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Justin Bieber 911

You've Never

Heard of a Fisker?!

7/9/2012 8:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber called 911 minutes AFTER he was pulled over for driving 80 mph on an L.A. Freeway last week to report FIVE paparazzi who continued to chase after him ... and TMZ has the recording.

During the call, Justin tells the operator, "I have like 5 cars following me."

He continues, "They are driving really reckless."

When the operator asks Justin for his last name, the singer answers ... "ummm, Johnson."

The operator then asks Mr. Johnson to describe his car ... to which Justin replies, "A Fisker."

The operator, who's obviously not a car person asks, "What kind of car is that?"
Justin: "Ummmm ... a Fisker."

The operator then asks Justin if he is the same person who was previously stopped on the 101 Freeway. Justin says he was ... but explains, "They're the ones that are driving recklessly now, I'm just trying to like not have them be on my tail right now. "

Bieber continued, "Before I was driving fast so I could get away from them and got pulled over myself."

The operator told Justin officers had been dispatched to help him out.

LA96.3 FM aired the 911 call this morning.

As we previously reported, Bieber had been cited for going 80 ... but the person who initially called the cops on the singer, L.A. City  Councilman Dennis Zine, said he believed Bieber was going at least 100 mph and was dangerously weaving in and out of traffic.

Zine -- a former LAPD motor officer -- told TMZ Bieber was driving so recklessly, he's SHOCKED the singer didn't crash and kill anyone. In fact, Zine said Bieber belongs behind bars.



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Enough Already    

Another one of these young, all about me and all entitlement kid. Of course it's not my fault I was speeding. Of course it's not my fault I got pulled over. But here again, instead of giving him a ticket or throwing her (I mean his) ass in jail, the law ONCE AGAIN caters to these wannabe celebs and writes it off and they go speeding off in the sunset. Look at LowLife!!! Until the laws of the California change and someone, somewhere grows a set and starts to stand up to these law breaking pukes, it's going to the be same song, different verse. Had that been me out there doing that, no question they'd find room for me in the slammer and my ass would be in there indefinitly!!!! Amazing how the law changes to fit some and not for others.....

803 days ago


The more I continue to learn about about this, the more I begin to agree with Councilman Zine. Perhaps JB needs a wake-up a call. His Usher type of role models are hurting him, not helping him.

803 days ago


If he didn't want to be followed around by paparazzi maybe he shouldn't drive a chrome car that makes him stick out like a sore thumb.

No sympathy for this douche

803 days ago

Aww poor little Justin! They might take his picture! That's a reason to go over 100 mph and endanger the lives of everyone on the road! What a little spoiled twirp. He needs to just go away like all of the other untalented, girly tween idols. The paparazzi should leave him alone, so should the media, and let him fade away.

803 days ago



803 days ago


Justin Bieber should hand over his licence until his head is clear again. Shooting to fame and stardom in such a short amount of time is never ever good. He should assume responsibility for his actions and not point the finger to someone else. It's his failings. Growing up also means to admit to mistakes. I don't see any other way. If he cleans up his act, then the paps will eventually be more considerate. At this rate, he will keep being a threat.

803 days ago


So it's okay for the paparazzi to put other people's lives in danger and not stop them? That's how princess Diana died , right? So when are they going to put laws which allows the paparazzi to do their job without putting other people's live in danger. Say what you guys want about Justin but these paparazzi needs to behave theirselves too!!!!!

803 days ago

buzz kill    

Hey dimwit! you wanted to be a celebrity, why not just stop a give them a few pictures and be done with it. You would come of as a nice guy instead of a total moron. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

803 days ago


Fisker = scissors

803 days ago


I can already bet this won't be the last time you hear about him speeding. The kid is going to have to seriously hurt someone or himself to learn his lesson.

803 days ago


Listening to this call makes me cringe at how uneducated this no talent puck really is.

803 days ago


The girl driving them Fisker is on her period

803 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

Is his windshield also tinted? I thought here in CA we can't have tinted windshields.

803 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Ahh... here is a clue Justin... they are driving recklessly because you have made a chase out of this. Just drive the speed limit and let them try to take your picture (I assume that you have black-out windows). You are so immature... fame brings the paparazzi. You cannot have the fame and expect total privacy.

803 days ago


This kid needs his ass kicked, what a punked out chic!

803 days ago
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