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George Zimmerman

Shooting Trayvon was

'All God's Plan'

7/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman believes the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was "all God's plan" ... telling Sean Hannity he will not second guess his actions on that fateful day.

Zimmerman -- who's been charged with 2nd degree murder for the February shooting -- broke his silence to Hannity during an interview that aired on Fox News last night.

During the interview, Zimmerman insisted, "I'm not a racist ... I'm not a murderer."

After the interview, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, had some harsh words for George ... telling CBS News, "We must worship a different God. There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son.


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This guy thinks that giving nationally televised interviews before his trial is going to help him? Saying how is doesn't want all this attention but then broadcasting himself. His lawyer is completely incompetent.

734 days ago

Joe Mc    

If you watch the entire interview, he goes back and addresses the question again. He says he wishes he could go back and do anything different to avoid what happened. Obviously GZ is not a PR genius, but he's not a murderer either; especially not 2nd degree murder, as it is defined in Florida. Also, the FBI did a thorough investigation and found no evidence GZ was a "racist".

Another thing you will find in the interview is that GZ had previously been in the news for organizing a protest in a case where the police beat up a homeless guy, who happened to be a minority.

Anyway, resume the "everyone is racist" comments...

734 days ago

Keyser Söze    

As usual, when it comes to any posts from TMZ related to this case, hilarious comments from racist bitches and trolls follow. I guess you have to do something when you don't have a job...

You know, though, what's the funniest - and, also, saddest - thing about this whole mess? Zimmerman cannot get away with it, there's absolutely no way out for him. He'll either gonna go to prison or get murder. If he beats that wrap, he'll actually have to leave the country to not get himself shot - that's how much some people hate his guts. And it's not like I'm actually wishing him dead here (rather go see him found guilty), but, hey, this is the US of A we're talking about here, and there's plenty of REAL THUGS over there who would love to show George what being in real danger feel like. Not that he would be any safer in prison, unless he managed to get protection from the aryan brotherhood, which is really unlikely - won't they see him just as a ***bag? Guess he'll have to go down on a lot of dudes just to not get shanked...

Bottom line: from now on, George Zimmerman's life will be a none-stop nightmare from which he will not be able to wake up. So might as well he does everyone, including his family, a favor and take care of himself already.

734 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

He won't second guess taking away a teenager's life ?
WOW. This interview was a terrible idea.

734 days ago

Lady Di    

Oh, you Americans eat this sh*t up w both hands. It's not black vs white at all. It's your 2nd (I think) ammendment.
This is what happens in a gun culture. You all love it on some level so crack a beer, sit your fat ass down in front of your 60" plasma and enjoy!!!

734 days ago


Nice angle, Zimmerman. Appeal to the bible-thumping, bigoted majority down there in your podunk town and HOPE you get some leniency. Disgusting.

734 days ago


Get a life........ Zimmerman was just as much a victim as Trayvon. Both made very bad decisions that day and the outcome would have been very different if Trayvon didn't leave his gun at home.

734 days ago


They (the parents) clean up nicely, don't they.

734 days ago


I cannot believe his lawyer said go ahead and do this interview.

His statements and actions will be admitted into evidence at trial.

Since when is it God's Will that one person takes another person's life?

734 days ago


And it must also have been God's plan for George to sexually molest another child for ten years. And for George to make over a hundred 911 calls that lead to no arrests. George has delusions of power and he's a murderer and a child molester. He's a danger to society and to himself. If he gets jail time, he'll find out more about God's plan for him.

734 days ago


He became a murderer as soon as he'd reached 911, was told the authorities were on the way and to stand down, but chose to continue his pursuit with a gun in his hand. His Neighborhood Watch duties were completed with his 911 call.

734 days ago


Here too all you clowns crying racism. How about us white people make amends and we send all African americans back to Africa

Let's see how long till they are beggin to come back to the land of slavery.

734 days ago


What a freaking psycho. Now GOD told him to do it?! He's crazier than I thought. They should lock him in a mental institution. Shock therapy!!

734 days ago

blue pen    

Guns are never cool. Nor is breaking into someones home. Raise your kids to be good people and avoid situations like these.

734 days ago


Very lame comment for GZ to make. Do I think he is racist? Nope. Do I know kids that age act? Yep, they are wanna-be thugs / gang banger who think they rule the world. I watch the news daily, just google SMASH MOB Walmart, look at the wild beasts...that's just the most recent stunt they've done!

734 days ago
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