Britney Spears Screw With Me ... I'll Nail You In Court

7/5/2012 2:45 PM PDT

Britney Spears Scores Legal Victory Against Ex-Manager Sam Lutfi, Lawyer Jon Eardley

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Britney Spears
just taught a hard lesson to two dudes who have been dogging her -- a judge has ordered them to pay her a fortune in legal fees.

A judge just ordered Britney's ex-manager, Sam Lutfi to pay Britney's estate (she's under a conservatorship) $92,845 in attorneys fees.  You may recall, Britney's lawyers got a restraining order against Lutfi who has been like a bad meal that just doesn't go away.  Now Lutfi must foot the bill for Britney's hired guns.

Ditto attorney Jon Eardley, who claimed to represent Britney in an attempt to unhinge the conservatorship.  Britney's lawyers say Eardley never repped Brit and they got a restraining order against him as well.  Eardley must now pay Britney's estate $98,585.