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Justin Bieber


911 Calls

7/7/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine was not the only motorist who reported that Justin Bieber was flying down the freeway at breakneck speed ... TMZ has learned, a total of 10 drivers called 911.

We broke the story, Zine -- who was an LAPD motor cop for 18 years -- believes Bieber was traveling faster than 100 mph. Bieber's people dispute Zine's estimate, noting that the singer was cited for ONLY going 80.

But when Bieber was finally stopped by CHP officers, he was several miles from the point Zine spotted him, and Zine told us Friday night his100 mph estimate was "conservative."

And get this ... we're told someone from Bieber's security team was a passenger in his car and allowed Justin to put the pedal to the metal. Mind you, Justin was weaving in and out of traffic, baring squeezing in between moving vehicles.

As we reported, Bieber was being chased by paparazzi, but Zine maintains the 18-year-old jeopardized his life and the lives of others and he should have slowed down and pulled off the freeway.


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Justin: Babee:
It's a good thing (and you KNOW IT) that you are not still living in Canada.
You would have lost BOTH your lisence AND your car (the car is gone forever BTW) for street racing.
California needs to follow our lead in this situation...lives are saved!!!
And you'll like this part Californians: they auction off the cars to the highest bidder! You too could own Beibers car!
Not to mention there's one less juvenile killing families on your highways!!

649 days ago


"Bieber", sorry, Canadian education, right Dave?? i before e, except after c...

649 days ago

I flashed Howard Stern    

The color of his car should be against the law it is blinding.

649 days ago

prakash jaiswal    

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649 days ago


This is a badass comment.

649 days ago

Rick LaChapelle    

Wasabee, if you really are 30 years old, you need to go back to school to learn proper spelling & grammar! I had to read your comments 3 times in order to understand what your point was.

649 days ago


Hey man, Americans have been sending their trashy hiphop culture around the world for years now, destroying cultures by the hundreds so don't get your shorts in a knot just because Canada sends you one single ****y little 18 year old wigger. But my god, I must say he is one annoying little ^%$# isn't he.

649 days ago


why was he even allowed to buy a car like that, I believe everyone from 16 to 20 should get a POS secondhand car to learn to respect of a car and other drivers

649 days ago


If he was being pursued by paparazzi, he should've driven 100 mph backwards.

649 days ago


Justin is GAY

649 days ago


This kid is going to cause a Dreadful injury to someone and it will all be blamed on the paps, he is NUTS, immature and needs a good talking to. Because he has Money he can do whatever he wants??? What is wrong with this picture??????

649 days ago


She's just looking for some attention. Let them give this little girl some attention in jail.

649 days ago


Here we have a male version of Lohan in the making. He endangered who knows how many lives by his reckless and irresponsible acts. Any other young driver would have his license revoked or suspended but because he is a 'celebrity' like Lohan he will most likely be given a slap on the wrist. After 15 or 20 times, like Lohan he may be given a suspended sentence.

649 days ago


I would think any young man with a car like that would try and see how fast they could go. I as a parent would take the car away the second he got home. I would care less about his fame and more about his life.

649 days ago


Oh BS. I live in Ca and I see people weaving in and out everyday going 80- and 90. T%he onlyreylue thay are fussing about this is because he is a stupid celeb. I would bet that so many of the outraged in here speed too but think they are above the law and it is ok for them but not for this kid. Why arrest him? They give tickedts to the rest of the morons that pull this and maybe they shoudl arrest the reporters who were following him? How about that? Because if they were not chasing him down like they did with Princess Di he wouldn;t have been driving like a fool. Toom may people on their high horses and blathering about this kid when they speed too. Two faced people in here .

649 days ago
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