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PR Honcho Dies

of Heart Attack

7/27/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

A key member of the Chick-fil-A public relations department died of a heart attack this morning ... this in the middle of the biggest PR crisis the fast food chain has ever faced.

Chick-fil-A released a statement saying, "We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning."

As Chick-fil-A came under fire for its stance against gay marriage ... Perry spoke on behalf of the restaurant chain in an effort to smooth things over with the public ... promising to "leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

Chick-fil-A added, "Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years.  He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."


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eyes r rolling    

How ironic. Liberals have always revolted against the control of big brother, and here they have become the very THOUGHT POLICE they fought against all those years. If you don’t think exactly like they do then you are to be condemned! Hello? Anyone out there able to put 2 + 2 together to see the hypocrisy?

816 days ago


Karma Must be a Lesbian B**ch

816 days ago


its amazing how at first gay people were talking about everybody should be open minded and let people be who they are and blah blah alot of people are pro-gay ( why is beyond me) and now when normal people have a opinion or belief and it isnt pro gay then the liberals freak you people not know what a hypocrite is

816 days ago


Well, if these a-hole protestors want to mess with Chick-fil-a and make the company pay because they have an opinion that doesn't agree with the gay agenda hypocrites then protesters should be held accountable for harassment leading to a death.

816 days ago


Well, if these a-hole protestors want to mess with Chick-fil-a and make the company pay because they have an opinion that doesn't agree with the gay- -agenda-hypocrites then protesters should be held accountable for harassment leading to a death.

816 days ago


Why are those that criticize the posters who say this is "karma" all categorized as "gay" themselves.

There are a lot of straight people who also think this is pure, utter, righteous karma. The CEO has a death ON HIS HANDS and on his watch, caused by his comments. Nobody will admit this killed him specifically (maybe he ate too much fried chicken, eh?) that will defend the guy....but he was ultimately brought down by his boss, plain and simple. So which is it, 4th degree murder or karma? It's one or the other.

Wait, can the uber-religious spin this that God wanted him as his right hand man at the pearly gates to keep gays out of Heaven? Wouldn't shock me one bit if I heard it, and it's complete stupidity. Sure, people can show their true colors in comments, the color of TRUTH.

816 days ago


RIP, Mr. Perry.

816 days ago


2 comments... Why do you think him dying is such a bad thing? Christians believe that we are going home to God.. Sure, we mourn because we will miss them but rejoice because they are now with Christ. Second, since the gay lifestyle is different than the straight lifestyle, why not call your unions something different as well. Why marriage? And you can go look it up, marriage derives from latin dealing with a husband or wife, among joining together as well... Always puzzled me..

816 days ago

Charity Jones    

YAY! god's punishment for being a hater.

816 days ago


His blood is partially on your hands TMZ.

816 days ago


You say its all simple, just let marriage take place, but We allow gay marriage, and then what? If the courts create a constitutional right to gay marriage, discrimination of the protected class becomes illegal. Many churches, the Catholic Church for one, will refuse to perform gay weddings, not out of hatred or bigotry, but because of doctrine. For over two thousand the Catholic Church has celebrated marriage as one of its seven sacraments. The Church will not knowingly administer a sacrament when it goes against a fundamental doctrine. A huge crisis is inevitable because there is no middle ground. How will courts choose between the first amendment right to the free exercise of religion for some and the 14th amendment equal protection rights of the other? So it's all bigger than just allowing a marriage to take place. And we have a right to protect that.

816 days ago

Timmy Boy    

"Chick-fil-A has recently come under fire"
They are under fire because of YOU TMZ. You are are the ones making a big fuzz about it.

816 days ago


He was bullied to death. By people like you TMZ.

816 days ago


I love how people have to narrow their life views to a two party, political system. Did you forget that some people just love and don't care about politics? There are those that love gays and want them to be happy....and then there are those that come from hate and spite. Stop calling people "liberal" just because they want people to have equal rights, I'm sorry you can't see the world in any other context other than left vs. right, it's a sad way to view things.

816 days ago


Defending bigotry is deadly stressful. Good riddance.

816 days ago
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