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Michael Vick


a New Dog

7/18/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Michael Vick wants to own a dog again -- and five years after his conviction for illegal dog fighting, he can legally get one -- but the question is ... should he?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB was on Piers Morgan's show last night, and said he would like to get a dog for his kids.

After Vick served 19 months in federal prison ... he was banned from owning dogs for 3 years. That ban is about to expire, and Vick thinks having a dog could be "therapeutic" ... for his children. He told Piers, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf."

One positive? Vick says he won't let his kids get a pit bull.

Still, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


Oh Michael Vick can't get another dog, but Casey Anthony can have another child? G2H!!! Oh I forgot we're in America where people will lay their lives on the line for An Animal while ridiculing/bullying a human in the process.

804 days ago


Vick the Dick should not have a dog. Selfish???? Wow, I guess you don't think it was selfish to KILL the dogs you had. He can cry all he wants that he didn't actually kill them, but whatever......he did! Let his kids wait til they grow up and move out. LAME!

804 days ago


Who says he's changed?

804 days ago


Michael Vick should never be allowed to own another dog again. Just refesh your memories by looking at the horrific pictures of those poor dogs he treated in the most cruel way. If his children could see what he did to dogs, they would never trust him to own another dog. No, Michael Vick should not be allowed to have another dog ever.

804 days ago


Surely he's joking. His ego is astounding -- they "deserve" it? He should never be allowed to own animals, at all, ever. The crimes he committed against those dogs could only have been the work of a true sociopath, and sociopaths don't reform. He's shown no sign of genuine remorse and all comments on his crimes are attempts to rationalize it in someway, which is what sociopaths do -- it's all about them. What his kids DESERVE is a father who doesn't think his ego and money entitle him to a magical erasure of his past crimes.

804 days ago


This man is claiming he has changed,if he had not been caught he would still be running dog-fighting,For him to still be a highly paid sportsman is disgusting, does the NFL have no morals???

804 days ago


I would never let this baster have a dog or be around any Animals.

804 days ago

Drop dead    

He ran a dog fighting ring for 6 YEARS!!! He is a psychopath, and it is a fact that psychopaths cannot change as their brains are weired completely differently. However, psychopaths are VERY good at manipulating others (they can even fake empathy, guilt and remorse - the very things they are not capable of), and they get off on it as it feeds their ego. Vick is a piece of sh.t, and only native people can fall for his BS. F.ck him and his kids.

804 days ago


Why Hell No... If he is a white Guy then it comes likes this ( OMG Poor Guy Deserve another chance) .. Grow up..

804 days ago


NEVER! I have the pictures of what this man did to animals! He should NEVER own another animal again. How does he treat his children if they disobey! He is a disgusting human!!!!

804 days ago

furious cupcakes    

The truth about what Michael Vick actually did to those dogs is so grossly covered up that the general public has ZERO clue about the reality of this situation. Most things I can't write here because they are so graphic, but in short he set fire to dogs, executed, dog rape kits, , skinning, hangings are just the tip of the iceberg. The "sports team" that he was under contract covered up his crimes so diligently to avoid a financial withdrawal of support from the public that they struck a deal with prosecutors that he would be jailed for the FINANCIAL misconduct related to the illegal gambling, selling and shipping animals over state lines, NOT THE ACTUAL cruelty that he committed which is so brutal and gross that I can't believe he is sitting up here smiling like an ******* playing the public like the idiots they are. This pig on on twitter promoting his book, his clothes..... what a disgusting piece of **** this guy is....

804 days ago


Would you let a pedophile return to a classroom full of kids (victims)? Hell NO!

804 days ago


No dogs ever ...don't care if he did his time he cause many dogs deaths he can never make up for that no time till he faces God

804 days ago

Debi Persing    

You don't change from the things Vick did. They'll always be in the back of his mind and if the opportunity presented itself again he'd probably just right back into it. No dog deserves to be with him. I'm
sorry for his kids not growing up with a dog but he should have thought about that sooner. What has he told his children about what he did with Pitbulls? It's a no for me - No More Dogs for Vick ever.

804 days ago


How can the poll be so even? 42% think it's fair. Are you nuts?!?!?!?!? So child molesters can still be around children too I guess. Stupid people.

804 days ago
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