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Katherine Jackson

I'm Fine

and NOT Missing

7/23/2012 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has spoken to police, and she is not in danger ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police were able to make contact with Katherine today ... and she informed them "she is fine and with a family member."

Another source tells us she is in Arizona.

The LA County Sheriff's Department has been investigating Katherine's whereabouts since she was reported missing late Saturday night.

We're told the Sheriff's Dept. is still speaking to Jackson family members to find out exactly why Katherine's nephew filed the missing person report in the first place.


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Yes indeed, this is going to be interesting.

TMZ, it would be interesting to cross-reference the IP addresses of those proclaiming that KJ is negligent by "leaving the kids alone".

Such a ridiculous notion only could be a planted supposition by certain parties to further undermine KJ's reputation.

There either is a drastic breakdown in communication within the Jackson family or this situation is being manipulated in a big way by parties within that family.

793 days ago


Has everyone in this world figured out yet? how sick and twisted this family is ???????????????????????????????????

793 days ago


You do have to wonder what kind of pressure is being put on Katherine by Jermaine and company after the lie Randy told about Katherine having a stroke. It wasn't just Paris who was worried but also her nephew and Katherine's own lawyer. The Jackson boys are determined to get their hands on Michael's one way or the other.I wouldn't put anything passed them. Now they have Katherine sequestered where they can really work on her. The only way they could possibly get their hands on the estate is to declare her incompetent and in need of a conservator.

793 days ago


For god sakes she was never missing. Shes
probally sick of everyone trying to grubb off of her monthly allowence Michael gave her. That is also controlled by Michaels estate. Katherine has to ask and get permission for more money.


They can't touch his money and he made damn sure of that. He left his estate in the hands of people he trusted and his family was not it. They are still trying to grubb and sponge off of him 3 years after his death.

The only people Michael kept in touch with was him Mom Rebbie and Janet.

793 days ago


Folks please, like you really care about KJ's or the kids well being. Shes 82, and she has a house full of workers. Yall act like its only her and the 3 kids and she ran off. If it was so bad, why did Paris wait a week before sounding the alarm? Joe needs to come in whip that girls ass, cause what goes on in my house, stays in my house. Take away all electronics, make her go outside, and form some real friendships. Im all for children expressing themselves, until they are out of control. I want her home NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY??????? You're still a child. Hysterical teen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brat!!!!!!!!! Her father is rolling over in his grave. She needs to learn humility. They should send her to live with her slovenly mother, I'll bet then she'll STFU. This lady has 8 kids, Id rather doubt that they would let her go missing.

793 days ago


1. Mrs. Jackson might not know that the children were not informed of what was going on. 2. Something HAS unfortunately happened to her health and ( I can't believe I'm saying this... ) the siblings are protecting PPB ( although I doubt it ) or 3. The police never actually spoke with Katherine or 4. The police spoke with someone claiming to be Katherine. I just want someone to explain to me why, if she's been contacted by the police, that PPB haven't came forward to say " Yes we talked to our Granny". If the police actually did talk to Katherine, WHY hasn't Katherine spoken with her "babies" ( the PPB ones, not the other money grubbing jerks ).

793 days ago


Whatever the cir***stances she left for AZ under, I find it hard to believe she was informed by her "keepers" that the children were trying to reach her. She was probably wrongfully assured that everything was ok and being taken care of. I blame her "keepers" for causing the hoopla by not allowing her to receive the children's calls to allay their fears. Trust no one, Katharine!

793 days ago


Grandma has no cell phone, can't call home for over a week, is she playing the same game as her kids, is she being held against her will-
Where are the police, why isn't CPS not called? Lots of questions and nobody is talking--------

793 days ago


She is incompetent to be a guardian to any child. Those kids need to be taken away and placed in a home where they will be safe and supervised.

793 days ago


The sheriff in L.A. notified the sheriff in Arizona and he spoke to KJ for approx. 20 minutes. KJ was playing the game UNO with Rebbie and 2 of Rebbie's relatives. The AZ sheriff is going to find out why a missing persons report was filed.

KJ asked to be involve in some of the executor's decisions, and she is not officially or legally part of the estate. She can quit at any time, therefore the estate is not creating any stress upon her. If she needs a conservator, the conservator will not be involved with the estate, so if her children think they will be allowed to replace her, they are wrong.
Katherine also chose to sue AEG by herself. The estate is not part of this lawsuit. If KJ is stressed in any way, it is NOT the responsibility of the estate and her health is a personal matter that does not involve the estate except for their considerate concern.
If something were to occur that KJ no longer has guardianship over MJ3, Debbie Rowe would be involved and her opinion of whether she wanted guardianship or who she would recommend would be considered. I understand that Debbie is watching what happened last week and monitoring it very closely.

793 days ago


Come on people... of course she isn't missing...Please grow a brain... The media hype again. She is in her 80's for god sake, does she need a reason to take a mini vacation. Maybe needed to get away from the kids, and they do have staff so I am sure they are not deserted...

793 days ago

Tobias Lawrence    

I think that mrs jackson is ok

I have a better idea,

793 days ago


Katherine if you read this, please take Prince, Paris and blanket and leave california move to the country where its safe and take your son estate with you...get new executors. I don't like the execs of the estate but I can just imagine the crooks harssing and threatening them for money.

793 days ago


"Another source tells us she is Arizona". I think you need smarter "sources". She IS Arizona? Hahaha.

793 days ago


She couldn't contact Michaels kids
to let them know she was okay or
at least to check on them?
I thought she was their
guardian...paid at that.

793 days ago
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