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DC Comics

Postponing Batman Comic

Over 'Dark Knight' Shooting

7/24/2012 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

DC Comics is forbidding comic book retailers from selling the upcoming issue of a Batman comic book ... because it "contains content that may be perceived as insensitive" in the wake of the "Dark Knight" shooting in Colorado.

TMZ obtained an email DC sent comic book retailers last night asking them to HOLD the new issue of "Batman Inc." -- a fairly new comic book line featuring the Caped Crusader.

In the email, DC explains ... "Out of respect for the victims and families in Aurora, Colorado DC Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the release of BATMAN INCORPORATED #3 for one month because the comic contains content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events."

The issue was originally scheduled to go on sale tomorrow, July 25 -- now DC is asking retailers to hold the issue until August 22.


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so the red head wins?

824 days ago


Never understood all the excitement over Batman. I really enjoyed reading Rex Morgan M.D. instead.

824 days ago

Cirrus Unicus    

Jesus I hate how hyper-sensitive everyone becomes when one jackass flips his gourd. Stop being so scared of shadows and live!

824 days ago


SO? the REDHEAD is winning?

824 days ago


It is usually a smarter decision to just postpone. Eventually the fans will get what they want and the company has already showed they are trying to be sensitive to peoples feelings. It is better then releasing it and risking having a few people publicly go after them.

And on top of that it will peak peoples interest. I'm not even a comic book fan and I'm wondering what's in it that they thought it might be insensitive to release it.

824 days ago


So if I understand this correctly DC Comics let that orange-haired fvcker win?

824 days ago


Cut the crap with this and enough with thie "politically correct" garbarge. Holmes did what he did and will never know why. Why doesn't matter. It's done. It's what he wanted to do.

The only one responsible for this is James Holmes himself and no one else.

824 days ago


I could understand postponing if the comic was written right after the shooting occured. But this has been written for a while.

People need to lighten up and quit being so sensitive.

824 days ago


it wasn't the movie that made him kill all those people hes just mental and insane

824 days ago


This isn't about that jerk winning. Among other reasons I have already stated DC comic probibly doesn't want to risk that comic getting into the hands of one of the victims. Especially this soon after what they went through. The average person was probibly not their main concern when they made this decision.

And with the first lawsuit already being filed they don't want someone to sue them saying they tramatized them further. Smart business decision on their part if nothing else.

824 days ago


This is such b.s.! Postponing or censoring a comic or a movie in the wake of this event is ridiculous and irrelevant. These faux gestures masquerade as healing when the truth is violent comics/movies have NOTHING to do with what happened or whether it will happen again. It's another excuse for America to not examine real issues.

824 days ago


I'm sure the lunatic is sitting back laughing at all the disruption he is causing! He's not worth this much attention!

824 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

A decent and noble effort -at least- from DC.
Meanwhile, the monopolizing, Corporate-monster,
TimeWarner? Dark, profits.

Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE,
Proverbs Twelve;7 is NOW,
Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King Yeshua reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of The True and Living Yahweh!

824 days ago


does anyone remember after the columbine shootings they postponed showing the season finale of buffy the vampire slayer out of respect for the columbine victims.

then when they aired it the plot was a giant snake demon disrupted graduation. a giant snake demon at a graduation. they postponed that, a show that revolved around students vs a giant snake demon, out of respect for the columbine victims.

this is a terrible decision unless there's a scene with a theater shooting in the comic. otherwise we might as well postpone any sort of media that has any sort of depictions of violence in it.

824 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

Ha-HA! So where is your Batman NOW, Gotham City?

824 days ago
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