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Katherine Jackson

I'm Fine

and NOT Missing

7/23/2012 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."

Another source tells us she is in Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.


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paris don't ever change the strong young lady you are.. you are awesome !! i wonder why she hasn't made contact with the grandchildren .. she should of called the kids and told them not to worry she is fine... it's just so strange.... what is going on? i think paris a a good kid and i like her spunk... i like all the kids.. MJ did a good job with them and he would be proud.... you never change Paris.. ever... stay a strong woman... good job sweetie !!

823 days ago


Now how many grandmothers that take care of 3 children of her dead son leave for a week and can't pick up a phone to say things are fine.
1 ****ed up grand ma and only interested in the money that is provided for the kids. Disgusting old woman.

823 days ago


shamone mama, you scare **** out of us. who leaves kids without telling them a word or calling for a week? something is off

823 days ago


So this elderly woman cant even take a weekend off without everyone going crazy and reporting her missing? Pathetic. There are enough people around that house that can look after the kids, although the 2 older ones are old enough to look after themselves as well as their younger brother.

823 days ago


what's wrong with TMZ . "another source tells us she is Arizona". Katherine is NOT Arizona but maybeshe is IN Arizona....Dah!

823 days ago


shamone mama, you scare **** out of us. who leaves kids without telling them a word or calling for a week? something is off

823 days ago


I think katherine is in on the whole thing.
She needed to be away from young ears while they made their money grubbing schemes.

823 days ago


Like I said before Katherine is ok. She just needed to get away from all the bickering, twittering and bad publicity and decided to give everyone a lesson. She left them alone to resolve their problems.
The kids are not in danger and not alone. They are people caring for them!

823 days ago


Ok... just so happens that the week the "letter" comes out Katherine is resting in another state, away from everybody but people that signed the letter, away from phones and computers, and I'm gonna guess away from news channels too. Jermaine is so obvious with his fake loving nature. My goodness these people are desperate nuts. How in this world they drew Janet into this I'll never understand. At this point I hope they do find Katherine incompetent and the court appoints an INDEPENENT attorney to oversee her financial needs, then these vultures will get even less than they're getting from her now. The kids will have a guardian ad litem, and brokeass Randy and Jermaine can either get a job or live at a homeless shelter. A judge would never appoint one of them to be over that estate anyway with their horrendous financial records and lack of ability to create any kind of success in the entertainment business. John Branca is a very respected, successful and wealthy entertainment lawyer. Look it up....his success goes far beyond this estate. Choosing him as an executor was one of the best decisions Michael Jackson ever made. Randy and Jermaine together couldn't do 5% of what John Branca has done.

823 days ago


Great I hope she stays where she at and never see california again! California is full of devils and crooks. All the Jacksons should leave and take nothing with them...... leave everything so the vulchers can have there last meal.

823 days ago


And everyone making so much reference to her age. She can do it. My mother is 84 years old and goes on vacation 3 times a year and walks all over Disney all day long! My aunt is 94 and walks all over the house telling everybody what to do! And both have very sound mind! Age is nothing but a number, is how you feel that counts.
We worry about them because we love them and that's nice, but leave them alone, they can solve their own problems!

823 days ago


Maybe it is time to revisit the custodial arrangements. If Katherine is "fine" ... then there is no excuse for her not contacting in a week, the 3 minor children she is in charge of.

Obviously those kids are worried and frightened, when they have already lost their only parent, and now the only other adult that is charged with their care, has gone away for a week and never attempted to call them. I feel sorry for those 3 kids - they must feel alone in this world right now with no one they feel they can trust.

823 days ago


And I would tell Katherine Jackson to take a deep breath, delegate as much as she can, and take care of her health with good nutrition, a little walk every day, and keep up with the doctor's visits. But find another doctor, though.

823 days ago


She done went and drank the kool-aid yall!

823 days ago


And as long as Katherine Jackson has sound mind and is not bedridden, the kids are safe and their needs are met, I don't think any court would consider taking the guardianship away.

823 days ago
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