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George Zimmerman

Shooting Trayvon was

'All God's Plan'

7/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman believes the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was "all God's plan" ... telling Sean Hannity he will not second guess his actions on that fateful day.

Zimmerman -- who's been charged with 2nd degree murder for the February shooting -- broke his silence to Hannity during an interview that aired on Fox News last night.

During the interview, Zimmerman insisted, "I'm not a racist ... I'm not a murderer."

After the interview, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, had some harsh words for George ... telling CBS News, "We must worship a different God. There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son.


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BB not bb    

It could be God testing the United States and especially his people to see if they are willing to seek the truth and stand up for justice, or if they will just play political correctness games and cower to the blacks some more. We already see what the test result is for the reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. The wheat is being beaten from the chaff.

Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who do the will of Christ's father in heaven. Christians all the time say things are part of God's plan. Maybe there are just alot of fake Christians anymore who don't appreciate that.

771 days ago


This guy just needs to shut up. His digger a deeper hole. He's lawyer is an idiot for letting him do this.

This guy is going to fry. He should have kept his fat butt in the car.

771 days ago


This is just more support for hy being an Atheist. I bypass the religious hypocrisy.

771 days ago


If i were the Prosecuter in my opening statement i would add in a interview with sean Hanity George Zimmerman claimed that it was gods will so i would say How come God is not on George Zimmermans witness list. How come God is not comming to the defence of george zimmerman.

771 days ago

I'm a gang member from south central.and I've felt bad for any one I've shot and killed. This is a child... He has no remorse and deserves the death penalty

771 days ago


Maybe Hannity coached him to say that.

771 days ago


Don't blame God for what you did all on your own.

771 days ago


When the Black Community starts caring about Black on Black crime, then just maybe so will I.

771 days ago


George Zimmerman saying that he is sorry out of one side of his mouth while saying out of the other "all God's plan" is very manipulative(imo). I feel like that comment was a veiled stab toward Trayvon's family to cause them more pain. No remorse whatsoever when he says things to push others buttons to cause outrage and pain. A liar, faker, wannabe & coward(w/out his gun). He should had stayed in the car. Guilty.

771 days ago


Screw that stupid kid. He had it coming to him, Kid was career criminal anyhow. no loss... blacks need to change their culture and it starts with how you're raised. Get over it.

771 days ago


I've figured out GZ's mind as to how this was God's Plan. According to the warped mind of GZ, this was God's Plan because people will give him money, he will get acquitted, and then him and wifey-poo will have a nice little nest egg between themselves to go off and live life. Geez, he is a most unlikeable person.

771 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i hate all this 'yessir yessir' bullit this type of suddenly authority abiding douches exhibit. who does he think he's fooling/impressing?! U MURDERED SOMEONE KILLER.

771 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

these are not even 'real people'. all made up identites. a mexican named 'zimmerman'? really? what happened to rodriguez or martinez or sanchez or lopez?? why all of a sudden a mexican, who claims to be a white male, with a german name? that is all kinda weird, if you ask me.

771 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

I knew it ! This mother ****er is as crazy as I said he was when I first heard about this ! It was all God plan ? Bitch you are not God how the hell are you going to know ! Who the **** does this ***** think he is ! I hope he get what's his soon ! Not matter what went on that night with Treyvon ( god bless his soul ) and that dumb **** , it didn't have to happen like that ! He didn't have to shoot Treyvon ! This could of been avoided ! If Zimmerman aka dumb **** could of approach Treyvon in a different way ! No but it's because he was BLACK ! I know oh so damn well that , if that was an white male teenager with the same outfit as Treyvon , Zimmerman would of been like oh just some kid that lives around here ! This is bull **** and I hope Zimmerman pays for what h did ! Justice should be served ! What's right is right !

771 days ago


Thugvon jumped GZ. He got what he deserved.

771 days ago
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