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'Modern Family' Cast


7/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The cast of "Modern Family" wants out of their current contracts for the show -- all in a bold move to score much fatter paychecks.

The cast members -- Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara -- just filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox TV, demanding their contracts be declared null and void.

According to the lawsuit, the contracts violate a "7 year" law in California that bars personal service contracts with a duration longer than 7 years. As a result, the cast wants them tossed out ... presumably so they can renegotiate for more money.

The cast also wants the freedom to pursue other acting gigs outside "Modern Family" and Fox -- a freedom that's severely curtailed by their current contracts.

It's the latest in the bitter salary negotiations between the cast members and 20th Century Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox recently made an offer to increase the cast's salary as follows: $150,000 per episode plus a $50,000 per episode bonus for season 4; $200,000 per episode for season 5, $225,000 for season 6, and up to $325,000 for an anticipated season 9.

But the cast reportedly rejected the offer and is now demanding much, much more.

As for "Modern Family" patriarch Ed O'Neill, he's not listed as a plaintiff on the lawsuit -- but THR reports, he has since decided to join his cast members out of solidarity.


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What a bunch of greedy, ungrateful people. Let them out of their contracts ALTOGETHER. Say goodbye to the show and let them scrounge for the kind of money they are making. Shame on all of them.

786 days ago


Seriously people, who doesn't try to make as much money as possible from their jobs???? When you ponder asking for a raise do you stop yourself from thinking of such things because your buddy down the street isn't making much money right now???DOUBT IT. Are they supposed to wait until the ratings start to fall to renegotiate? They gotta strike while the iron is hot.

786 days ago


Isn't their show on ABC not Fox?

786 days ago


Greedy...and what they have right now is the most that most of them will ever have! Ask Mariah Carey for some money!

786 days ago


Greedy Pigs that will be more then $1 million a year up to $2 million after a few years. The show is funny but the demands are driven by greed

786 days ago


Let them out, the show sucks.

786 days ago


I would tell the cast to **** off and recast the lot of them. Another thing you could do is have Ed O'Neil's character take the kids of the show on a round the world vacation for season four.

786 days ago


FU actors! You are pathetic to be upset over ONLY getting 150k per episode! Greedy bastards! What do you think the average person would do with that opportunity? What do you think the majority of actors would do with that opportunity? Again FU!

786 days ago


Wow...I hope they can make ends meet.

786 days ago


Ed Oneill joined in solidarity? how about some solidarity for the rest of America? I bet they all love Obama too. Unemployment is so high and these jerks want raises? Ilove this show, but these actors make more in a week than I do in a year and I am a nurse! GET REAL

786 days ago


Fire them all,like charlie sheen went,this show sucks anyways...GREED should not win.

786 days ago


Let them go. I bet they'll negotiate then.....just like those two idiots on CSI (Jorja Fox and Eads)

786 days ago


Let them all out and put the show on "hiatus. " Then hire a new cast. That will show them what they are really worth.

786 days ago


The cast should be ashamed. You signed a contract. If it wasn't for this show no one would know who some of you are. Ed O'Neill is the only one who should be making bank on this show. I hope your fans who are financially struggling and can't afford to go out will switch their support to another show.

786 days ago


So they signed contracts. Modern Family made them all stars and now they want more. I just lost all respect for these people.

786 days ago
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