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Lindsay Lohan Crash

No Way

Porsche's Brakes Failed

7/14/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's brakes couldn't have failed last month -- moments before she slammed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler -- because sources tell TMZ, Porsche itself tested the car after the crash ... and the brakes passed with flying colors.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay blamed faulty brakes for the accident.-- telling friends she slammed on the brakes when the truck allegedly cut her off ... and nothing happened.

As it happens, we're told Porsche caught wind of Lindsay's excuse and contacted the company that rented Lindsay the vehicle -- asking if it could formally test the car.

According to sources, the rental company obliged -- and Porsche ran its tests, finding the brakes that had been installed on the car were A-OK, and showed no evidence of malfunction ... which blows Lindsay's bum brakes excuse out of the water.

A rep for the Santa Monica PD had no comment. A rep for Porsche also had no comment -- but did say they're cooperating with authorities. Calls to Lindsay were not returned.


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Ms. Lohan can tell her "friends" anything she wants about the brakes on the Porsch. It's not illegal. However, if her friends believed the brakes were bad, this was not true, the friends held a negative of Porsch due to the statement and Porsch can prove it was financilly harmed, then they may want to bring a civil lawsuit. However, TMZ republished the "story" which Ms. Lohan may have felt was private statements to her "friends" and not intended for public absorption. Therefore, it may real difficult for Porsche to prove it's case and TMZ may be protected as providing "news" of a public figure. If Ms. Lohan made false statement to the police about the brakes...this is potentially a different story. Perhaps it's like a young man speeding down the freeway and telling highway patrol his name is Justin...ahhh "Johnson".

742 days ago

OH LA LA    

Take her license back ! The girl is dangerous for the public safety

Lindsay Lohan : Licence to Kill

742 days ago


I don't like her but this article is baseless. Porsche testing the brakes on the car is like big tobacco running tests on cigarettes and saying they don't cause health problems. Porsche has an agenda to protect itself from product liability. Do I believe her? No. Do I believe Porsche? No.

742 days ago


If she said that the terrorists did it, I *might* have believed her.

742 days ago

muerete negro apestoso vete a meterle la polla por el culo a tu madre    

Ah, hoy es que estoy fea a tus ojos, y?
pues déjame en paz, negrata decolorado vejestorio freaky acartonado.
tú si que estás horroroso, pero tienes dinero. entonces, LÁRGATE YA OSTIA.
muerete destripado hijo de perra.
o es que ahora toca joderme porque según tú soy fea??? LOL.

742 days ago


Sweet innocent Lindsay would never lie to authorities. Wink! Wink!

742 days ago


Of course she lied and the old "my brakes failed" is the oldest lie in the book when it comes to rear end accidents. Lindsay also tried to blame her assistant by telling the cops he was driving. I am starting to think she doesnt know how to tell the truth, she is pathalogical.

742 days ago


Lindsay lied?
Lindsay blames others?
SHOCKED!..... I'm SHOCKED.....I tell ya!
Porsche is out to get Lindsay!

742 days ago

Tom Cruise    

I'm lucky to own the exact same car Lyndsay was driving and of course this woman lies every time she opens her mouth. Porsche should sue her for slander.

742 days ago

buzz kill    

Kind of hard for the truck to cut her off when she is obviously going faster than the truck. Damn brakes, oh wait, wrong pedal

742 days ago


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742 days ago


This forum looks like a modern version of the Roman Circus! Thousands cheering for her execution! Everyone accusing her of not taking responsibility, deflecting blame, etc.

It is HUMAN NATURE. Everyone does it!


This is my way of spitting on your face, you repugnant no good filthy amoral human garbage!

742 days ago


1) First she said she wasn't driving the car, her assistant was - LIE
2) Then she said the truck swerved in front of her - LIE
3) Then she said the cars brakes didn't work - LIE

That's 3 lies she told police on this one accident alone. She's the most dishonest piece of trash around. Please prosecute her for 3 counts of purposely lying to police, and throw her drunk drugged up skanky ass in PRISON (not jail) for as long as possible...

742 days ago


She does not look well. Looks to be in poor health. Doesn't look young at all.

742 days ago


Like I said before, Lindsay probably THOUGHT she hit the brakes and they failed but she actually hit the clutch instead by mistake during the confusion. Besides, didn't the police already test the brakes and confirm they weren't defective? So this story is pretty pointless.

742 days ago
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