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Katherine Jackson Case

Judge Orders Investigator To Interview Children

7/27/2012 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Katherine Jackson case needs help deciding to whom he should award permanent guardianship of MJ's children -- so he's ordered an independent investigator to interview the kids ... and report back asap.

According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Judge Mitchell Beckloff has ordered a probate court investigator named Cary Ornelas to "prepare an investigation report addressing the status of the minor children and their currently suspended guardian, Katherine Jackson."

According to the court order, Ornelas has been authorized to interview the Jackson children at their school ... without notice.

Once completed, Ornelas' report will be submitted to the judge ... for his eyes only.

Michael Jackson's nephew TJ Jackson is currently the kids' temporary guardian, and he has already filed documents asking to make the guardianship permanent.

For her part -- Katherine says she has reached an agreement with TJ under which they will SPLIT guardianship of the kids.



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Freddie Blaqe    

I think Michael Jackson sisters and brothers including Janet Jackson are on some BS Its clear MJ was never broke and his empire has grown since his death and the fact that none of them have any control of it they trying to lie they way into it because sad to say once they mother die those kids gonna take all they money and split and probably not associate with the rest of the Jackson Family and I if they do do that I wouldn't blame them and that is what the Jackson family is scared off all they brother money in the hands of his adopted kids not they blood and they hate it as much as none of them admit it.

787 days ago


Get these kids away from the Jackson thieves and let them start over with a new family. Perhaps their biological mother or father?

787 days ago


That is one f*cked up family.

787 days ago

Wow ...    

Thank you! Let's get to the bottom of it. Place them in a place of safety and protection from the greed family. Randy just tweeted...that man is CRAZY!

787 days ago


randy J just tweeted a long tweet..check it out..dude is delusional and /or serious liar who still thinks people believe what he says. (actually sadly i have seen a few on twitter still believing the fraud of a will story)

787 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Sounds like a good plan O_o

787 days ago


now tj is going to get full guardianship because the kids will tell the truth and finally katherine can go rest which she should at 82

787 days ago

Cheryl A.    

At least the kids will be honest about who they want to be with and who REALLY takes care of them.

787 days ago


Smart judge.

787 days ago


Like she has any rights to make any agreements on behalf of the children now that the courts are involved. Of course she wants to split custody, she wants that $70k a month in her pocket so she can pay Jermaine and Randy's child support. I say give it to TJ and just let her be granny only, she can live there and be fed and cared for but no money to channel to those deadbeats!

787 days ago


I am starting to feel bad for the dead pedophiles children...they are too young to be going through this. Its bad enough they have to live their lives knowing their dad and Sandusky shared the same interest...

787 days ago


T.J. Permanent Guardian! Let grandma just be grandma and also her children won't be able to pry money out of her for their selfish needs.

787 days ago


"Katherine says she has reached an agreement with TJ under which they will SPLIT guardianship of the kids" ..... wonder if TJ knows about this ?

787 days ago


Copied from Randy Jackson's recent Tweet :
Numbers 4 and 7 are hysterical... and I think rather interesting :

1) When TJ asked my mother if he should ask for temporary guardianship, my Mother told TJ NO – twice.

2) The Estate denied Rebbie, Janet and Jermaine access to the house when they returned to home to Calabasas with a letter written by Howard Weitzman, attorney for the Estate, who is not a resident of the home.

3) The Estate is trying to isolate my Mother from her family JUST LIKE THEY DID TO MICHAEL, in order to propagate their lies, financial agendas and to protect a fraudulent will.

4) The same people that are trying to manipulate my mother are the same people that were involved with my brother when he died.

5) In order to obtain temporary guardianship, TJ lied to the court. Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine and I would never harm our mother and we are doing our best to protect her and the Estate knows that. I want to know why Perry Sanders would consider a negotiation based on lies.

6) It is clear that anyone who stands up against the Executors of the Estate - John Branca, John McClain and their attorney Howard Weitzman - is denied access to my mother.

7) It is my fear and belief, that they are trying to take my mother’s life.

787 days ago


Judge Beckloff is doing the right thing by ordering an independent investigation.

I hope the children calmly tell the truth without feeling that their grandmother will get in trouble. I'm sure the Judge can see that Mrs. Jackson was under a tremendous amount of pressure.

I don't expect that Mrs. Jackson will tell the truth about her own children, but I hope that if Judge Beckloff decides on co-guardianship, he will rule that TJ call the shots regarding the money. This will allow Mrs. Jackson to really enjoy being a grandmother without having greedy children hovering over her waiting for a handout. She's too old to deal with that and, I suspect, not a healthy woman.

787 days ago
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