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I Stripped My Way


7/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

070_octomom_nadya_suleman_articleRest easy America, your tax dollars are safe ... 'cause Octomom + Porn + Stripping = NO MORE WELFARE!!!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... the mother of 14 no longer needs government assistance thanks to her various XXX gigs. We're told Octo has raked in more than enough cash to support herself -- we're talkin' 6-figs.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo went on welfare​ back in March (resulting in a slew of death threats) claiming she needed the cash to help feed her family. But as of June, her 3-month cycle ended and she chose NOT to renew it.

We're told Octo still stands by her decision to go on welfare in the first place ... but she's happy to show the world it was just a temporary situation.

Kind of like her clothes ... at a strip club.


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You know if you count the cents as part of six figures, you come up with 4000.00, right? That would be her take at the club after her manager's 20 percent cut. She probably couldn't pay for a taxi to the airport with what was on that stage in tips.

If we all didn't know that whenever Nadya Suleman 's sources have anything to say they are inevitable lies. We all know how very little that porn video actually made since DD and Wicked got suddenly real quiet. If had made anything at all minimal, they'd be telling us every detail of the fortune they raked in. So just where did Schoolmarm Jessica suddenly vanish off to, leaving her star pupil behind? Octomaim probably could have spent the same amount time looking for bottle deposit money in trash bins and have made more. Seriously.
And been better outfitted, too.

Who anywhere actually cares if she's off welfare? She seems locked into what she's always locked into. That her problems are in some way our problem to fix. She has never been able to comprehend that for anyone who is not in her mirror, it's NOT about her. And we really have no interest in what will happen to her. And it can't be much worse than what she has decided to make happen to herself anyway.

It's about how she put 14 kids in harm's way and the stole all their money, future and babyhood developmental capability to trap them into a kennel of dismal neglect . All people care about with these sad grubby kids is how to get them into a place of greater safety and a normal happy life.

Nadya Doud Gutierrez, welfare recipient.
It's not all about you. Actually, it's not about you at all. Everyone accepts you are delusional, but you really do need to fit that one fact into your brain somehow and use that as square one. Because pretty soon you won't even have a roof to stand under while you ignore that core reality..

833 days ago


Being able to "EARN" enough money to support her rather "LARGE" family is very "COMMENDABLE" on her part. I just hope she can continue to do so once the "NOTORIETY" of her "SEXUALLY THEMED" EXPLOITS WEAR OFF!!! In the meantime, she really should look into "INVESTING" in some sort of "SMALL BUSINESS" that will give her an "ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAM" so she won't be "TOTALLY DEPENDENT" ON PORN!!!

833 days ago

And thats the truth    

This woman claimed she had a back injury years ago and had been on disability even though there are pics of her standing while being 8 months pregnant with 8 babies. I have had a torn ligament in my back and a slipped disc in separate incidents and I had to be back to work after 6 weeks. I could not even stand up for weeks. One of the older kids has autism or something like it and she gets money for that. One of the babies has autism like symptoms and she gets money for that as well and who knows what other kind of "assistance" that she is getting........smh.

833 days ago


Do "ANY' of you "PATHETIC AZZ" HATERS realize the State of California has a "TEMPORARY" DISABILITY PROGRAM??? This may be what Nadya Suleman was collecting and NOT SUPPLEMENTAL SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS WHICH ARE ISSUED BY THE "FEDERAL" GOVERNMENT!!! As far as I'm concerned, she's making the "BEST" of a "VERY DIFFICULT" SITUATION IN A SOMEWHAT "ROCKY" ECONOMY. Frankly, I can't think of any "CONVENTIONAL" PROFESSION that's going to pay her enough money to "AVOID RECEIVING STATE FUNDED FOOD STAMPS AND MEDICAL CARE FOR HER FAMILY"!!! Although she collected a great deal of money, initially, IT DIDN'T ELIMINATE THE "MONTHLY" COSTS SHE INCURRED TO FEED, CLOTHE, AND HOUSE HER FAMILY. Her "BIGGEST MISTAKE" was NOT PURCHASING A MORE AFFORDABLE HOME ELSEWHERE FOR CASH. A more "RURAL" SETTING would have been "IDEAL". She could have planted a large garden, raised chickens and possibly hogs. She banked on a "REALITY TV CAREER" THAT "NEVER MATERIALIZED" AND HAD "ABSOLUTELY NO" BACK UP PLAN WHICH IS WHY SHE'S DOING "PORN" NOW!!! Just be "THANKFUL" IT'S HER CROSS AND "NOT YOURS" TO BEAR!!!

833 days ago


Love you, Nadya! <3

833 days ago


Good for her . leave her alone .

833 days ago


No way is she off welfare, unless her kids aren't living with her anymore. Otherwise, big LIES once again.

833 days ago


We can't pretend like everyone hates her. After all Strippers only make money if people WANT to see them. She has fans somewhere people!

833 days ago

Kelly Grrrl    

I'm a dancer and a mom and I don't think that there's anything wrong with it, As long as you are professional and take proper care of your kids and are responsible with your money.

833 days ago

colleen krause    

She is taking care of her own, everyone should be so responsible. Congrats to you, for owning your own life!

833 days ago

Jennifer Perez    

Who cares what she does? I swear our society is so concerned with what other people do. Good for her for working to take care of her children.More than I can say for most people I see nowadays. I don't care if she takes off her clothes , strips or has sex for money as long as I'm not supporting her kids. It's HER problem.

833 days ago


The money she made is like putting a bandaid on a gaping, gushing, bleeding wound. She is so far in the hole financially with 14 kids that she would have to pull in way more than six figures until the kids turn 18. Nadya is deep in quick sand and the more she shakes, rattles and rolls the deeper she sinks. She should try and find a really rich guy that likes lots of little kids. Most men wouldn't want her kind of headaches with non stop screaming kids. Her porn career has no future because she is well into her 30's and most guys want to look at porn of young ladies in their 20's. I predict she will be back on welfare within the year. Very sad.

833 days ago


She is disgusting and vile. I feel so sorry for her poor kids they will be picked on when at school for having a mother like her and now that shes a stripper and the whole world knows its even worst. This woman made quite a few million using those poor babies doing photo shoots, magazine and TV interviews and she could of saved that and quietly moved away somewhere and looked after her children but she spent all that money on herself. She is a very selfish woman those children didn't choose to be born. She enjoys the stripping and this is something shes wanted to do for a long time. From the pictures Ive seen of this nasty woman she doesn't look like someone who's doing stripping to feed her family its something she likes and enjoys next will be hardcore porn. Oh yes I dont believe for a second shes off welfare I can bet shes still claiming.

833 days ago


We all could only hope that all amricans nasty a** fat mothers could strip their way out of the tx payers money. It would be a better world. But, for all we heve seen,, unlike this woman , they don't keep themselves in any sort of shape , the 90% of them.
Kudos for the mother of 14 for looking better than most of teen moms inthis country!

833 days ago


bellestarr, instead of hatefilled comments, why dont you use your great intelligence, to point out the wrongs in my post? i have compassion for someone who has made mistakes and seems to have mental issues (my opinion). to quote my favorite author ..judge not lest you be judged. we cant all be perfect, like you. now i will go back to my planet.

833 days ago
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