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Mariah Carey


for One Year

7/23/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey just became the HIGHEST PAID JUDGE in reality television ... because her one-year deal with "American Idol" is worth close to $18 MILLION ... this according to sources connected to "Idol."

Carey's deal dwarfs the contract Jennifer Lopez signed when she joined the judge's table -- J.Lo only scored a measly $12 mil for her first year on the show.

Carey also blows past Britney Spears ... who's making $15 million on "X Factor."

Somewhere ... Nick Cannon is smiling.

Mariah has since tweeted about joining the show ... saying, "It's gonna be so much fun working on American Idol. As a singer-songwriter, I'm excited to help find and nurture new talent. LYM! – MC”


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bring back recent posts move....again...I am hooked on E!...hehehh

821 days ago


This is so ungodly it's mind boggling!!! I thought we were in a recession. I guess it's only for poor folks. Yes, liberal democrats are very rich, don't believe the leftist media. Mariah is getting 18 million for showing boobish and saying to contestants "that was pitchy?" PATHETIC!!!

821 days ago


"I WILL NOT EVERY WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN...............I cannot stant this friggen DIVA, who thinks she is all that, the only cute thing are her children...and don't get me started on the pupppet (husband) she is sooooooooooooo not worth what they are paying her...and will regret it when ratings decline!!!...........WHAT ARE THEY THINKING????????????

821 days ago

News Flash     

TMZ has all the ones and fives around Mariah's head lol

821 days ago


I don't doubt that Mariah still has issues. However, she is one of the best singers in the world. Who better to judge? Maybe Celine Dion who is also a great singer. But they aren't in favor with the public. One thing you can't deny they have great talent. It's a singing contest, shouldn't it be judged by great singers? I don't care if Mariah isn't nice, I am going to watch the show for the first time because she actually has talent and if anyone knows about singing, she sure does. Plus I think she is pretty and beautiful too. Now that I have said that I am assuming I am going to get dozens of dislikes. But whatever, it's the truth. How do we know she wasn't just having bad days? Maybe she is nicer now that she is a mother. It will be interesting to see.

821 days ago


What retard gives this talentless *** dumpster 18 dollars much less 18 mil? This show is over, thank Jeebus.

821 days ago


I find this disgusting. We have young people fighting a war, putting their lives on the line every day for next to nothing and she has the nerve to think her opinion is worth 18 million dollars for one year, seriously!!!!!
Something is very, very wrong with our nation when they think it's OK for a person to demand this kind of fee for her opinion. Wake up people!!!!!

821 days ago


Fix the show.high priced judges is not the answer.

821 days ago


I have to admit I'm surprised. I thought this would be way beneith her. Mariah was a Super Star. This just cheapens her. Don't imagine you'd ever see Celine Dion stooping to this. So much attention on the judges and not the auditioners just like all the attention is going on the Colorado killer guy and not the poor victims.

821 days ago


Mariah Carey is just a big fat rich bitch who doesn't give a crape about anybody & all she cares about is just making money.

821 days ago


$17,999,999. too much.

821 days ago


looking foward to the many tmz and other sites future comments on the drama that will surely follow that will be more followed than the show itself. M is a diva that thinks the whole world should worship her for a few hit songs. meglokmaniac is the diagnosis everyone can see it but the person that is one.

821 days ago


This woman is a retard cow

821 days ago


is she curing world hunger? is she doing anything important other than being an ordinary entertainer like everyone else most of which are much more popular and better talented and more intelligent than she is? whats the hype about no one wanted the job. she took it.

821 days ago


This bitch is getting all that money to sit on her fat ass, and judge people? Mean time in reality, people can't find work and put gas in their car. Why the hell is this pointless show still on the air anyway?

821 days ago
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