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George Zimmerman

Shooting Trayvon was

'All God's Plan'

7/19/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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George Zimmerman believes the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was "all God's plan" ... telling Sean Hannity he will not second guess his actions on that fateful day.

Zimmerman -- who's been charged with 2nd degree murder for the February shooting -- broke his silence to Hannity during an interview that aired on Fox News last night.

During the interview, Zimmerman insisted, "I'm not a racist ... I'm not a murderer."

After the interview, Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, had some harsh words for George ... telling CBS News, "We must worship a different God. There is no way that my God would have wanted George Zimmerman to kill my teenage son.


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You lose me when you start using God as any sort of explanation for your behavior. God had as much to do with him murdering this boy as Santa or the Easter Bunny.

824 days ago


we need to put ourselves in Trayvon Martin's shoes for a minute and consider things from his perspective
he's walking peacefully with his iced tea and skittles, talking on the phone to his girlfriend
he sees some full gorwn man- larger than he is following him-stalking him
he tells his girlfriend about it
he is continuing to be folowed and then the man is close enough ang begins to confront him in a threatening manner
the man offers no introduction or identification or explanation as to why he is coming after Trayvon
it is probably obvious that the man has a gun- either in his hand visible- or in his pocket with his hand gripping it making it pretty clear that he has a weapon and therefor he may use it
Trayvon, at this poing in fear of his life, then maybe attacks the guy hoping to get him before the guy shoots him in cold blood
or the guy makes an aggressive move towards him causing an immediate response to fight for his very life while calling for help
and then he is shot- dead
if I were the young teen with the candy in my hand instead of trayvon, I'm not sure I'd have reacted any different given the cir***stances!
Zimmerman needs to be convicted or else anyone and everyone in Florida with a legal weapon can use the same story/set of cir***stances to commit murder
Trayvon is not alive to give his account of what happened- the prosecutors need to really get across what the entire incident was from his point of view

824 days ago


ince it is in gods plan sitting in jail and getting viciously raped over and over and over and over till you lose your mind hopefully will be in gods plan too

824 days ago


Somebody call westboro baptist church! we've found them a new a**hole!

824 days ago


dumbass if you believe in god then it means everything happens for a reason there isnt a different god.... seriously stop the racial **** he isnt racisit and god has a set plan for everyone ( that is if you truly believe in god )

824 days ago


he still feels justified in what he did
-not following police instructions
-confronting a young teen late at night
-not saying he was a neighborhood watch member being cautious
Zimmerman alone is responsible for the teens death and if I were on the jury I'd vote to convict on manslaughter charges
even if Florida has a law some thing condones it
had it not been for
- Zimmerman's actions that made the teen feel threatened to the extent that he had to defend himself (clearly his voice on the tape crying out
for help)
-Zimmerman carrying a weapon (possibly concealed, possible waving it in the teens face leading him to think he would be shot and killed)
-Zimmerman using his weaon in a deadly manner
I suspect that he may have pulled out his gun as he approached the teen - some people are wannabe cops- playing it up every chance they get- and those people are a danger to society!
He is probably one of those

824 days ago


So I guess that whole "freewill" thing has no meaning then. Nice way to try to score yourself so brownie points with Christians. I'm a Christian buddy and I have news for you. You pulled the trigger of your own volition and GOD says, the punishment must fit the crime. So, even if you WERE attacked, you weren't KILLED. Wake up and read your bible.

824 days ago


zimmerman is a hero. ****** trayvon got what he deserved. ******s killing ******s happens every day. no big loss

824 days ago


Lets not forget Georgie Boy is also an alledged child molester. I say throw all te Zimmermans in jail and let them rot behind bars for the rest of their lives. Get rid of their gene pool so that it cannot be spawning any more freak molester killers.

824 days ago


@ Hollabizak shut your big lipped ass up nobody wants to hear your cornbread watermelon uneducated word well no not words cause ax is not a word lear proper english your whole race is a plauge on society

824 days ago


This is a link to this murderer's MySpace page from 06. . He definitely has some loose nuts in his head for sure. And as for the people defending him,, be honest, would you defend a black person if the tables were turned? I didn't think so.

824 days ago


This guys should just stop talking. What an idiot!

824 days ago


What a jerk. So is it "God's plan" if his wife or family member is killed. He is guilty, guilty, guilty!! A murderer! A liar! A cheat!

He deserves to rot in jail! He not only lied when he was arrested but while in jail too!

824 days ago


Trayvon got EXACTLY what he deserved. He should not have dragged Zimmerman out of his car, beat him mercilessly and attempted to smother Zimmerman and to take his gun. This is supported by 100% of the evidence, including real recorded calls and real witness statements - and there has been no evidence offered to show otherwise.

824 days ago


Fine, then I hope he considers everything happening to him now is part of God's plan, including when Bubba spends some quality time with him in the prison shower.

824 days ago
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