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Justin Bieber 911

You've Never

Heard of a Fisker?!

7/9/2012 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber called 911 minutes AFTER he was pulled over for driving 80 mph on an L.A. Freeway last week to report FIVE paparazzi who continued to chase after him ... and TMZ has the recording.

During the call, Justin tells the operator, "I have like 5 cars following me."

He continues, "They are driving really reckless."

When the operator asks Justin for his last name, the singer answers ... "ummm, Johnson."

The operator then asks Mr. Johnson to describe his car ... to which Justin replies, "A Fisker."

The operator, who's obviously not a car person asks, "What kind of car is that?"
Justin: "Ummmm ... a Fisker."

The operator then asks Justin if he is the same person who was previously stopped on the 101 Freeway. Justin says he was ... but explains, "They're the ones that are driving recklessly now, I'm just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now. "

Bieber continued, "Before I was driving fast so I could get away from them and got pulled over myself."

The operator told Justin officers had been dispatched to help him out.

LA96.3 FM aired the 911 call this morning.

As we previously reported, Bieber had been cited for going 80 ... but the person who initially called the cops on the singer, L.A. City  Councilman Dennis Zine, said he believed Bieber was going at least 100 mph and was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic.

Zine -- a former LAPD motor officer -- told TMZ Bieber was driving so recklessly, he's SHOCKED the singer didn't crash and kill anyone. In fact, Zine said Bieber belongs behind bars.



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Pudding Tang    

(D)ummm..... what an Ig.....

837 days ago

Fat Mike    

The paparazzi need to leave this girl alone. She's very sensitive

837 days ago


why lie about your last name to the operator this kid is a ****ing moron

837 days ago


He definitely should have been stopped. There is no excuse for putting other drivers' lives in danger. That said, those paparazzi should not be allowed to get away with creating that kind of chaos on the roads. They belong in jail. Even if that means fewer TMZ photos for us idiots to look at.

837 days ago


hurrrrrrrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if i give them my real last name they might get an officer here ill lie to them

837 days ago


Can we send him back to Canada? Spoiled brat.

837 days ago


This Kid needs to deflate his head...

837 days ago


when this kid hits a tree and kills himself, it will put a smile on my face

837 days ago


I know plenty of resposible adults who were driving carefully when they died in horrible car accidents. This little punk needs a reality check. What, he didn't want someone taking pictures of him, so he drives at crazy speeds and it's their fault?? Please, little boy.

837 days ago


all involved need to get ticketed...Justin needs a lesson in lying to the law and not with a slap on the hand....slow the hell down before you kill somebody GEEEZZZZZZZZ isn't this the car ELLEN gave justin for his bday....maybe she should of told him to drive responsibly...and his parents should be doing the same. I tell my kids that all the time....

837 days ago

Bad Kitty No Milk Tonight    

Why is the car covered in aluminum foil?

837 days ago


If the paps. were going to follow him at 80+ mph, then why not have them follow you at 40 mph. The stupid little douche is 100% at fault. Anyone can claim they are trying to out run somebody as a defence to reckless speeding as a defence...take away his licence.

837 days ago


His 9_1_1 call is very unbelievable. He lied about his name he just stareted naming cars on the freeway it sounds like he is now using the police to give him an excuse in court to drive reclass. It sounds like he is setting up his defence than sounding scared for his life. that people are chasing him.

837 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They might catch up to me and, like, take my picture.

Eff off. He was playing with the paps. Everybody has already said it, if he didn't want attention, he wouldn't be driving the highly visible douchemobile.

837 days ago


The big bad people with scary cameras were trying to take my picture, I had to go 100 mph...Little Puke wants millions and fame, but cannot deal with the Predictable fact that he will want to be photographed. Deport the little FK!

837 days ago
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