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Feuding Jackson Bros.

Family War Be Damned ...

We're Still Performing!

7/26/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing brings the Jackson brothers together like a payday -- TMZ has learned, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie still plan to perform a concert together tomorrow night ... despite a war raging between Jermaine and the rest of his siblings.

As we reported, Tito, Marlon, and Jackie have drawn a line in the sand -- aligning themselves with the Michael Jackson estate ... while Randy and Jermaine continue to claim the estate is defrauding the family.

Now, sources close to the brothers tell TMZ, the Jackson Unity concert scheduled for tomorrow at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA will still take place as scheduled.

According to sources, the brothers have decided to put their problems aside for the sake of the fans.

We're guessing the paycheck doesn't hurt either.


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bunny man could a person that stood love and understanding, produce this hateful fan base.

765 days ago


Stop believing TMZ they are full of lies. The American media accused the Jackson family of being money hungry but for the media it's all about money, they create feuds and fuel confusion within family they stand back and enjoy their cool millions. TMZ lied that Janet slapped Paris and Paris slapped her back. We now know that never happened. Let's all boycott the Junk media and stop making them rich and destroying people. Trust me, I have been a journalist the media manipulates information all the time. It's all about the ratings and money.Its shameful that they accuse others of what they do on a daily basis.

765 days ago


Does the Jacksons seriously have fans?? Im sure most 'fans' are fans of Michael Jackson. They should seriously boycott the brothers concert, their behaviour is disgusting...and how ironic this is called "Unity" tour!!

765 days ago


I'm assuming that they don't want to be sued for Breach of Conract ha?

765 days ago


The value of Michael Jackson estate, mostly in holdings other than cash, was estimated in excess of $500 million, but Mr. Jackson also carried unspecified debt. I doubt it was over $500 million, but the time to deal with this was 2009.

I remember Mrs. Jackson requested that she be given control of Mr. Jackson’s financial accounts, his real estate holdings and his stake in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalog, which includes works of the Beatles, and she was denied. Where were your legal experts 2009? You failed your mother then and now. It's a wrap because you waited to long. Now you want to right a wrong? Many John Branca will give yall a bone so you can go away.

They has Trusts and Estate Planning in order legends Elvis Presley , Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, and their entire family is set for life. Why Michael Jackson Trust and Estate wasn't handled with full disclosure in 2009, is you own fault.

You should have done extensive research and not waste time with Dr.Murray Conrad and now the money is all locked up....So Sad Love DAD!

765 days ago


Where's Cue Ball? He gets to stay home because he's too fat to perform?

765 days ago


Did you hear that Conrad Murray has gotten involved in all this? He said Katherine looks sad on television, so he is putting her on his visitors list, in case she wants to come and talk with him! Seriously--it was on Dr. Drew. It just keeps getting weirder.

765 days ago


The media isn't manipulating my mind. I loved Michael Jackson and followed his career until May 25, 2009. The facts are that Michael Jackson wasn't broke when he died. This is public knowledge his Estate was valued at $500 million....However, it's not John Branca fault that Katherine, didn't have full support from Rebbie, Latoya, Jermaine, Tito, Randy, Janet, Marlon, Jackie at the time of Michael's death to THE BEST LAWYERS IN THE WORLD!!! Investigators, Forensic Handwriting Experts, Probate & Trust Attorneys, Accountants, Surveillance to monitor who has access to MJ money, but you were too shocked. If it was my brother, a legend the hell with Conrad Murray, I must secure the empire. Now you see what short-time thinking gets you BROKE & WITHOUT A LEG TO STAND ON! Your plan made your mother look like a damn fool...FIRE YOUR ADVISORY BROAD...EPIC FAIL!!!!

765 days ago


Why is it the famous African Americans fail to handle financial business...PRIME EXAMPLE: Alex Haley, the celebrated author who made millions from his books and television miniseries, was beset by debt, surrounded by supplicants and "financially abused" by many of the people closest to him, say family members and friends.

765 days ago


Marlon, Tito, Jackie and LaToya have my continued support-at least at this point in time-along with Michael's kids. But from last week going forward, I will *NEVER* spend another cent on anything that will in any way help support Janet, Rebbie, Jermaine or Randy. And ALL of Michael's fans need to do the same. They are money-grubbing, which is bad enough. But the total disrespect that they've shown Michael's kids RIGHT TO THEIR FACES, on videotape, AND on Twitter and in chat is inexcusable!

Here's hoping that Prince, Paris and Blanket all have VERY long memories, as well. Because Janet, Rebbie, Randy and Jermaine do not DESERVE to have Michael's kids in their lives any more. And what they did to their mother is completely shameful! :(

765 days ago


It pisses me off when African Americans in a free world want to blame the white man for their financial negligence. I am no racist. The list can go on with Famous African Americans losing money and property trusting the wrong people and spending outrageously like the money will last forever.*** Michael Jackson IS A Legend...***"Michael's Money Will Last.**
But these other famous people who aren't legend status, need to manage their money. I was shocked Chris Tucker had I.R.S. problems with all the millions he made. YOU MUST PAY TAXES THIS IS EVEN IN THE BIBLE..." Pay then what is Caesar's to Caesar, and what is God's to God." Matthew 22:21

765 days ago


"WE" that love Michael and his beautiful children
PPB should stand together,and BOYCOTT anything Jackson (Rebbie Jermaine Randy Janet) their concerts records interviews, till all this
madness stops

765 days ago


There will be a paycheck? BTW, why isn't Randy performing? I saw a youtube video from several
years ago with him singing "Can You Feel it?"
His voice sounded shot. Is it?

765 days ago


Family on stage performing making millions! After this go get your brothers estate before they f it up. Michael gave the damn world millions why wouldn't he take care of his family. Paris Prince and Blanket your blessed with a wonderful family of legends it is many many years of hard work that allow you to live comfortable today. Don't let people fool you they hate you to because your a jackson.

765 days ago


The Jackson Brothers Have Fans? (Shifty Eyes)

765 days ago
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