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Tom Cruise

Didn't Settle Divorce

To Hide 'Secrets'

7/12/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_tom_cruise_secrets_Settlement_articleTom Cruise did NOT settle his divorce with Katie Holmes because he feared she might spill secrets about the actor -- this according to Tom's lawyer.

Attorney Bert Fields scoffs at reports claiming Tom was fearful of what Katie might reveal, telling TMZ, "Tom had nothing to hide and did nothing in the agreement to hide anything.  People are just making this stuff up."

As for the child custody arrangement, it appears Tom will indeed have the "significant" contact with Suri that we reported about last week.  Fields said, "Tom will definitely have a meaningful relationship with his daughter, but I can't talk about specifics of the agreement."

Fields said Tom's primary concern in the settlement was Suri and added Tom was "pleased we could work out how Suri will be treated and dealt with."

And, on the subject of Katie Holmes, Fields said, "I don't think Tom is bitter.  He's sad it came to this," adding, "The media firestorm which is replete with bogus information is unpleasant for him."


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considering how quickly they hit back at the rumors, I say that is EXACTLY what it was about. CULT, CULT, BABY. Scientology cult freaks.

797 days ago


Do it fast is a smart move by Tom and his men so Katie wont get any more dumb ideas about his money .It is his money you know and he worked hard for them
He just wants the best for his daughter and when she grow older she might prefer Tom!!!

797 days ago


Pure BS what did you expect him to say. Yeah that's exactly why? No one is buying it.

797 days ago

i'm a lawyer!    

there is so much coverage on this divorce and i can't think of a single person who actually cares. i didn't even read the article but i'm guessing there is some mention of tom being a weirdo and how both parents love suri... am i close?

797 days ago


Anybody that would follow a cult established by a scifi writer must use peanuts for brains. The dirt they have on him must be unreal and that's why he couldn't take Suri away like he did with his kids with Nicole. Good for Katies father protecting her and Suri from this barbaric cult.

797 days ago


Oh come on, if Tom Cruise has "secrets" that he doesn't want revealed (and who doesn't), what would one expect his lawyer to say? Personally, I don't really care what his secrets are, but the secrets of the dangerous religion (most are), Scientology, are of much more concern to me. My guess is that the powers that be instructed Tom to settle quietly and immediately in order to keep their "secrets" hidden. Scientology has nothing whatsoever to do with science (sort of like most churches have nothing whatsoever to do with God).

797 days ago


If, as reported, Katie Holmes had to use disposable cellphones given to her by a friend, then she must have known that all of her phone calls were being checked by someone in Tom's employ to see who she was talking to. I would also think that her cellphone had gps tracking so that they would know where she was at all times. Yeah, maybe it seems paranoid to think, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

797 days ago


Harvey is totally sold out to the powers that be.

797 days ago


I'll never believe that Cruise settled to protect his daughter, he did it mainly to protect his image. There is sooooooooooo much more to this story than we'll ever know. I am however grateful that it's over and done with.

797 days ago


I don't know if he's hiding something since I have no details but I know for sure that Simon Cowell has something in his closet!!!!!!!!! The guy has given like his last three "girlfriends" million dollar homes that he had no reason to give which with the money he gets paid you know money is more important to him then people which means one thing.
That dude has something weird going on over in his house (or something he thinks is weird)

797 days ago


I'm thinking he settled quickly because Scientology couldn't call TMZ and tell Harvey what the "REAL" reason was for the divorce. We read it here folks, they were going to spill the beans. I guess they couldn't find a cult member to play the part of Katie's hidden lover (rolls eyes). Now, Tom Thumb and his group of merry men need to STFU and stop talking to the press.

797 days ago


If Tom Cruise is gay - where are the pics of him with his lovers, where are the stories? Anyone dating Cruise, would make a ton of money blabbing about it. Where are those stories? Nowhere.

And really, what's this nonsense about a five year contract? As much as I can't stand Katie Holmes, she doesn't seem the type to prostitute herself to a man she didn't love for the sake of money or fame.

And it's funny people call Cruise, weird, but his kids aren't snapped falling out of clubs, boozed and drugged up to the eyeballs. His kids haven't ended up in rehab, like the children of so many celebs.

Scientology is a whacko cult, but look at Hollywood and the morals/standards of the industry as a whole.

Look at the paparazzi who think it's okay to snap pictures of kids all day long - not just Suri, but loads of other kids. Grown men taking pictures of children. Which is going to screw up your head more - a cult or the media? it's a close run thing.

But I don't see anyone on these boards urging TMZ and their ilk to rein it in. I would be so happy if I never saw a picture of any celebrity kid again. Let them have as normal a childhood as possible.

No one but Cruise and Holmes knows what went on in their marriage. Not me, not anyone on these boards, just those two.

Anyone who says otherwise, is just talking BS.

797 days ago



y'all are so threatened that you are spewing propaganda 100 miles an hour accusing lawyers of this and that ....awwww poor baby, is your precious gossip point of view thweatened? a little too much reality for your tastes?

*hands super sized soother to comment section*

suck on this hater, will make the owies feel betterz

797 days ago

moe l.    

Gay religious nut case has nothing to hide.

797 days ago


He did it because the -tologists told him too

797 days ago
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