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Joe Paterno

Report Finds Paterno

Aided Sandusky Cover-Up

7/12/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Joe Paterno participated in a 13-year conspiracy to hide Jerry Sandusky's sexual crimes against children from authorities ...  so says a new report issued by investigators connected to the Sandusky case.

The Freeh Group --an independent investigative task force hired by the Penn State University Board of Trustees -- released its report moments ago ... and according to investigators, Paterno, along with the most senior leaders of PSU, "failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade."

In fact, the Freeh report concludes ... Paterno ... along with PSU president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz "repeatedly concealed critical facts" in order to prevent bad publicity for the school.

According to the report, Paterno knew about allegations concerning Sandusky since at least March of 1998 ... but failed to take any action to prevent Sandusky from having contact with young children.

"They showed no concern about the victim," the report reads.

"At the very least, Mr Paterno could have alerted the entire football staff, in order to prevent Sandusky from bringing another child into the Lasch Building."

The report says Paterno failed to take immediate action after Mike McQueary told him about Sandusky raping a boy in the gym shower in Feb. 2001 because Paterno "did not want to interfere with people's weekend."

The Freeh report classifies PSU's non-action as "catastrophic failures."

Just last month, Sandusky was found guilty of 45 counts of child sexual abuse ... and will most likely spend the rest of his disgusting life rotting away in prison.

Joe Paterno died back in January at the age of 85.

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MCQueery too-just as guilty IMHO...Oh no-don't STOP the rape just close a locker door-loudly, cry and call your dad. What an idiot douche bag!

834 days ago


I thought there was going to be some "smoking gun" evidence (emails,etc.) that would show that the men were fully aware of the raping of children and participated in a dastardly cover-up. Instead I read a report regurgitating the same info we already knew and forming a conclusion about what they should have done. Huh? We already knew they chose not to report the 2002 incident, what is this report telling me? I'm assuming that Spanier and Schultz are still maintaining they didn't know the severity of the allegations but I really thought this report was going to say they had overwhelming evidence they were lying.

THe identity of the child in the shower was lost when McQueery left the locker room, called his dad, went home and then reported the following day. That was a critical time but that time was squandered. Where does Second Mile fit into this? How could they have not been aware that children, supplied by them, were being assaulted?

834 days ago


They should be reporting on what Regan, Senior and Cheney did while in the WH. Search/ read TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips. Cathy still trying to get her daughter back from a Congressman. All of Congress knows this and does nothing, because most are just as guilty of these twisted actions.

834 days ago


Oh really guys? If all is true - he was stupid, and foolish, and flawed in his loyalties. But he was human & made an insane misjudgement & well paid the price. What was it???months after the scandal and his firing that he died - possibly of sheer shame and regret. Leave it as he was a legacy as a coach - not the best human on the planet. The University of Alabama does with Bear Bryant & that man - great a coach as he was, made some insanely poor life decisions in his latter years. But he was a great coach.

The man responsible for the worst will finally thankfully pay the price for his crimes - or so it would seem. Like or don't - I say let Paterno's coaching record speak for itself - as Bear's does.

Good grief - it's no secret the entire Catholic Church foolishly covered for bad priests for how many years?? And we think of past presidents, industrial age leaders, Founding Fathers, et.al. in terms of the better things they did and not some of worst kind of bad decisions made. We're flawed ya'll - and we frequently do stupid things. But all hope the better part of us is remembered in the end. He might not have been perfect, but he was good for a whole lot of years at what he did. And btw - I'm an Auburn girl - no love lost for Penn State...but really?? Convict Sandusky - give him the chair for all I care - but get over the soap box. It's very tired.

834 days ago


I say we dig Paterno up and we throw his rotting corpse in jail with Sandusky! Let them spend the rest of Sandusky's life in the prison together before they spend eternity in Hell together.

833 days ago

Jon Hansen    

With the release of the Freeh report on Penn State’s handling of Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse case I doubt that anyone will escape unscathed (http://wp.me/pydAP-2GH).

833 days ago


too bad the geezer dropped dead...hopefully he's "going long" with satan

833 days ago


We Now have a new university in the state of Pennsylvania. It's called Pedophile U. And for all those Paterno apologists; wear your new name proudly. YOU DESERVE IT

833 days ago


Sign petition to NCAA about Paterno and share it with your friends - http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/joe-paterno-ncaa-remove-wins.html

832 days ago


Sign petition to NCAA about Paterno and share it with your friends - http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/joe-paterno-ncaa-remove-wins.html

832 days ago

Uncle Tom    

Maybe joe had a dip too ...

831 days ago


So Paterno lied under oath; so much for the "man" with integrity - nothing but a piece of S__ and a total s*** bag. Penn State was more concerned about the Football program, the Penn Sate image, the reputation of the institution and staff, and how to be "humane" about the handling of a "PEDOPHILE." What about the abuse, rape, sodomy, oral copulation, etc of innocent young boys? Where were the these officials to help these young boys who were not able to fight off this middle aged perverted PEDOPHILE? All of them need to go to prison and share a cell with Sandusky. I hope each of these victims goes after EVERYTHING each of these vile people have. To have known they could have put a stop to this animal and did nothing, says volumes about each of their morals and character.

831 days ago
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