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Luke Bryan

Yes, I Checked My Watch

During National Anthem

7/11/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Country singer Luke Bryan admits ... he was reading from his hand and his watch while performing the National Anthem at the MLB All-Star game yesterday ... and says he can explain the whole thing.

Bryan came under fire from critics who claimed checking one's watch while singing the Anthem is plain disrespectful.

But Bryan went to his Twitter page moments ago hoping to clear things up.

Bryan wrote, "I did check my watch because I knew the stealth bomber would fly over 2 minutes in and I knew a [sic] started a little late."

As for reading lyrics off his hand, Bryan says, "I had a few keys words written down to insure myself that I wouldn't mess up. I just wanted to do my best. I promise it was from the heart."

"If I offended anyone with my approach I sincerely apologize. Anytime I sing the anthem it is an honor and my heart beats out of my chest."

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Rusty Key    

Being a direct relative of Francis Scott Key (7th Cousin) I feel a very strong patriotic connection to the National Anthem and appreciate when singers take time to insure they rendition is their very best. I also get very angry at those who's performance could be considered a mockery of the Anthem (Rosanne comes to mind). What I see in Mr. Bryan was a professinal performance that was tied to a patriotic display which requried specific timing. There is nothing to 'Forgive' him for. Good job Mr. Bryan and God bless America!

805 days ago


I haven't heard of him before, so I'm not saying this as a fan or anything. If I hadn't read what I was supposed to look for, I doubt I would have even noticed. He did a good job. Leave the guy alone.

Oh, and many people have forgotten the words to the national anthem when they are nervous. He was obviously just taking some extra steps to make sure he didn't mess it up. Nothing wrong with that.

805 days ago


I can forgive him for checking his watch and all but as for his singing country music, he should be stoned.

805 days ago

Veruca Salt    

I wish Kelly Pickler would apologize for her version of God Bless America....

805 days ago

Its Me    

I'm not going to fault a guy for wanting to do his best...I will fault the person who doesn't do this and messes the whole dang thing up!!!

805 days ago


The National Anthem is no longer an American tribute to this country that should be honored and respected. people should stand straight up no slouching take off there hats cover there hart and sing the Anthem with pride and respect and honor those who gave us our freedoms.

805 days ago


The next time someone claims they can sing the Anthem, **instead** ask them to write down the words. I have not seen one person get it right when they have to write the words down. It's funny!!!

805 days ago


I can't believe this is an issue! I have sang many songs 100's of times and still forget words once in a while. Without the internet all you cynics would have to do is beat your family and kick your dogs.

805 days ago


yeah look at christina aguilara ****in **** up a while back. at least he got the words right and looked damn good doing so.

805 days ago


I find this less disrespectful than HLN's Robin Meade singing the National Anthem at this past NASCAR race in Daytona while holding the mic in one hand and waving her cell phone around in the other.

805 days ago


The only thing wrong here is that internet trolls have a forum to spread their hatred. Before the internet, people didn't focus on the trivial things in life to make themselves feel better.

He sang the song and did what he felt he needed to to do to get it right. ZOMG! He wrote lyrics on his hands. I've heard of professional singers being cued through their live shows with the correct lyrics because they forgot a song. It happens, it is part of life. He had a backup plan in place and used it.

His timing was also clearly a concern as you will note fireworks burst at one line and the jet flying overhead. Specific lines were due to be introduced at appropriate times. He tried to make it happen, like a professional would.

If more of you spent the time and energy to judge and push hatred out there in cyberland and do something productive with your lives, maybe our country wouldn't be "going to hell."

Troll on people, just know that the only lives you are affecting is your own. A couple of days from now, no one will remember your hatred or your negativity...while you think you made some kind of hysterical slam.

805 days ago


I thought he did a good job. But reading his hand, teleprompter, whatever is low budget. Are you a professional entertainer? Did you accept the gig? Great. The least you can do is remember the ______ing lyrics. Seriously.

805 days ago


had this song committed to memory BY age 8, that's all I'm sayin'

805 days ago


I don't know this singer but he shows all the hallmarks of someone who has some anxiety thing going on. Relax Mr Singer. I didn't think he did a bad job. Lord knows there have been worse.

805 days ago


I didn't even know who the heII Luke Bryan was/is, BUT,....AT LEAST he got ALL OF THE WORDS right, and didn't try and take something as solemn and meaningful as The National Anthem and make a "re-mix" as SO MANY disrespectful/flash-in-the-pan "artists" have (and will continue to do) in the past!! If he needed "cliff notes", then so be it. He did it respectfully AND properly! Not like the TONS of LOSERS which I have NO RESPECT for!! Bottom line; if you don't know EVERY SINGLE WORD, DO NOT do the anthem. If you plan to do a "remix", DO NOT do the anthem. If you do EITHER, then SHAME ON YOU and I hope your career fizzles FASTER than it ever began!!

805 days ago
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