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George Zimmerman

Shooting Trayvon was

'All God's Plan'

7/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman believes the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was "all God's plan" ... telling Sean Hannity he will not second guess his actions on that fateful day.

Zimmerman -- who's been charged with 2nd degree murder for the February shooting -- broke his silence to Hannity during an interview that aired on Fox News last night.

During the interview, Zimmerman insisted, "I'm not a racist ... I'm not a murderer."

After the interview, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, had some harsh words for George ... telling CBS News, "We must worship a different God. There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son.


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I'm just wondering... to those who defend Zimmerman.... if the roles were reversed, and Zimmerman had been walking down the sidewalk with a Sprite in his pocket, minding his own business and had been accosted by an overzealous black man waving a gun around, then made a move to defend himself and got shot & killed... would you still be defending the overzealous black man? Or would you be calling for his prosecution?

This issue has been so badly clouded by race from the beginning that people have just lost all common sense.

795 days ago

BB not bb    

George Zimmerman is honest, forthright and GOD FEARING. I beleive every word he is saying. He even apologized for the pain caused to these awful parents from the bottom of his heart and they took that and trashed it like a pearl before swine.

George is going to come out on top because his heart is with God. Tracy Martin does worship another god for sure because being that her husband is a mason, they worhsip lucifer as the angel of wisdom and light. That is why her evil shines through in anger over the sweet humble light of Geroge Zimmerman.

This is persecution of Christians and persectuion of gun owners and persecution of white people. Judgement is coming on this country for every innocent person framed for evil purposes. You had better have you side chosen and stick to it, because the battle between good and evil is getting hot and heavy.

795 days ago


dumbass if you believe in god then it means everything happens for a reason there isnt a different god.... seriously stop the racial **** he isnt racisit and god has a set plan for everyone ( that is if you truly believe in god )

795 days ago


He needs to shut up as he is digging a deeper hole for himself!!

795 days ago

BB not bb    

God bless and keep George Zimmerman in Jesus's name.

795 days ago


So he's really saying "I'm sorry".. but not really because it was all God's Plan and I won't second guess that? What an idiot! I guess it was God's plan to smack around his wife and sexually molest a cousin too right? God's plan to lie about money you have?? Trash.. period!

795 days ago


Tracy is the Dad, guys.

795 days ago

BB not bb    

Who looking at George Zimmerman would even assume that he his white? What a bunch of dummies saying this is about the white man trying to kill the black man. All white people have done is bent over backwards giving blacks every chance in the country for a great life, even at their own expense, and this is how they are repaid? No wonder Africa is a hell hole then.

795 days ago

BB not bb    

Seriously who would you rather want as your neighbor, George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin?

795 days ago


God's Plan? I'm sorry...isn't conservative Fox News all about personal responsibility? I guess only when it comes to being poor in America. When it comes to making a choice to draw a weapon and shoot someone dead, that's God's Plan. What hogwash.

795 days ago


Zimmerman is doing a good job screwing up his defense.

795 days ago


I saw the interview and what he said is being taken out of context. He did not say God's plan was for all black kids to die. Watch the interview. Then, you'll have the facts in order to make an educated comment. Do I think he needs to go to jail? Yes, I most certainly do. But, he did not say it's God's plan for all black kids to die.

795 days ago


Seeing all of these hateful comments; I now understand why people will never be able to live in a peaceful way. Though it was wrong for Zimmerman to have killed Trayvon, that doesn't justify making racist and violent comments towards any persons or race. If the tables were turned and Trayvon was white and Zimmerman was black, many of you wound't be speaking out about this matter. These problems will never stop if we as humans cannot come to terms with one another.

795 days ago


this guy is a joke! they need to fry his ass already

795 days ago


Zimmerman must be trying to go the Insane route now. I say a lien be put on all that money he is collecing and when this sham is all over with let Treyvons Parents have the money. If this ass is set free by the Florida Justice System then its time to investigate the whole system.

795 days ago
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