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Katherine Jackson

Could Lose Millions

In Perks

7/26/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The plot to turn Katherine Jackson against the Michael Jackson Estate has backfired in the most ironic of ways ... because the money grab could end up costing Katherine millions in perks.

When Katherine was appointed guardian of Paris, Prince and Blanket, the Executors gave an allowance of $60,000 per month for the care of the children ... that's $720,000 a year.  Less than a year later the judge increased the 60k to 70k, and that would make the yearly take $840,000.

The judge is now in position to strip Katherine of guardianship altogether.  If that happens, the executors will almost certainly petition the court to funnel the money in TJ's direction, since he would be caring for the children.

Katherine never had control of the money for the kids, but she enjoys a lot of the perks the kids get, and that goes away if she loses guardianship.  She would still, of course, retain the allowance she personally receives from the Estate.

Short story ... Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie set out to turn Katherine against the estate so she could get more money during her lifetime -- money she could dole out to them -- but the plot may have actually screwed Katherine.

When she realizes what hit her, mama's gonna be pissed.


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The children should stay where they are at ..w/ their new guardian and his family. Even tho Trent is Joes much older nephew, I was terribly disturbed that Katherine left her 14 yr old grand daughter & small grandson alone so many nights w/ single middle aged man in the house hold. Her older daughters made sexual claims against their own father, which once also tore the family apart ..And now that Kat is way past 60, her sense of responsibility & parenting may not be up to par for raising and disciplining adolescents of this generation.

827 days ago


Good. She doesn't deserve the money. That whole family has done nothing but try to live off of, try to steal from, and expect MJ to provide for them. They're all horrible people who should be deeply ashamed of themselves. Go to McDonald's and get a job and make your own money.

827 days ago


I think Mom is getting Dementia and the kids have still been getting money from her..... and with her loosing the perks, they will also loose and so they have a problem, none have much in the way of brains, or they could have been working

827 days ago


thats how michael wanted it, that his siblings would get nothing, the mother will still get an allowance even if she looses guardianship, because michael wanted her to get something until she dies.

827 days ago


the kids should not be tweeting out their business, thats what janet was trying to tell the girl, but the girl dont want to listen, when she gets older she will realize how bad it is for putting out her personal business for the world to read, she needs to stop that, she and her brother.

827 days ago


did i read that, if the debts are paid all money goes to Katherines estate to care for MJs children and control..? it all could have been paid by trustees (ha, ha ha. trust) but they took what mifht have been their last payday or control...? most likely bogus.....gobly goop from day one legalese designed to bleed the co, trust, inheirtors, ect..ect, put upon by lawyers to a drug addled pain relieving sucker, bled..and murdered.....

827 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Has anybody ever thought about the karmic aspect of it all? Katherine didn't step in and protect her children against Joe's abuse, manipulations, exploitation and sheer physical violence for years. Now that she's old, weak and helpless, she's on the receiving end of a similar treatment by her children (minus the physical violence as far as we know...). I think it's wrong and disgusting what Janet, Germ-aine, and Whatevertheirnamesare are doing, but it makes perfect sense. Violence begets violence, abuse begets abuse. Their only doing what daddy taught them.

827 days ago


The kids may be loaded but it cost them. in the end, they lost their father. I am sure they would rather have their father alive instead of the money. I can not believe just how money hungry MJ's brothers are. Do you not have any integrity? The welfare of these kids should come first.

826 days ago


Oh please! Paris is spoiled entitled little brat! I'm with Gladys.. one of her aunts should knock her damn teeth out. The way they're acting they're probably running all over Ms Katherine. They have ZERO respect for their elders and I wish a niece or nephew of mines WOULD talk to me the way they "feel" like! pft they most certainly would be picking their front teeth up off the floor.

826 days ago
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