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Jackson Family

Showdown Video --

Friendly Before Fight

7/24/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

TMZ has obtained the unedited full video of what turned into a confrontation at the Jackson family compound Monday in Calabasas, CA.

It starts out friendly enough, with MJ's kids Paris and Prince getting out of their SUV and shaking hands and hugging a few of Michael's siblings who arrived in the SUV behind them.

But moments later, things turned ugly.

The footage shows Janet confronting MJ's daughter Paris ... and during the standoff, Janet swipes for Paris' cell phone twice.

Paris charges past Janet ... and when Janet attempts to go after Paris, Janet is restrained by her brother Randy.

Randy and Janet proceed to hold up their cell phones and record Paris.

After the video ends, there was a physical altercation at the home between two family members. Cops arrived to the scene and took a battery report.

According to the MJ Estate, Michael's children have since been moved away from the home and into a secure location.


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Paris Jackson= Paris Hilton. I notice a common need for attention. Paris Jackson is desperate to be a star- kinda ridic.

765 days ago


Sounds like there will be a court fight. This is very common when a family member passes. Janet is probably PISSED that Paris is using twitter to tell the secrets of the family drama. All of the family have been financially dependant on Michael forever. So, they are all now going to lawyer up and fight for custody of the brats that will get all of the money. Janet is a witch, and a fraud. Jermaine, get a life and a career of your own.

765 days ago


It certainly appears that this was an ambush of some kind on those kids. Disgusting. If someone outside the family (and estate executors) ends up getting temp guardianship, I certainly hope it's someone those kids can trust and are comfortable with. How scary this whole situation must be for them. Paris, Prince, and Blanket... hang in there - all eyes are on the situation now and believe there are people who don't have a financial stake, who care about you.

765 days ago


What the heck? Janet is clearly as loony as the rest of her siblings! Why on earth would they be recording Paris? That's just creepy! And trying to take her phone? Sounds to me like they're tying to make it impossible for her to contact anyone.

765 days ago

richael jackson    

janet jackson: (recording)hey paris let me play a level of angry birds,i want to post my achievements on youtube

paris: wait a minute, i am close to beating the game

jj: give me that (swipe)

pj: leave me alone (runs inside)

randy jackson:(recording) look ma, this is what i have to put up with everyday. can i please have a few Gz for my troubles?

765 days ago


WTF is going on? What are they doing? This is insanity! Jesus they are so ****ed up and greedy to do this to their own family! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Michael knew what he was doing when he wrote up his will. **** someone better do something NOW! Not after its too late. We are all witnessing this. This is ****ed! Those evil money hungry pigs!

765 days ago


i always thought janet was the nice one of the jackson family. i thought janet was michael's favorite and would be protective of his kids. she has plenty of money why does she need michael's. i lost all respect for janet and her music. i think i will just throw out all of her music and everything else that she has done. i loked up to janet but now i see she is greedy.

765 days ago


I just want to cry. I feel so bad for them, b/c these are just children. And they're trying to hold strong against adults. It just seems so innocent that they just want their grandmother back, it's not like they're asking for millions of dollars or their trust fund. How can those Jackson people be so heartless?

765 days ago


Debbie Rowe was right to cut her ties with this crop of loonies. Give the kids up to CPS and let the Jackson's and their parents go at it in court like the rest of the California population.

765 days ago


Oh plz. We don't know what all went on before that. Janet may be trying to take hare phone away for a very good reason. Something most of us have done with our own kids. She was prob being a brat. Something most teens are at one point or another.

765 days ago


Wow. NO RESPECT for Janet! She's part of the family cult, trying to sensor and sequester. I hope the kids get rescued from this mess.

765 days ago


Come on TMZ!!!. Dedicate a good portion of "LIVE" to this story. Get the word out for the sake of these children!

765 days ago


Where is Latoya in all of this? Just curious

765 days ago


I see TMZ still refuses to air better video quality, and makes you watch bigger videos that take up bandwidth
CPU usage, and run slowly. Way to go TMZ.

Secondly - MJ kept his kids away from his family for a reason. This is clearly one of those reasons.
Im unclear why these kids are not kept away from the rest of the family when they were never a part of their lives to begin with ? MJ is most likely rolling in his grave at the sight of his siblings interference in his kids lives.

Katherin needs to make a change here, and needs to keep the kids away from MJ's siblings ! MJ was not a part of their lives for his own reasons, and he didnt want his kids involved with them either.
Katherin needs to respect those wishes. Because the Jackson siblings just keep coming outta the woodwork here. Im glad Paris stood up to the almighty Janet. Good for her !

765 days ago


Poor kids. they are probably better off at the Kardashain house since they are neighbors at least Mama Karsdshain will put but them to work

765 days ago
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