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Dominic Monaghan

'Swamp People' Is Cruel


7/12/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Lost" star Dominic Monaghan believes "Swamp People" is nothing more than "shock TV" that glorifies the senseless killing of alligators -- and it must be stopped.

Monaghan went off on Twitter moments ago about the History Channel show, writing, "If my hero Steve Irwin was around, those shows about killing alligators wouldn't be on TV. I'm gonna stop them."

Monaghan describes "Swamp People" as "death entertainment" that "continues to demonize reptiles as monsters and animals that are okay to torture and kill."

He adds, "If alligator populations need to be controlled, I understand. But the act should not be glorified on TV. Disgusting."

And according to Dominic, it's all the History Channel's fault -- "I blame the network, not the people."

So we gotta ask ...


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Agree with Dominic, that show is stupid!, if killing is so entertaining, why they don't like each other,

741 days ago


/And this numb skulls hero was some guy who harassed animals

The Swamp people are doing something positive and the season only lasts a month

741 days ago


I totally agree with him, the first time I watched that show was the last time, it was terrible, poor little aligators, leave them be, its not like people play in the swamp, the ones that walk around near populated places like lakes and close to homes should be captured and released into their habitat, for crying out loud, but shooting them in the head for money makes me sick. its a horrible show and should not be glorified, like Jersey Shore get rid of that junk as well.

741 days ago


LOL "I'm gonna stop them", yea right. Mr big powerful, hollywood guy is going to put an end to it. Sheesh, why does this jerk thinks he's that special?

741 days ago


The alligator population in Louisiana DOES need to be controlled. That's why the LDWF issues tags for them to be hunted. I agree that the show is over the top and makes people from my state look like idiots, but I suppose that that's not a crime.

741 days ago


I love this show, and I also love Gator Boys. Shows 2 different ways to deal with the alligator population. It also shows a lifestyle many of us never even imagined existed. People have become so weak and protected that they have no idea what the darker, harder side of life is. He's one of the pampered and would starve if he had to live or compete for a living with these strong, hard-working people who choose to live in the swamps and the backroads of our country. These people perform a necessary service and I have no problem with the History channel showcasing this.

741 days ago


oh, liberal people!

741 days ago


I live in the Atchafalaya Basin; this is not "over glorified" nor is it sadistic. This show actually is one of the few that shows a true depiction of our everyday life. We're hard working people that makes our living off of the land, if the alligator population wasn't strictly controlled through Dept of Wildlife/Fisheries and our "hunters/fishermen" they would take over and over populate very quickly at an alarming rate jeopardizing the other wildlife species and humans. Before making further ridiculous remarks, maybe Dominic should take the time to do some fact-finding and not talk out of his behind!

741 days ago


if you don't like it, don't watch it. if you understand the population of alligators needs to be controlled, then why complain? its just a show showing us how it is done. there's nothing wrong with it. like i said, if you don't like it, watch something else.

741 days ago


The show should be shut down because it's beyond stupid. The plot is stupid, the people are really stupid and the idiots that actually sit down and watch it are even more stupid. And we wonder why America is so behind in academics.

741 days ago


I agree with Dominic although I was never a fan of Steve Irwin. He may not have killed animals but he sure did profit from exploiting them. As for Swamp People, that show proves that evolution has stopped in some parts of the country. The History Channel is a piece of crap anyway. Even when they do have good programs, you have to suffer through commercials every 8 minutes. Most of their programming is sensationalized garbage that attracts mindless youth or illiterate hillbilly rednecks. Swamp People, along with shows on other networks such as TLC (think Toddlers and Tiaras), only serves to degrade society even more by making it acceptable or mainstream to celebrate cavemen like those animal-killing hillbillies on Swamp People. One of those POS idiots on the show even got arrested recently for domestic violence. I guess his day job isn't quite violent enough. Those guys make Fred Flintstone look like a Mensa member.

741 days ago


Once again, another fool that believes that having money makes his opinion right. Alligators are a species that will over take a population if not properly controlled. They breed like crazy, and will eat and destroy everything around it. They cannot be trained to be cute little fuzzy pets, nor can they be easily handled by these California idiots. They are actually caught and killed in the most humane way possible on the show. I wonder if Mr. Cooper would feel the same if his child was snatched into the water by a gator, rolled until he was dead and then eaten? Because it happens more than you hear about. Children, pets, old people, golfers looking for their lost balls, and sometimes even some poor guy that walked out into his yard at night to have a smoke. These things WILL attack and they WILL KILL. I don't know what the heck he's wanting us to do with them, maybe send them to a third world where they will be killed and eaten worse than what he think the show does. I had a neighbor boy killed by one in 1996, he wasn't but about 5 years old. He was playing in his yard and in the time it took to light a cigarette he was snatched and drug into the water. The gator crushed his head and killed him dead. I wonder if Mr. Cooper would like to explain his 'beliefs' to the parents and grandparents of that dead child? Does he think he can sway them considering he's never lived in a area where they are rampant?

741 days ago

Mike L    

Does he not realize that things like that are going on down in the swamps, whether its on TV or not? Its survival of the fittest down there. Kill or be killed.

741 days ago


oh god, not another PITA type idiot? can you imagine how many gators would be around the swamps if people were not out hunting them? its just as bad with wild boars so more power to the hunters!!

741 days ago


Swamp People merely highlights the efforts to keep the alligator population in check. Without the yearly 30 day season the gator numbers would explode. This show educates as much as it entertains. Look at what happened to Florida with the boa constrictors that are eating all of the native birds and mammals. Same thing. You have to keep species number in check for the balance of the eco system. Swamp People didn't create a show for the brutality. They just do***ent the effort it takes to handle the population and without it you'd have more huge gators encroaching and putting neighborhoods at risk.

741 days ago
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