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Tom Cruise

Didn't Pay Katie

Lump Sum in Divorce

7/13/2012 7:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_tom_cruise_secrets_Settlement_article_2Tom Cruise did not pay Katie Holmes a lump sum in his divorce settlement, but he will pay handsomely in the child support department ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our well-connected sources tell us ... reports that Katie scored $50 million are "ridiculous." We're told she did not get a lump sum of money at all. As we previously reported, Katie signed a prenup which gave her goose eggs by ending the marriage. And, sources connected with Katie have been telling us from day 1 that she was not after his money. As one source put it, "She has her own money."

We do know, however, that Tom is paying "a lot of money" in the form of child support. Tom will be making regular payments for 12 years. Our sources say all tolled, Tom will be paying "more than $10 million" in child support, though no one would be more specific.



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The Love Sponge    

First You Sissies

835 days ago


Who's the scientologist on staff that keeps using this terrible picture of Katie?

835 days ago


That amount of money should buy Katie a life and some acting lessons.

835 days ago


TMZ, not ONE of your EXLUSIVES or BREAKING news with this divorce has panned out with your "SOURCES" close to Katie, or "SOURCES" close to Tom. Why don't you just admit, you didn't know squat and made up stories, we'd love you more for it!!!!
BTW, GUYS, you know that "TOM IS PAYING A LOT OF MONEY IN CHILD SUPPORT". Um yeah, is that like all your sources filling you in about their split, their paper filings, their pictures just before the divorce??? Do you realize, whenever you say our sources, or WE KNOW FOR A FACT on the Katie and Tom Cruise divorce that us posters are laughing our fool bloody heads off at you. You don't know ****, you have NO real inside sources, you hear bits and pieces out of that neighbourhood and like a true GOSSIP MONGER you draw your own conclusions and post what you think is true. You guys really suck when it comes to anyone but "REALITY" personalities with direct lines to your phone. FLICK OFF!!!!

835 days ago


Wow, so we get the OPRAH jumping on the couch episode that EVERYONE called the little midget a freak for, you kept bringing that up, then one last time as if to make him out to be the "SO IN LOVE, I HAVE TO SCREAM IT OUT ON NATIONAL T>V>" to make a point why? Tom was head over heels in love or Katie should've seen the writing on the walls about how ****ed up this guy was. No wait, this is TMZ, it's all about TOM, it's ALWAYS ABOUT TOM!!!

835 days ago


Child support = $10 million, freedom from lunatic = priceless.

835 days ago


Over it.

835 days ago



_♥_ JOHN _♥_
__♥_ + __ ♥

Would Xenu Approve?

835 days ago


All joking aside, I bet Tom is really bad in bed.. How can you pleasure someone when your biggest obsessions in life are yourself and your freaky intergalactic cult caretakers.. He has become nothing but a cash register for a movie studio, and a spokesperson for an evil cult, nice work maybe you need to sit on a rock and have a good cry and figure out what you can do with all that intensity and intelligence that can actually improve the world and not hurt it...

835 days ago


I'm sure she would have taken 10 dollars just to get herself and her child away from that cult.

835 days ago

Fat Mike    

haha, who is your well-connected source on this one? Is it the TMZ office cleaner, or another one of your cameramen?

835 days ago


So this is TCN. All Tom all day everyday. Do you honestly believe we believe Tom Cruise's bull**** spin from a Scientology nut. I hope he's paying you well for all this free publicity.

835 days ago


That's right, it Mr Miscavige who paid her out. Thanks honey.

835 days ago


I heard that the Church of $cientology just bought a TV station in LA. They are going to set up their own TV network--like the 700 Club. Can you imagine? I'd be afraid of subliminal messages and hypnotism embedded in their programming.

835 days ago


How desperate is tom to look like a winner. his team keep mouthing off how well they did, paid no money, didn't get primary custody of suri, its not about scientology cover up.

Team Katie have kept silent. Katie got everything she wanted and doesn't want to ruin it by getting tom all craze (well more craze). Winners are grinners. Go Katie.

835 days ago
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