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'Game of Thrones' Star

I REFUSE to Own a TV ...

Even Though I'm On It

7/17/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Game of Thrones" throat-ripper Jason Momoa was deprived the pleasure of watching himself violently murder people on television ... because dude tells TMZ -- HE REFUSES TO OWN ONE!!!

Pretty shocking considering the guy has made a career on the small screen ... with TV classics like "Baywatch: Hawaii" ... "Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding" ... and "North Shore" (which took place in Hawaii).

But Jason's opposition to technology doesn't end with the tube ... dude also says he won't carry a cell phone either.

No Angry Birds ... no Words with Friends ... no Fruit Ninja ... no TMZ App!?

The horror.


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Joakim Noah is lying.

794 days ago


Good for him. I haven't watched TV for over a year. I timed programming at that time and found commercials took about 45% of the time, while programing used about 55% of the time. And the programming was almost entirely edited and scripted. I also determined to never buy anything from an infomercial. I extended that to anything being sold on TV. Finally, I threw the tv in a dumpster.
I kept my cell phone for emergency use only. I still have some semblance of control on the Internet (albeit dwindling) and choose to keep it.

794 days ago


awesome- is he single?

794 days ago


He'd make great Christian Grey, if he was'nt so buff!!! I would'nt mind not watching tv or having a cell phone if i can do it with him.

794 days ago


Does he shave his pubic hair ?

794 days ago


He does not watch tv, but himself in the mirror, must be awfully time-consuming.

794 days ago


looks like he gave up showering also

794 days ago


Statistics show people with tvs usually aren't as smart

794 days ago


Ugh, so we're supposed to respect him for this? How about - shut up - put out - all you are is eye candy - and be grateful you can afford all that life brings you, from those who MUST watch television & pay for movies - because we (the soulless gits) can't afford anything else. What an a$$wipe. YOU ARE WELCOME...

794 days ago


I seldom watch TV and last month downgraded my Directv package to the cheapest one I could buy. I last watched the Oscars and before that I watched the judge deliver the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial. I used to like some game shows but they switched the schedule around so that is another reason for the downgrade, Cable where I live sucks and is very expensive and since I am in an apartment and cannot have an antenna I need some type of basic service. I hate cell phones also.

794 days ago


If you feel you should cut back on technology then that's your choice. But to act like it's bad to own a t.v. and then make a career off people watching you on t.v. is so hypocritical and sort of ridiculous. If he doesn't like technology he should be acting on Broadway.

794 days ago

I can dig it    

I don't see what some people's issue with this is. TV/Movies are about the illusion and being able to sit back and enjoy the story of a thing. He works in the industry, knows the behind the scenes goings on and frankly probably isn't that entertained by watching something that he does every day.
Kinda like if you worked at a fast food restaurant. How long will it take you before you have NO interest in eating that place's food? Same thing. He works in the industry and probably would think about how many takes that they had to do for each scene or how the lighting was off on something. It kinda takes the fun out of something after you've seen what's behind the curtain. Ya know?

793 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I don't get all this "all or nothing" dogmatism. I have a TV but I don't use it as an electronic wallpaper / fireplace. I only watch programmes that really interest me (no zapping around for hours!) and DVDs. And it's hooked up to my computer for my own stuff. Sometimes I don't turn it on for three or four days. You have a free will, you know?

793 days ago
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