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Sheriff's Deputies

Feel Used

By Jackson Family

7/24/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some L.A. County Sheriff's deputies feel "used and manipulated" by Michael Jackson's family members who reported Katherine Jackson missing ... this according to Sheriff's Dept. sources.

Members of the Dept. familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... they believe MJ's family members knew Katherine was not in danger but used the Sheriff's Dept. as a "pawn in the middle of a family game."

Sheriff's sources grouse that their budget has been severely cut which makes bogus claims sting even more than usual.  They believe the end game here is money.

As you know ... MJ's brothers and sisters want Michael's will invalidated so they can get a piece of the pie.  But there's a BIG problem.  If the will is invalidated, the prior will gets resurrected, and under that document Michael's siblings are completely cut out.

Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We don't feel manipulated.  We respond professionally to all such reports."

BTW ... no matter what the family's motives, the Sheriff's Dept. will continue to investigate the claims.


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L.A. County Sheriffs,

Did we ask you how you feel? No, I didn't think so. So STFU.

823 days ago

blue pen    

Let me guess, the source is from the Jackson family in Arizona.

823 days ago


First the Sheriffs feel manipulated, and then a spokesman says they don't.. Thanks TMZ, once again I am feeling a little manipulated..

823 days ago


When I think of this family I think of the many secrets these people hold, some between each other. I can only imagine what's been going on behind those doors.

823 days ago


The LA County Sheriffs department feels used and manipulated? Most other sheriff departments that felt used and manipulated would charge them with making a false police report.

823 days ago


I think what the Jacksons are trying to do is to get Katherine to make up a new will now leaving whatever she has to them. I wonder how it's going there in AZ talking her into that? I just hope the assets set aside for MJ's kids will go to MJ's kids and nothing will go to his siblings or anyone else as he wanted. It becoming crystal clear why MJ didn't want anything to do with his family - except his mother who seems very easily swayed by everyone...

823 days ago


I knew those kids were lying all along, pretending that they thought their grandmother was missing. Mrs. Jackson would have never left without them telling she would be gone for awhile. This story is being reported to bait, and everyone bit! Just like now, they are saying LA County Sheriffs feels manipulated by the family members who reported her missing. Everyone know the children reported her missing. And no one reporting this story knows what actually happened.

823 days ago


Everyone seems to think that Katherine is without blame for this family's craziness. However, a responsible guardian would a) tell the children where she is, how to reach her, and when she's coming back, and 2) call the children to put their minds at ease when she hears that they are upset about her absence. I don't care if she is 82. If she's not physically, emotionally, or mentally able to fulfill her duties as the children's guardian, she should notify the Estate's attorneys. #COMMON_SENSE

823 days ago


I'm a HUGE MJ fan and I am so glad he is not around to see this situation going down, all over his money. Katherine has control of finances and it seems his siblings can't handle it, they must be all trying to get Katherine on their side to do what they want with it… seems to me as though Katherine isn't having any part of it, and left. Rebbie is probably the only one worth trusting, feel so sorry for MJ's children in this. He would HATE to see this, he would hate it… in advance, sorry Michael, it's unfortunate that your siblings are greedy.

823 days ago


The irony when Joe isn't at the center of the reports. Something fishy, Joe loves the media so i'm surprised he didn't talk!!

823 days ago


So those manipulating teenagers thought they could out-smart everyone. I sincerely hope they are properly disciplined! They are too old to be making false claims, and wasting tax-payers dollars because they not getting their way. The only thing they have proven is that Mrs. Jackson is too old to be raising manipulating teenagers.

823 days ago


The siblings should be fined the money that it cost the taxpayers for the use of personnel during this scam perpetrated by the Jackson siblings. Certainly there is some law that permits the use of those type of fines.

823 days ago


Maybe I am missing something? Who did the LA County Sheriffs say reported Mrs. Jackson missing? I am certain that MJ's son Prince reported her missing and Paris was the who tweeted about it in addition to other comments about her grandmother that were false.

823 days ago


The money-war is on, being fought in media instead of behind locked doors. And Mrs Jackson is like The Holy Grail, whoever is in posession of her and wins her over also gains the fortune. Both sides will fire any weapons they have - instead of sitting down talking to each other. They will use media to gain followers by trashing each other or by playing victims. This will get much worse, unfortunately.....

Wish the kids could have been taken away and saved from all this! And maybe the best thing is that it does get worse, so that proper authorities step in and take over.

823 days ago


Actually I think this is FANTASTIC the kids are seeing this. No BS pulled over thier eyes.

823 days ago
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