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TJ Jackson

The Perfect Guardian

For Michael Jackson's Kids

7/25/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A judge just appointed TJ the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's three kids and suspended Katherine Jackson's guardianship.

There's a reason TJ Jackson had a lawyer prepare legal papers to make him the temporary guardian of Michael Jackson's kids -- he has already partially assumed that role ... and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval.

TMZ broke the story ... TJ became alarmed when Katherine Jackson -- the current legal guardian -- disappeared for more than a week. 

Jackson sources tell us ... TJ -- the 34-year-old married son of Tito -- has had a strong connection to Paris, Prince and Blanket for years, but was especially comforting after MJ died.

One example ... at the Michael Jackson tribute show in Wales, Katherine was by herself in a private area, far from the kids.  TJ was in full dad mode, helping Blanket tie his shoes, helping Prince tie his tie.  He made sure the kids were fed during the concert, which lasted for hours.

Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years, tells friends, of all the Jacksons ... TJ was the closest to Michael and his kids.  She says TJ had a "father-like" relationship with Michael's kids, adding, "He's a very honest and trustworthy person and everyone knows he'll do the right thing."

Paris, Prince and Blanket adore TJ and are behind the temp guardianship move, and that's something that will weigh heavily with the probate judge.
We're told TJ is in wait mode -- to see what happens with Katherine.  But the papers are drafted and he's ready to make his move in court.


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"Kim Kardashian, who dated TJ for 4 years ..."

But of course ............

818 days ago


I sooooooo hope that this is a good thing and that TJ is for real in regards to the welfare of these children. God bless them all!!! So very sad....the whole situation.

818 days ago


lop-sided nose job?

818 days ago


ohh my. that jackson family leftovers. they don't really care about the kids... do they?! they's all about the hand on the pot of gold. poor fellas. if this tj is the one that might take care of the kids... so be it. give them other greedy rats some bucks bypassed the will and they might just shut up forever. and this drama is over. damn greed.

818 days ago


why is that c u n t a part of this story? ****rashian would've sold those kids for a pair of shoes & a magazine cover (I'm sure she plotting on Mason and the new baby) so spare me the B.S..she knows nothing about this situation past BLOWING this dude with the crazy eyebrows when she was 12

818 days ago


Paris looks a lot like TJ - look at the lips. Hmmm... What if TJ is actually the biological father? He was "close" to Michael and all.

818 days ago


How would Kim Kartrashian know anything about TJ's relationship with Michael or the kids?
In January 2000 KK married Damon Thomas, Blanket was not even born and the other 2 were toddlers living at Neverland.

818 days ago


Please..... Funny how all of the sudden Tito wants no part of the letter he signed with his siblings now that his son wants to be the all want apart of that 70 thousand dollars a month

818 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So the kids got passed onto TJ Jackson? As long as he isn't allowed to have anything to do with the money . . . as long as the conservators have control of the purse strings . . . as long as those vultures have no direct way to the cash. I guess this is the best solution to the problem for now.
The best solution will be when Paris Jackson turns 18 and is emancipated. I fear that her "older" brother is actually pretty immature, and blanket is . . . well a basket case at this point in time.
Perhaps the best thing that could have happened was that Michael Jackson entrusted his fortune in the hands of outsiders who seem to be trustworthy conservators. He also seems to have a lot of outside people watching what the conservators do.
Most importantly, Jackson saw what his own family for what they really are. A group of people who enjoyed his fame and money while he was alive and who now want to pick his carcass in death. A group of people who cannot live on their own, but need their brothers money to keep themselves happy.
Now, as long as those kids survive to their 18th birthdays...........

818 days ago


TJ is wonderful person and a GREAT Dad. This is a perfect situation for the children.

818 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Kardasholes can't handle the Jacksons getting all the press.

818 days ago


We can cancel out the fact that TJ’s father was a participant of the kidnapping now that Kim KarTrashinan gives her stamp of approval.
Great references

818 days ago


and he even has the Kim Kardashian stamp of approval???? REALLY?? as if the judge will care about that, those kids need to be with someone who has their best interest @ heart not glory and fame...

818 days ago


Too close to the Jackson "machine." If he becomes their guardian, they still won't be safe. The money has made this family become vultures. They are circling overhead as we speak, because they smell blood, which in the case is the almighty dollar. The children need a safe haven to grow up in, unfortunately for them, this family doesn't have their best interests at heart.

818 days ago


Oh!!....So what's the point of mentioning Kim? wasn't JT married to Frances for 5 years? or is he divorced? even if he's still Kim isn't the only woman he has been with for long time.

818 days ago
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