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James Holmes

Sex Website Says

Profile Is Legit

7/21/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A profile on a popular sex website appearing to be that of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes is authentic ... so say sources connected to the website.

As TMZ first reported, the profile appeared on the website just days before the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre. The profile included a cryptic message on the top which reads, "Will you visit me in prison?" 

Sources at the website tell TMZ they have confirmed it was created by Holmes. We're told they tracked the IP address back to Aurora, CO and the account info for the profile (such as the address and DOB) matched up with Holmes.

In the profile, Holmes  described his penis as "short/average," said he was a "light/social drinker" and in the section where he's asked if he smokes or does drugs, he answered, "I'd prefer not to say."

Holmes created the profile on July 5 and last logged in to the site sometime in the past three days.

Law enforcement is currently looking at the profile to determine its authenticity and relevance, but website sources tell us ... they have not been contacted yet.



No Avatar


"open a bank account here, get a free gun"

Remember, it is just sick !!!!

793 days ago


I spoke with someone last night that met him about a year ago... Apparently the guy had a fascination with LSD and used it a lot.

793 days ago

Fl nurse    

So...he's a short weenied,ugly azz nerd coward.

793 days ago

Loners have received a bad name from people like Holmes who has murdered twelve and Brevik who has murdered sixty nine, but not every loner is a Jack the Ripper. Some quietly sit in their basement watching porno while smoking weed and masturbating. Not every person can be a groupie; loners deserve our respect as long as they do not murder their neighbors.

793 days ago


Reports has his birthdate at 12-13 and height 6'-3".
aultfriendfiner says 12-10 and 6'

793 days ago


TMZ just got this information without a warrant because "website sources tell us ... they have not been contacted yet". This is dangerous as anybody with a profile on that site can easily get all their information made public to TMZ without a warrant. I don't have an account that but if you do I would advise you to delete your account and let AFF go out of business.

793 days ago

maybe this happened due to his "short/average" penis?

793 days ago

Bill Andrews    

Creepy image ! ( The only thing left out of this image is the make up from Steven kings movie "IT" ? ) This Image told bigger troubled picture in my opinion...

793 days ago


this guy was a sicko ,you have to watch your back everyday and thats sad cant go anywhere ,you could get killed by a lunatic

793 days ago


IMO, that is not him. Compare the mug shot to this pic. Eyebrows not the same, lips not the same, nose not the same.

793 days ago


There is one couple with 2 small children that were in the theatre.. she has glasses and her husband was wearing a baseball cap. I swear they have been on 10 different channels being interviewed. Whoever you are, please go home and take care of your children...forget about the cameras for one second. Strange people.

793 days ago


Think people. This profile of James Holmes (never mind the photo) will be used by Holmes defense attorney as part of his insanity defense, or, as another attorney for another killer claimed, "an "intermittent explosive disorder." Seriously. Read about that,here.

793 days ago


What does penis size have to do with shooting and killing people ?

should be alot more shootings if that profile is true. Millions of guys probably are short. so Millions more shootings to come.

TMZ - The best news site in the world hahaha

793 days ago


TMZ instead of having non stop stories on the killer why dont you get pics and info on the victims as the names are starting to come out? Coming to this site and seeing this mans fave every other post is making me feel sick, he is evil.

793 days ago


TMZ --- Have some compassion for the victims and their families and stop reporting on this guy. He deserves no attention for the horrible things he has done.

793 days ago
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