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Tom Cruise

Reunites with Suri

7/17/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Tom and Suri Cruise in New York City.
10:45 AM PST: 
We're told Tom is taking Suri to Chelsea Piers later today for her gymnastics lesson. As for how Tom picked Suri up ... we're told he went to Katie's apartment, but he never saw his soon-to-be ex-wife. He was inside the apartment for less than 5 minutes.
Tom Cruise
has reunited with his daughter for the first time since Katie Holmes filed for divorce last month.

Tom wrapped his latest movie shoot and flew to New York City, where we're told he'll be spending several days with his 6-year-old daughter. This pic (above) shows Tom carrying Suri into The Greenwich Hotel.

Sources tell TMZ ... Tom will have no contact with Katie. Suri will be picked up and taken back with the help of intermediaries.

The picture (below) shows Tom's sister, Cass, bearing gifts as she enters the hotel.

We're told Tom is "sad but not bitter" about the way things have gone down. Nevertheless, it looks like there is radio silence between Tom and Katie.


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And since she was born famous, and the mother exposed her to publicity, dressing her in famous designer clothes and high heels at an early age, wouldn't it be healthier for Suri if the parents helped her understand why she's photographed, and that it's ok if it happens, instead of hiding and running from it like they are coming to get her? They are making things worse for her!

798 days ago


Let the kid FFS.

798 days ago


Can't that kid walk? They seem to carry her everywhere.

798 days ago


I'm so happy to see Tom with Suri, it's good that Tom is involved with his daughter, too many dudes don't have a problem creating children but don't want to take the physical and financial responsibilites without a court order, good for Tom.

798 days ago


Kourtney Kardashian was still carrying big ,boy Mason,while she was 9 mos. pregnant.What will Mason do now that they got their Girl.? From photos,looks like they hand him off to all the relatives.They acted so much happier to have a girl, than when they had poor Mason.He will end up like Rob.

798 days ago


Team which ever. The child is going to have a lot of trouble when it comes time to go to school, that is what is going to be their real problem. Suri is a very spoiled child THAT-- anyone can see.And I so agree on those that wrote For crying out loud MAKE her walk . I think Suri is going to be in for a very trying life with Tom how he believes and Katie on how she WANT to try to raise her, and how Katie believes. That for mr godCruise will not fly. Wait and remember this post. The gates of HELL have been open and how dare Katie mess with all powerful godTOM. Oh and in case I am team KATIE 100% :)

798 days ago


Oh,come on! Little girls adore their fathers. He clearly loved his children.

798 days ago


OMG! That's Tom's sister? I'd bet my life that's Tom in drag!

798 days ago


Tom is royally pissed! You can see it all over his face. By, Katie dressing her in flip flops she is being defiant to Tom. It's her way of showing Tom that he no longer rules the roost. I wonder how many phone calls he made after he dropped Suri off, calling anyone he can trying to see what he needs to do to get Suri, back. It's a control issue and this time he has none. Get use to it, Tom. This time you lose!

798 days ago


I am starting to wonder if Suri could have a form of Autism.

I am not saying this because they are always carrying her.

Maybe its because she is not use to being around people.

798 days ago


For the people at tmz: if you want to find out the truth about the juicy question whether suri will attent the catholic school, i will give you a ery easy way. Send one of your girls who looks mom like. She can say she wants a tour and she want to ask questions. Her story would be she adopted a girl who is 6 and wants her to go to a good school but like all adopted kids she has emotional baggage so no drama is what she needs. So ask if any famous people's kids go here. List a few that any average person would know about and then at the end ask, like if you just remembered, if that daughter of tom cruise, suri, will be attending. If they say no, well, you can choose to finish the tour or make an excuse if they say yes make the excuse that there has been too much drama around her parents so its not gonna work. Its so easy. Asking the receptionist is dumb.

798 days ago


Why is Suri always being carried? Her legs look like they work.?

798 days ago


Put the damn child damn. For God's sake, can't she walk?

798 days ago


Does this child EVER walk? Why does it seem that someone is always carrying her? High school graduation should be a hoot. Who will carry her across the stage to get her diploma

798 days ago


Why is it that this child (not baby) always seems to be carried by her parents. Will they still be carrying her when she crosses the stage to get her high school diploma?

798 days ago
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