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'Modern Family' Cast


7/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The cast of "Modern Family" wants out of their current contracts for the show -- all in a bold move to score much fatter paychecks.

The cast members -- Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara -- just filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox TV, demanding their contracts be declared null and void.

According to the lawsuit, the contracts violate a "7 year" law in California that bars personal service contracts with a duration longer than 7 years. As a result, the cast wants them tossed out ... presumably so they can renegotiate for more money.

The cast also wants the freedom to pursue other acting gigs outside "Modern Family" and Fox -- a freedom that's severely curtailed by their current contracts.

It's the latest in the bitter salary negotiations between the cast members and 20th Century Fox.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox recently made an offer to increase the cast's salary as follows: $150,000 per episode plus a $50,000 per episode bonus for season 4; $200,000 per episode for season 5, $225,000 for season 6, and up to $325,000 for an anticipated season 9.

But the cast reportedly rejected the offer and is now demanding much, much more.

As for "Modern Family" patriarch Ed O'Neill, he's not listed as a plaintiff on the lawsuit -- but THR reports, he has since decided to join his cast members out of solidarity.


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Charlie Sheen pulled this crap and got fired with alot more involved. . With all of his BS, and so called 100 million lawsuite, Sheen has not seen a penny of but sounds good.

Charlie Sheens "Anger Management" tv show on FX is not doing well at all. So what does Sheen pull...Ok, let's use our troops, USO to boost his ratings. No ratings no additional 90 episodes. What no money for the USO and our troops?

789 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

Greedy bastards

789 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

All of the people who ragged on these actors in these comments would do exactly the same if they were in their situation and seize the moment. A lot of actors go from being on a hit show to years of low paying jobs or unemployment. If you don't like how the TV business works, don't watch TV!

Do you know what kind of money mediocre benchwarmers in the NFL or NBA make?

789 days ago


To all u Obama supporters, I hope u see the hypocrisy in this. The stars support obama and OWS and yet look who the fat cats are now. Think about it people.

789 days ago


How greedy. Disgusting

789 days ago


The hype of this show made them big-headed

789 days ago

john johnson    

theres only ONE person in the whole cast that can demand a huge contract, otherwise, the show will fail. ABC will just do the "friends" screw job on them all and give them 2 mil an episode and then end the show the same season.

789 days ago


I like how they're demanding more money to continue the series like it's something to rave about. This past season was awful

789 days ago


Kill off half give the savings to the survivors, just like NY Undercover. Or get some replacements like the Dukes of Hazzard wonder what Coy and Vance are up to?

788 days ago



Gee, you sure seemed to know a lot about STD's. Apparently someone has prior experience.

Also, Wow....following every post I made? Desperate stalker much?

Glad I could give you something to do for an afternoon.

788 days ago


what is the difference between the actors collecting the money or the studios? its nobody's business and really who cares what these losers do? i know i dont. just thought id say...

788 days ago


These are all the same Obama supporters who say that the rich need to pay more in taxes. Every one of these people have their own personal "production company" that gets the checks. They dont get paid themselves. Then, the production company pays for all their clothes, their travel, make up, spas, assistants, lawyers, personal trainers, hotels, flights, all over the world, etc.. all in the name of supporting their career.

If one of these clowns gets $200k per episode, or a about 2.6 million for a 13 episode season, they dont pay taxes on 2.6 million. They pay taxes on less than 1/2 of that.

Example- Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston formed a production company.. I think it was called Plan B. Brad earns 10m on an acting gig. Check goes to Plan B. Plan B also invests and produces a new movie.. so some of the money gets reinvested PRE-TAX into something else that will make B. Pitt money. Meanwhile, Plan B only Pays B. Pitt what it has to.. and writes off all his travel, personal expenses, etc.

If I get paid $100k, I pay taxes on $100k. If i want to re-invest after tax dollars I have to use AFTER TAX dollars.

These guys lecture small businesses about taxes and then rip off Uncle Sam.


Rant over.

788 days ago


How much more do they want to make 0_o

788 days ago


They want out? If I were head of the studio I would send them a message - take our deal or we cancel the show. They need to send a message to all of the greedy actors out there that they are not irreplaceable. In a world where so many are out of work or are struggling to get by on P/T or temp jobs, their demands are insulting. Fire them all!

788 days ago


WTF ? Can they just be happy ? What do they do with their freeking money anyway its not like they're helping poor children in Africa are anything. They just want money to buy car and big houses. God I hate actors.

788 days ago
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