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Suri Cruise

Triggered Divorce Settlement

7/10/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise went from zero to nuclear war in an instant when she filed divorce papers, but it was little Suri who became the peacemaker ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... a week ago Thursday, after Katie filed, the hostility between the two was palpable and Suri became a weapon. Katie wanted to strip Tom of all decision-making power in Suri's life, and Tom responded by unleashing the biggest legal guns around to fight her.

We're told what turned everything around was a series of conversations that Suri would be irreparably damaged by parental warfare. It registered big time with both Tom and Katie, and it allowed their lawyers to strike a deal in what could be record time for this type of divorce.

Fact is ... it generally takes celebs in these high-profile divorces a lot longer to realize how bitterness affects small kids, so credit to both.



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assuming she doesn't OD in her teenage years.. Suri is going to be mad famous when she grows up. Model, Actress, Movie Star.

796 days ago


well, that's nice. poor katie. she didn't stand a chance...i'd want her to win - but, there's just no way...even in NY.

796 days ago


I think that Tom Cruise is gay, and he suffers from a disease called SPS, Short Person Syndrome. Harvey take note, HA HA

796 days ago


It' s the old Hollywood, get married even if u are gay, Poor Rock had to suffer.

796 days ago


One of the all time funny small parts that stole the movie IMO, was the foul-mouthed "Les Grossman" character Tom Cruise played in "Tropic Thunder". That was freaking funny as hell, the guy chewed up the screen.

796 days ago


What a sharade - give us a break! Tom needed some pubblicity a la "Donald Trump" for his upcoming movies... what better way, then act a bid by the both of them and "make us believe" .... what a sharade!

796 days ago


This is not about religion - its the rest of us looking for a reason to justify the sharade - Tom wants to make money with a movie, where he is a "rock 'n Roll" singer (yeah ?????) - what better way then being on the first page around the World,,,, this is acting guys! ... acting and enough money to pay a few lawyers... LOL

796 days ago


Neither one is a saint. Katie knew what she was getting into when she married Tom. She was quick to denounce her religion to marry him. Where were her parents to stop her from doing this. This is all a money game with these celebs. She will get 15 million plus with Suri as paycheck for the rest of her life. Neither one is any better than the other.

796 days ago


People claim to worry and be concerned about a celebrity's child .......but what about the 15 million children who die of illnesses related to hunger each year?

How can anyone, who puts up a front about caring about some celebrity's child, be real, or worthy of attention, when we know that that person and all of us, do not really care about so many kids are dying a minute ?

796 days ago



796 days ago


If you look at pictures of Katie from early in her career, especially her eyes, mouth and nose [before her nose jobs] it's striking how much Suri has come to look like her.
:( I really wish female celebrities would stop messing with their noses - faces in general, but especially noses.

796 days ago


This seems like a convenient cover story for why the settlement was reached so quickly. They may have had concern for Suri, but she's the reason Katie left Tom...fear of Scientology for Suri.
Looks more like Tom wanted any hint of scandal about himself or harm to the cult shut down ASAP. Katie has the goods on him, or she wouldn't have been able to pull this whole thing off. He knew it; he zipped her lips in exchange for most custody of Suri. That's why it happened so fast: concern for his rep and gossip that he might be gay, and pressure from Scientology cult to shut off the negative publicity.

795 days ago


One of the Toronto papers is reporting that Katie had the support of Nicole. She was speaking to her 2 weeks prior to applying for a Divorce asking for Advice. She was using a throwaway cell phone to talk to Nicole. If that's true how terrible must it have been for Katie to have had to use a throwaway cell she must have felt she had no privacy. If its true then I guess Nicole got Tom back for screwing her over during their divorce. Good girls. This is an act of a abused women for sure.

795 days ago


Murder, Temporal Power, Crusades, Burning at the Stake, Inquisition, Heretics, Pogroms, Blood Libel, Forced Conversions, Native Americans, Raping Little Boys, etc, etc, etc!!! Scientology is not the Real Cult!!!

795 days ago


Someone should go to jail for life for publishing this latest National Enquirer story about Tom Cruise.

I would close the National Enquirer down, put 100% everyone who works there out of a job and jail the people directly responsible for publishing the garbage they publish, life in prison with no chance of parole. It is a "horror" that people are permitted to knowingly assassinate other people's reputations with impunity, using public formats we granted them. Talking to the whole community is a privilege and these newspapers abuse it.

795 days ago
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