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'Modern Family' Cast


7/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The cast of "Modern Family" wants out of their current contracts for the show -- all in a bold move to score much fatter paychecks.

The cast members -- Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara -- just filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox TV, demanding their contracts be declared null and void.

According to the lawsuit, the contracts violate a "7 year" law in California that bars personal service contracts with a duration longer than 7 years. As a result, the cast wants them tossed out ... presumably so they can renegotiate for more money.

The cast also wants the freedom to pursue other acting gigs outside "Modern Family" and Fox -- a freedom that's severely curtailed by their current contracts.

It's the latest in the bitter salary negotiations between the cast members and 20th Century Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox recently made an offer to increase the cast's salary as follows: $150,000 per episode plus a $50,000 per episode bonus for season 4; $200,000 per episode for season 5, $225,000 for season 6, and up to $325,000 for an anticipated season 9.

But the cast reportedly rejected the offer and is now demanding much, much more.

As for "Modern Family" patriarch Ed O'Neill, he's not listed as a plaintiff on the lawsuit -- but THR reports, he has since decided to join his cast members out of solidarity.


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It's not like any of them are a Ted Danson or a Charlie Sheen where the whole show depended on them.

787 days ago


They are too late, they should have struck the iron when it was hot, 2 years ago!

787 days ago

arctic vallachi    

Put them on a Valerie Harper/Jay Thomas blacklist and we won't see them again. Show had run it's course anyways. And what else is Sofia not allowed to do? She keeps showing up on Cover girl and Pepsi ads. No one wants to use the others in anything. Sex sells!

787 days ago


Just an example of greedy Hollywood. Don't they know how lucky they are to be on a successful sitcom? Aren't they grateful to own their own homes when so many good people have become homeless or lost their life savings due to the economy. Recast the damn show with actors who would be grateful to have their jobs!

787 days ago


They make more in one episode than most people make in 5 years and that's not enough.

Sophia Vergara's accent irritates me so I gave this show up a while ago.

787 days ago


Boo Hoo - hat a bunch of creeps! Pure greed. How would they like a regular job. This is sickening to me.

787 days ago


Outfox FOX. They are a dirty company and don't care about their employees, only the ol' mighty dollar.
Hit them where it hurts!!!
More power to Cast of MODERN FAMILY.

787 days ago


While millions of people around the world are struggling to survive, each and every day, am I the only one who thinks it's utterly RIDICULOUS for actors to go on strike from their current jobs, simply because they want to make over 300K per episode of their show, as if they can't afford to live any other way???? I don't know about you, but where I come from, you only go on strike when work place practices and wages are unfair. If you can already afford a mansion and all the perks that come with being a big celeb, quit bitching about your ridiculously high salaries, as if they're just not enough for you to put food on your over-sized tables, or to feed your over-sized egos. I swear, it's as if they've forgotten what it was like to be a STRUGGLING actor, working for nothing and praying about how they'd never want for anything, if they just got that one big break.

787 days ago


This is an example of how greedy and out of touch Hollywood is. These actor's should be grateful to be on such a successful show and own their own homes. The economy is in a terrible situation right now. Many people have lost their homes, retirement, savings etc. These greedy actors need to be replaced and I don't think it would be very difficult. Shame on this ensemble cast The should be grateful they have health insurances, pensions etc. A lot of people are just happy to have a job.

787 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

So they're THAT eager to kill the golden goose? I hope everyone who is currently struggling to make ends meet hears about these greedy pricks and decides to never watch their show again. What horrible people.

787 days ago


Are these the same people who tell us we should hate all the 'rich' people in American for being rich? Go ahead and quit - there are plenty more where you came from.

787 days ago


It was just a matter of time before greed set in. The show will have run its course in another year.

787 days ago


You can add Sports figures to this greed as well...The sports players annoy me the most.. They are outrageously overpaid and I find it outlandish that they are put up on pedestals and worshipped as heros and role models... Priorities are really screwed up.. There is a bit of difference however bewteen that and what s going on with the cast of Modern Family... Someone is making a lot of money off these people and in a business sense, I understand what they are doing and why they are doing it... It has to be the whole cast or no one or else the ploy will not work.... Anyone remember the saga with Suzanne Somers lolol.. I know you do.. The outcome was not good as she was standing alone, misgudided by her husband/manager. It backfired horrendously and ruined her career for many many years

787 days ago


Aside from Ed O'Neill none of these "actors" have talent and are certainly not worth that amount of money, plus future earnings through re-runs

787 days ago


Aside from Ed O'Neill none of these "actors" have talent and are certainly not worth that amount of money, plus future earnings through re-runs

787 days ago
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