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Sage Stallone

Law Enforcement Probing

Possible Drug Dealing

7/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Authorities investigating the death of Sage Stallone believe a "likely scenario" is he was dealing drugs -- specifically Hydrocodone -- generic Vicodin -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told authorities do NOT believe Sage was an addict, in no small part because of his weight.  Our sources say ... at the time of his death, the 5'7" actor (his IMDB profile incorrectly lists his height at 5'10") weighed 188 pounds.  One law enforcement source tells TMZ, "He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost always rail thin."

Our sources say authorities did not find a single Hydrocodone tablet in Sage's house.  Yet, as we previously reported, they found more than 60 gigantic empty prescription bottles -- the kind stocked by pharmacists to fill consumer scripts.  Each bottle holds a minimum of 500 pills, so Sage probably had more than 30,000 pills, but they were all gone.

We're told LAPD detectives and L.A. County Coroner investigators are going to try and trace some of the bottles using batch numbers and serial numbers, but one well-placed source believes there's a "strong likelihood" the pills were shipped from another country.

Although the baggies of white powder found in Sage's room -- a room the maid was prohibited from entering -- have yet to be tested, our sources believe it will probably prove to be ground up Hydrocodone.  Again, however, the power has not yet been tested.

As we first reported, Sylvester Stallone met with famed private investigator Scott Ross Tuesday and Ross will be doing his own digging to find out what was going on with Sage and why he died.


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Gigantic prescription bottles? Holds 500 tablets.
That's not a gigantic bottle.

835 days ago


why would he do all this for and he did have family he could have hanged out with even if they didnt come to his place and if he needed money then im sure his family would help out alot but eh people have reasons i guess

835 days ago


This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I'm not doubting the fact he sold or done drugs, look at his teeth you can see that but the dumb thing is that he has one of the richest fathers in Hollwood since he was a kid and he's selling drugs as if he really needed to do that.

Most drug dealers sell drugs to make a profit from rags to riches but he actually sold drugs to go from rich to less richer. You can tell he blew all his money on drugs.

835 days ago


So the cops have a "likely scenario". What the hell is that. Not even "likely what happened" That poor man's family.

835 days ago


Oh please. Just because the kid had several 'empty' pill bottles does not a bad person make. he was a collector. Now qiut reporting **** stories ans tell the truth or shut the hell up until you can.

835 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

One law enforcement source tells
TMZ, "He was pudgy, and drug addicts are almost
always rail thin."

Are you on drugs, TMZ? Was your law enforcement "source" a meter maid? Don't insult the intelligence of your readership, most people have known an addict or two, that line is pure bullcrap.

835 days ago

Paul Lynde    

He'd be alive if he only smoked weed.

835 days ago


Let it go TMZ. To much information has been released about this guy who is dead. He can't defend himself. I feel so sorry for him may he rest in peace. No more TMZ

835 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Hollywood family values ya'll - a spoiled arrogant drug using drug dealing fatty. Nice job Sly

835 days ago


sylvester should go rambo on harvey's azz.

835 days ago


It's truly sad that TMZ has no respect for anyone. Perfect example is this story. The Stallone family just lost a loved one and TMZ feels it appropriate (new worthy) to post a story based on speculation.
I hope a TMZ staff member (i wont call them journalists) never has to deal with this type of public embarrassment.

835 days ago


Ok first of all, drugs addicts aren't ALWAYS thin. I am a recovering addict and I have met many addicts that are fat. Secondly, didn't Stallone ask you guys, very nicely I might add, to please respect his privacy and his son's death. Leave it alone you guys are trying to make something out of a traumatic family event. Get your facts straight, just because you want this to be true doesn't mean it is. There are many other scenarios that could have happened, also.

835 days ago

Fat Mike    

John Belushi, Artie Lange, Chris Farley and Sam Kinison were massive drug addicts. That theory is just garbage.

835 days ago



835 days ago


Okay, he had no job (income) and still was able to live in a decent (overly decent) home. Someone was paying his rent and for his food, utilities, cars, DRUGS. Enablers! You all should be disgusted in your selves!

835 days ago
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