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Michael Jackson Estate

Executors Support Temp

Guardian for MJ's Kids

7/24/2012 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The executors of Michael Jackson's estate will go to court to support a move for a temporary guardian for Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has learned ... papers are being drafted by the lawyer for someone who will ask the probate judge in the Estate case for the temporary guardianship. We do not know the identity of that person, however, we are told the Estate is drafting legal docs supporting the temporary guardianship.

We're told the person seeking the temporary guardianship is also filing legal docs claiming Katherine Jackson -- who is currently the legal guardian of MJ's 3 kids -- has been effectively kidnapped by Michael's siblings, and as a result they are without supervision.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the executors feel responsible for protecting the kids ... since the kids are the primary beneficiaries of their father's estate. As such, the executors will support a temporary guardian for the kids.

As we previously reported, Katherine went off the radar more than a week ago leaving her grandkids behind as Janet, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Tito executed a long-standing plan to convince Katherine that Michael's will was a fraud and the executors had to go.

Sources tell us ... this plan has been in the works for months, but here's the problem ... Even if the will was invalidated, MJ's brothers and sisters would get zilch because the prior will also gives them nothing.

And, although we're told Randy wants to make a move to replace the executors, that would never happen. First of all, the executors will not be removed. And second, even if they were removed, the court would never appoint someone with no background in finances.

We're told there will not be a court hearing today on a temporary guardianship, but it could happen in the next few days.


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I wonder who these children's real biological parents are? None of them look like they descend from Michael Jackson.

824 days ago


I was watching the local Los Angeles news and they stated that the family is having a dispute over the children and there are no plans to go to court.


824 days ago


this whole thing is bizzare!

824 days ago


The girl on the left is a dead ringer for Popeye.

824 days ago


Why let your grown Children cut your meal ticket off, now some one else will be getting that $25,000.00 child support a month

824 days ago


Poor little guy looks like Horatio Sanz :-)

824 days ago


Wow.... just heard on the local Los Angeles news that Janet tried to get Paris cellphone because she is tweeting family business. I TOTALLY agree with Janet this family has had there issues and are NOT perfect, but they keep their family business private> i never heard any of their peronal business until after MJ died.

I AGREE Janet, Paris needs to stop tweeting.

824 days ago


Does seem very strange how the brothers/sisters decide Grams needs a vacation from the world right at the time Jacko's will is contested. Hmmm...

824 days ago


Does seem very strange the Jackson gang decide Granny needs a 'vacation' right at the time Jaco's will is contested. Hmm... Do have to say though, I think MJ must be doing a bit of grave spinning knowing his girl is Tweeting all of this. Guess the veils'/masks are really off now!

824 days ago

mac the knife    

geez.. what a bunch of bumbling losers.. didn't t they realize? the court already probated that Will to be genuine?

and the courts agreed having branca & Mcclain a s executors?
one can only deuce Jermaie et sibs must be so d esperate f or money.. & how they loathe those kids for getting all of MJ's assets.

for their info.. the only ones who can fire those executors are MJ's kids when they get legal.. & take over the estate themselves.. soJermaine etsibs better be nice to them.. otherwise.. the day will come Paris et sis will never give them any the way they are going..

824 days ago


Most of us (not me) are wondering how could something like this happen to the Jackson family, because surely a mother who has always provided comfort, unconditional love,emotional support and counsel to her stage performing celebrity children would fill nothing less than safe and protected by them ALL in her Golden years and these would be the last people on earth she would need protection from, right? Right?? Well let me NOT be the first to say Hollywood, Illuminati Cults, Elite associations,Feelings of Entitlement since the (King Of Pop was their brother), Greed,Fear of the Unknown financial future ahead and good ole Satan behind the scenes running the whole show will create a recipe for disaster,disappearances and death! As I think about it Micheal Jackson was so ahead of the game, smart & down right Brilliant! He knew exactly what he was doing when he planned all of this to hurt his siblings in case of his demise except of course for his family fighting over his children at the very end he didn't foresee that, because his elderly mother wasn't suppose to outlive him.... See it's real deep when I try to analyze it, because we saw Micheal Jackson's transformation over the years of his self hate starting as a young man with severe acne problems and his voice changing leading him to, mutilating his face, changing his skin color to white, hating his father, falling out with his siblings,isolating himself,wanting to be Peter Pan and never grow up and surrounding himself with other peoples children and Wild Animals.Then when he was ready for a family of his own he used money to create children who were made up of DNA that excluded who he was & where he came from biologically because of self hate. Now had these been Micheal's Blood related children there would be NO beef,jealousy & Envy at this extreme level, because the money would still be in the family even if the mother passed while they were minors they would feel secure in knowing (HEY! It's our brothers children so the money stays in the Family regardless and the threat of losing a Mega fortune wouldn't be there like it is currently. These money hungry Mongrel siblings have lost they're ever money loving minds, because they knew these particular children who are not related by blood would someday learn the truth about they're identities & how they came to be born,who they really are and that they do have a Biological mother with two sets of biological fathers and Blanket has different biological parents all together. When millions are involved,music catalogs et,cetera it changes the game Dramatically! If this were just some everyday middle class American family they would look at the kids like any adopted family member accepting and loving them as their own, but now because of bloodline when people start to grow up,have their own opinions and they all fall out turning against one another and the MJ3 become legal adults they can easily "Bounce" taking every penny of the family fortune and future earnings with them. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the Jackson's pain just thinking about it, because it will be like for them Micheal Jackson's Legacy & fortune belongs to everybody else, but them and as a family they feel like they did all the work together from the beginning and helped build that foundation so why should they surrender it? Now they Shouldn't have kidnapped they're momma and tried to kidnap the kids,but that SH*T is 2 Crazy how the script has been flipped!! Beware Of Hollywood,because non of this was by accident!

824 days ago


the little one looks like a one eyed pirate - GAAAAAAR

824 days ago


Ok, kinda understanding MJ's life style (the seclusion) a little bit more. This family has turned into a pack of vultures...and MJ's kids i.e. MJ's money, is all they're after. If I were Paris/Prince, I'd be filing emancipation ASAP and take their brother with them. Oh, and a few TRO's wouldn't hurt either. Trust no one and run, RUN FAST.

824 days ago


Sad for these kids...

824 days ago

Paul J. Wallin    

Jackson Family May Need to File for Conservatorship over MJ’s Mom and for Custody Modification over his Children

There appears to be a major issue brewing within the Jackson family as it relates to the assets of the Jackson estate and to whether Katherine Jackson is capable of handling her affairs. Michael Jackson’s mother has legal custody of his three children.

This latest altercation may have something to do with whether or not she is capable of continuing as the legal custodian of the three minor children. If this is the case, family members may consider filing for “conservatorship” over Katherine Jackson. This could be motivated by the financial desires of the family members.

In addition, the family could go to court and file for a child custody modification asking the court to award the child custody of Michael’s children to another family member.

This is an ongoing legal battle and the latest sad commentary on the life of Michael Jackson and how his family is attempting to cope with his loss, as well as with the financial and “legal custody” issues that have arisen in the Jackson family since his unfortunate death.

Wallin & Klarich
Paul J. Wallin

824 days ago
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