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Wants to SETTLE With Ex

In Wake of Jet Ski Tragedy

7/12/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has changed his tune and now wants to up his ante to settle his epic child support/custody war with Tameka Raymond after the jet ski accident that left his stepson Kyle brain dead ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Usher spoke with Tameka over the weekend and suggested that they settle up, but he did not significantly change his offer -- 50/50 custody with a very slight increase in child support.  Tameka said no way.

But apparently Usher softened after the conversation, because our sources say he met with his lawyers earlier this week and instructed them to craft a new proposal that would give Tameka "a majority" of custody, though the sources did not specify the exact breakdown.  We're told Usher is also raising his child support offer "significantly."

As for Usher's motivation ... we're told he's very conscious that Tameka is suffering and it's not a good move to continue the fight under the circumstances.

We're told the offer has not been presented to Tameka yet, but our sources say she's open to a "reasonable settlement."

Calls to lawyers on both sides have not been returned.


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i am a mom its sad but HEEELLLL NO youre kids are youre kids ****T

836 days ago


Awesome move, dude - classy.

836 days ago


Maybe she needs to eat some humble pie,money can not by everything

836 days ago


Good for Usher for settling. I know its hard to deal with ex's sometimes, but Usher is a true gentleman for putting his differences aside in light of what happened to his stepson. I am an even bigger fan of Usher now!

836 days ago


Seems like he would have an even better case for not giving her more custody, since apparently several kids have died on that lake and she let someone else take her kid to do the same thing. The right thing to do would have been to put it on hold for 6 months. I'm sure she needs the money now with all her medical bills but that's not Usher's fault.

836 days ago

Mason H    

This story is tragic, but it's no reason for anyone to try and squeeze alimony out of child support. It's disgusting that women believe and are allowed to actually get away with this sort of child/human trafficking. Any well rounded person would want their child to have 50% custody with both parents unless one parent was a monster or they were trying to live off of "child support". FYI, by definition "child support" is supposed to go to the "support" of the "child" not to momma's bling and botox addiction. Alimony would be a separate spousal support payment. Stop using children as paychecks!

836 days ago


Tameka's like, "YES!!!" My plan worked!

835 days ago


If they actually care about the child, they would donate his organs and peacefully remove him from life support. Nothing good can come out of him remaining "alive". So many people out there who are in desperate need of organs. She obviously cares only about the money and not the well being of the child.

835 days ago


Maybe she needs to eat some humble pie,money can not buy everything.

835 days ago

faye morris    


835 days ago

Just Reading    

An earlier post suggested that the child at the time of the accident was in the custody of his biological father. Perhaps this incident will cause Tameka to really dig her heels in regarding the 50/50 situation which is causing Usher to yield in consideration of the emotional impact...however that doesn't make it right. It's unfortunate that children of a dissolved marriage often end up being pawns for money or to inflict emotional distress between the parents. Clearly Usher in this lost realizes that you need to cherish "every" moment because it's not guaranteed. Unless Tameka truly has a fact based issue with Usher's ability to insure the safety of his children while in his care, she should yield as well and enjoy their children while they can equally.

835 days ago


Bull ****. I am sure this is what they are discussing while her son is on life support . Please.. My God this is getting out of hand.

835 days ago


It amazes me how people read news and assume the writer/blogger is stating true and accurate facts.
fact #1 we do not not for certain what is going on right now in either of their lives.
fact#2 everything stated above is hear-say with no proof of do***entation or recorded evidence
fact#3 no one knows what Tameka's concern for her child (ren) is right now because no one posting here is in that hospital room with her nor are there any mind readers on this forum.
fact#4 there are alot of people calling this mother many disrespectful names and throwing accusations left and right about her yet NONE OF THEM ON THIS FORUM, know her personally.
fact#5 maybe more people should be praying for her childs recovery and her strength instead of focusing on her past (what little the media has allowed us to know about it) and praying for a better future for her, her kids and usher.
(drops the mic and walk away from the podium) You dont have to like or hate the post because it is what it is!

835 days ago


I have read through a lot of the comments on here with a heavy heart - so much so that i feel the need to ask some questions:
1. has anyone here experienced the loss of a child? Not a grandparent or parent, or friend, but the loss of a child that you carried/were expecting for 9 months, then lost after having spent only a little while in their company? No? Then I pray it never happens to you, believe me it hurts. But maybe thats what it takes to engender compassion in some people.

2.Like it or not, Usher made a conscious decision to involve himself in a relationship with Tameka Foster - why are you targeting her as an object of hate? Is Usher not a fully grown adult who knows his own mind? More to the point, do you think that whatever Usher ends up paying Tameka Foster in terms of childcare is going to affect the amount of money he contributes to your household?

They are getting on with their business - maybe its time we got on with ours.......

835 days ago


To be honest my mind would have not been on a custody battle or support while my other child is on life support , she should know right now how it feels to take a child away from a parent,i would postone that court situation for awhile.To me at the end of the day nothing matter as much as love,family and god and a second chance..The family is in my prayers.

835 days ago
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