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Sylvester Stallone

Calls In Famed P.I.

To Investigate Sage's Death

7/18/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Sylvester Stallone has called in a private investigator to figure out how his son Sage died and what lead up to the tragedy ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned famed P.I. Scott Ross -- who was the lead investigator in the Michael Jackson molestation case and the Chris Brown/Rihanna battery case -- met Tuesday at Stallone's home with Sly, his brother Frank, and an official from the L.A. County Coroner's Office. Sources tell us they discussed Sage Stallone's death and the status of the investigation.

We're told Sly wants Ross to figure out what happened to his son -- and he's not ruling out foul play, even though he has no evidence of that. Sly also wants to know about Sage's final weeks ... whether he was using drugs or consuming alcohol. The actor also wants to know what, if anything, was troubling his son.

Ross has a long history working for the Stallone family ... we're told Sly wants someone he knows and trusts to provide him with answers about his son's death.

Calls to Ross were not returned.


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This is very sad. How could a parent not know there was likely something wrong with their child when it would seem this has been going on months and months?

It isn't as though they don't see each other, and apparently all of his friends knew. I just feel so awful for loved ones when they seem absolutely clueless and surprised. Not sure what he'll learn that could be of any comfort.

825 days ago


I hope Sly finds out the truth. I hate how some people automatically judge that he's a terrible father, he may or may not be. Communication is a two-way street and his son was 36, not some kid. I'm sure he feels terrible either way. My condolences Mr Stallone.

825 days ago


Guilt and regret are driving this investigation. I hope all that time that Sly spent with Jennifer and his 3 girls will make up for the loss of his son. I have a feeling it won't and next, he will blame Jennifer, who reportedly, made it difficult for Sage to connect with his father. Are you happy now, Jennifer?

825 days ago


This is what men do. They try to fix what is broken and solve the unknown. It's his mourning process. Let him have it. He needs answers for all the whys that plague the mind but his heart will always remain broken. Peace to him and his family.

825 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

This is ridiculous..Sylvester is grabbing at straws trying to protect his son from the indignity of a DRUG death or SUICIDE proclamation... What a waste of time. I wouldn't put it past Sylvester to privately pay the Private Investigator to lie, and say the "scene" was suspicious and that their was another person at the "scene". So sick of the special crap with Celebs allowing them to cover up things. Money can buy a lot for sure.Give it up Sylvester.You probably weren't paying enough attention to your son.. Anyways..The ways of Hollywood..

825 days ago

BB not bb    

When you take alot of meds and drink beer with it besides you are playing a dangerous game. Your tolerance for the meds increases over time and the beer makes the efffect of them exponentiate. He was probably sad, miserable, depressed, lonely, hopeless, helpless and turning to his drugs and beer to alter his feelings.

He probably had low self esteem and just didn't care about himself or life very much any more. They say neglect will do that to a kid. Babies fail to thrive when their parents ignore them or are abusive to them.

I don't know what the investigator will uncover, but it seems he will just say that no one knows what happened. If it was a murder, what has Sly done to anger anyone that they would want to kill his kid? I think it is just that the kid had such a big shot father with such a great reputation that he couldn't live up to the neglect he was feeling. He probably felt disconnected from his father and it led him to feel disconnected from life.

When everything looks great on the outside, there is usually something rotten on the indside. I think Sage was just the embodiment of that rotteness, the testament to what really was happening despite all of the glamour and star power.

825 days ago


Sly's newest and most challenging role ever: Concerned parent.
Too little, too late, Rock.

825 days ago


Sad situation, but both parents was out of touch with their son ! How come his mother didn't know he was having problems ? How come his father didn't even know his son was in a room for weeks without going out ? Again, sad situation, but i feel this could have been preventable, if one of them act quickly to address the situation. Anyway, rest in peace Sage !

825 days ago


The PI doesn't have to look any further than Sly. JMO.

825 days ago


If you need a P.I. to find out what your son is doing, you might have a communication problem within your family. Dinner Out is a go...

825 days ago


What is the mystery? Just like in the movie they were in together...the kid gets in trouble because he feels abandoned and unwanted by his dad.

It may have been a script, but it will turn out to be pretty close to the mark.

I feel sorry for all involved, but this kid had some emotional problems and it disgusts me that nobody close to him --including his own family-- realized it or did anything about it.

825 days ago

two cents    

Too little; too late. Too bad he didn't invest all that time and effort while he was alive.

825 days ago


And the cover up begins. I guess he thinks the authorities can't do their job right , or maybe, just maybe he thinks they will do it to good.

825 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Smacks of a cover-up to avoid the shame of a suicide OD. Shame Sly didn't expend these kind of resources on Sage when he was alive. From what I have read, seems there was a definite disconnect with this family.

825 days ago


Hide the truth Stallone !!! Hurry !!

825 days ago
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