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7/25/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has been temporarily stripped of her guardianship over Michael Jackson's 3 kids, and an L.A. judge just appointed Tito Jackson's son TJ to become the temporary guardian.

And there's more ... Judge Mitch Beckloff advised TJ and his lawyer, Charles Shultz, to seek a permanent guardianship, after hearing stories that Katherine may have been held against her will "from third parties."  Translation -- Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Before handing down the ruling, TJ's lawyer told the judge TJ got a strange phone call from Katherine yesterday.  TJ said, "I've never heard my grandmother talk like that."  TJ added, "She wasn't sharp.  The pauses, choice of vocabulary ... she has not used certain phrases like that before."  TJ thought she was talking in code.  TJ choked up as he addressed the court.

TMZ broke the story that TJ would make this move -- a move supported by Paris, Prince, and Blanket, as well as the Michael Jackson Estate.

The judge said Katherine was not suspended for wrongdoing, but that she was prevented from doing her guardianship by the third parties who are clearly Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie.

Katherine's lawyer, Sandra Ribera, added that she (Sandra) has been to the house several times recently and believes Katherine has been held against her will.

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, says he would vigorously oppose any move to permanently strip Katherine of her guardianship duties.

Perry also says ... when Katherine returns to L.A., he will  file a motion to reinstate her as guardian.



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northern gypsy    

sadly...even though K.J. heart is in the right reality she's too old to be M.J. children's guardian...i agree with perhaps a younger person???...unleash the lawyer and let the games begin !!!

790 days ago


Did everyone in the Jackson family have their nose done by the same guy so it would appear to be a family trait?

790 days ago

Flying Blind    

So here's a Poll: Who's the biggest leeches, the Jackson Brothers or the Army of Lawyers?

790 days ago


Probably the original motives here were not quite as sensational as is being made out. My theory is: Katherine has high blood pressure, some of the Jacksons were preparing the letter to the executers and they wanted to protect her from the hoop-la that would surely follow the release of the letter. So they arranged for the Arizona trip. What is hard to fathom is why the needs of the children were not taken into account. How as sole guardian Katherine could be MIA for over a week and out of contact. That is just unconsciable given how young they are. It does raise questions about how good their supervision has been and the judgement of some of the brothers.

790 days ago


Regardless of why she left, she left without letting the kids know where she was. I just don't feel that she's up for the job. Even if it turns our that her adult children "kidnapped" her, she didn't have the fortitued to contact her own grandkids in 9!!!

790 days ago


Good luck Trent..Katherine is too old to fight her kids,they are thieves..the kids seem to love/respect you..

790 days ago


You cannot "will" children. It does not matter if Michael Jackson put Diana Ross or even his mother in his will as their guardian. Children are not property that you give to another person.

The court will look at who has a relationship with the children and can best care for them. Who Paris and Prince want to live with is a bigger factor than MJ's will at this point.

Unless, a biological parent is involved. As Paris and Prince's mother, Debbie Rowe, could have said she wanted the children and they would have been given to her as their biological mother, no matter what it said in Michael Jackson's will.

Divorced parents try that kind of stuff all the time and courts throw it out.

790 days ago


What the hell is wrong with people???

790 days ago


So if you are a guardian you can't leave town? Are you a hostage or something..the cops confirmed she is fine....Damn can't grandma get a break? The vultures swoop down already? Can she use the bathroom or does she have to let everyone know when its time. PATHETIC!

790 days ago


If Mrs Jackson is on her way back, why not wait until she can get to the courthouse ? Her disappearance without telling these kids needs to addressed.

790 days ago


"The Judge will not hear TJ's petition, BECAUSE no one notified Diana Ross, who is Katherine's successor to guardianship under Michael's will. "

What a fail.

790 days ago

mj fan forever    

This means she is not returned home yet....and wants to remain as Michael's children guardian also!!! It's beyond disgusting the situation Michael's children had to face, she accepted VOLUNTARILY to follow her delinquents sons and also when she discovered they kidnapped her, she did not lift a finger to contact the children, not to mention about the attempt of kidnapping it's UNACCEPTABLE!!!! At the same way Tito's son is not the best interests for them, he is tied to the Jacksons hungry for money, ALL of them are hungry for money and should stay away from Michael's children!!!!

790 days ago


NO live coverage TMZ??, C'mon get it together!!!

790 days ago


OMG, how could they be so negligent, to fail to inform Diana Ross first? The ruling sucks, but it's correct. :(

790 days ago


Poor ms Jackson, it would be so hard to keep up with kids at that age. I kind hope they could be co-guardians. Then she could get breaks and someone younger could help out with the raising and training teens.

790 days ago
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