married him, and was warned about him, but was too hard-headed to listen, Now they've both brought a child into this world with a messy divorce. No congratulations here.

840 days ago


Are people unaware of the harmful destructive nature of hearsay, gossip and rumours on our society, on the workplace and people's lives?

Does being entertained by Harvey Levin's gossip for $ business and a chance to talk absolute rubbish you know nothing about other people trump being decent, considerate and respecting each other, whether we are perceived as a so called celebrity or a non-celebrtity?

Why is there not a flood of voices DEMANDING that Harvey Levin STFU?

840 days ago


What a misleading headline.

840 days ago
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