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Britney Spears

Screw With Me ...

I'll Nail You In Court

7/5/2012 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears
just taught a hard lesson to two dudes who have been dogging her -- a judge has ordered them to pay her a fortune in legal fees.

A judge just ordered Britney's ex-manager, Sam Lutfi to pay Britney's estate (she's under a conservatorship) $92,845 in attorneys fees.  You may recall, Britney's lawyers got a restraining order against Lutfi who has been like a bad meal that just doesn't go away.  Now Lutfi must foot the bill for Britney's hired guns.

Ditto attorney Jon Eardley, who claimed to represent Britney in an attempt to unhinge the conservatorship.  Britney's lawyers say Eardley never repped Brit and they got a restraining order against him as well.  Eardley must now pay Britney's estate $98,585.


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Good for her, time this opportunist whack job stops clinging on to her and harassing her, extorting her for money. Kick rocks Lutfi.

842 days ago


I prefer these fights between lawyers, and least then i know that the lawyer doesn't always win.

842 days ago


Hey Lutfi, what goes around comes around!

PS. Anyone seen Adnan recently?

842 days ago

EarthAngel go far, far away losers

842 days ago


Aw, my feel good story for the day. Chalk two good ones up for Brit, Brit. YOU GO, girl.
Anyone know what's happening with that bodyguard suing for sexual harrassment?

842 days ago


Seems that since Jason has been with her she's getting better and better. She just needed someone to trust, her father and Jason. No wonder she was a mess with people like Lutfi around.
This is what Lindsay needs but will probably never have.

842 days ago


Good for her. I wonder why she still can't handle her own affairs?

842 days ago


Not that he'll ever pay up....but GOOD for her.

842 days ago


Can Sam please **** off the face of the Earth?! Take down his pic please, no reason to ever have to look at that **** suckers face ever again.

842 days ago


I often look at Britney and feel so sorry for her. She might be stupidly rich and famous, but does she have anyone around that really gives two damns? Maybe her father, but is there anyone else? Her mother obviously didn't. She watched her daughter meltdown and didn't lift a finger except to get her nails done...

Lufti, at the very least, should've been charged for drugging her.

842 days ago


Fun Fact: Sam Lufti has now latched onto Courtney Love. (check her Twitter)
Courtney will be dead in 2 years.

842 days ago


Good for her. Hopefully these leaches will leave Britney alone once and for all. I hate these s***.

842 days ago

Throwback kid    

How does Osama Lufti earn is living? Does he pay taxes in this country? Every time I reed a story about this creep he is either shaking down someone for money or someone has just taken out another restraining order on him. Seems like an unstable and evil individual. I think it is time Lufti gets deported from the US

842 days ago


One day we will wake up to hear this dude a been found in a ditch and everyone will haveoldsmobile laugh. She has really turned her life around. Of course untold millions always helps, but she could have easily lost it all. There is always a price for ame ad he paid dearly.

841 days ago


Good for her. I sure hope Lufti is as down on his luck as a person can get. He and his type, and all the paparazzi, just about destroyed the girl. Glad to see that Ms. Spears is doing so well, she really seems to be back on track. Girl has looked phenomenal over the past several weeks. Good to see her smile and be able to believe that it's genuine. X-Factor has been a good thing for her. Keep on proving your detractors wrong Britney. You the girl !!!

841 days ago
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